TWINJ: Ek Tukda Pyaar – Episode 19

Hey, you all! The response in the past few episodes has been slightly depressing and I’ve been wondering if you guys aren’t liking the storyline, anymore. I’ll try wrapping up the story in a few more episodes, if so. But thank you to each one of you who’ve been supporting and sharing their opinions; it really, really means a lot. Here’s the next episode; Happy Reading!

[Before I begin, I’d also just like to mention, Twinkle and Kunj aren’t in love, yet. But they definitely do admire and like each other and are well-aware, that it is a feeling beyond just attraction.]

PREVIOUSLY, Kunj and Twinkle spend time together


Twinkle stared at her reflection for a long minute and heaved a sigh, trying to eliminate the escalating tension within herself. As an ounce of light struck against the intricate work of her earrings, her mind sifted through the several memories, again. The cerulean blue of the saree shone against the bright light and she closed her eyes, attempting to dissuade the memories. She didn’t want to think of her past, on the day of her engagement with Kunj, on the day she, really, would be moving on.

She’d always known restarting and moving on would’ve been difficult, but she’d believed, the past didn’t bother her anymore. Yet, as she’d draped the saree and readied herself, the memories had stirred in the crevices of her mind and she’d felt the tension rising within herself. The memories from the past seemed so fresh, and she couldn’t avoid thinking how life had unravelled to be.

Despite the several promises she’d made to herself; she knew, she couldn’t mould herself into the idealised version of a wife. Her broken marriage had always terrified her, and that was why, she hadn’t ever forced herself to settle down again. But when her mother had suggested that day, the thoughts had dissipated from her mind in a quick second and she’d agreed to meet Kunj.

She hadn’t ever complained, either. Kunj had always given her the comfort and peace she’d required, and she was grateful to have had met him. But as the memories from the past flashed through her mind, she contemplated her choices and decisions. It had been three months, and each day in those months, she’d felt at peace around him. The feeling contradicted to the emotions that now coursed within her, and doubt crept within her mind, again. She inhaled a deep breath and looked at the mirror, trying to erase the thoughts.


She turned around at the voice and looked at Kunj’s mother standing at the berm of the door, a broad smile stretched across her lips. She stood up and smiled at her.

Twinkle: Come in, Aunty. Why are you standing there?

Usha (walking inside): Leela ji told me you were ready, so I thought, I’ll come and see you.

Twinkle: Of course, Aunty. Did you want to talk about something?

Usha (smiling): Ab bhi Aunty bulaogi?

Twinkle (shaking her head): Main aapko Mummy bulao? Actually, Maa…

Usha (interrupting): Call me whatever you want. It’s completely up-to you. I understand, tum Leela ji ko Maa bulati ho, and kisi aur ko Maa bulana isn’t so easy. (bringing up a velvet casket) I wanted to come and give these to you, personally. Ye shagun ke taur pe hai.

Twinkle (in a hesitant voice): Aunty – Mummy, what was the need for all this? Your blessings are all I, in fact, all that both of us need.

Usha: This isn’t a gift, Beta. These bangles are very dear to me. Manohar – Kunj’s father – gave these to me when Kunj was born, and I’d always decided to give them to his wife. I’d gotten these for Sanjana, too, but … (inhaling deeply) Khair, I don’t want to remember all that today. Aj khushi ka din hai, and I don’t want the past to overwhelm us.

Twinkle (in a scrupulous voice): Sanjana? (consciously) The girl Kunj was supposed to get married to, was Sanjana?

Usha (nodding her head): Haa, Puttar. And it was our misfortune that we never got to bring her home. But (looking at Twinkle) kabhi ye na samajhna, we aren’t grateful for you. Aur agar sach bolun, toh I can’t wait to bring you home.

Twinkle smiled and unlocking the casket, gently, looked at the bangles inside. She brushed her fingers over the intricate work of the bangles and studied the antiquity of the jewellery. She figured, the design of the bangles may not be very unique, but the warmth and speciality of the gift was of utmost value. She closed the casket and walked toward her wardrobe to store them, safely.

Twinkle (while storing the bangles): Aunty – I mean, Mummy, please sit down. (locking the wardrobe and turning around) Vaise, Mummy, I’m really grateful that you understood why I wanted to invite Yuvraj and Mom. Aarohi really loves them and I couldn’t just…

Usha (in a soft voice): I understand, Twinkle. Even I’m a mother, and I understand very well how much a father means to a child. I’ve seen Kunj…

Myra (from the doorstep): Mami, Twi- Bhabhi, we need to go down now. We’ve to begin the engagement ceremony.

Usha (nodding her head): I’m going downstairs. You bring Twinkle downstairs.

Twinkle stared at her disappearing figure while the name whirled in her mind. She always knew Kunj had concealed himself from her, and she’d always thought it involved some relationships of his. She’d been sure, it wasn’t only about his father. But she couldn’t let his mother know, he hadn’t opened up to her. She wanted him to share things with him, on his own – not on anyone’s persuasion.

Myra (in an excited voice): Twi- Bhabhi, you look really gorgeous. The colour really suits you well.

Twinkle (jumping out of her reverie; looking at her): Thank you, Myra! Lekin, why are you calling me ‘bhabhi’? You call Kunj by his name, call me by my name. I wouldn’t mind.

Myra: Um, nahi, woh Maa…

Twinkle (interrupting): I’ll talk to Bebe. You’re comfortable calling me Twinkle, just call me Twinkle. It’s completely fine.

Myra: Okay. But abhi nicche chale? Everyone is waiting for you.

Twinkle nodded her head and walked beside Myra in small steps. The thoughts engulfed her mind and suddenly, she wasn’t sure, if marriage was the correct option. Perhaps, the two of them were hurrying up, and didn’t know each other that well. But the words she’d conveyed to Kunj flashed in her mind, again, and she repeated the words, murmuring to herself. She realised, again – belatedly – how important understanding in a marriage was. And both of them understood each other very well. She was sure, she could convince Kunj to open-up to her in the future.

When she stood before Kunj, a small smile lingered on his lips and as the serenity of his face fell into her peripheral vision, the dark, negatives thoughts toppled out of her mind. She saw the calmness and support in his eyes, and she knew, with Kunj beside her, they could, perhaps, tackle a lot more than she could’ve ever had imagined.

She looked around, searching for Aarohi and saw her, standing beside Yuvraj. She looked at Yuvraj, a small smile stretching the corners of her lips, as a silent understanding transpired between them. She’d always had a wonderful friendship with Yuvraj, and often, she wished, the relation between them had been nothing more. He smiled back at her and motioned toward Kunj. She nodded and looked back at Kunj, softly smiling at her.

Bebe: Will you both keep looking at each other like this, or finish the ceremony, too?

Aarohi (running toward Twinkle): Maa, what is the reason behind this ceremony?

Twinkle (looking down at Aarohi, and caressing her cheeks): This ceremony is to let everyone know, that two people officially belong to one another for an entire lifetime.

Aarohi: Did you and Papa not perform this ritual, Maa?

Yuvraj (coming up to them): Nahi…

Anita (from behind): Hui thi na, Beta. But your Maa still chose to leave your Papa, and now she’s willing to repeat history with someone else, instead of amending things with your Papa.

She looked at Twinkle, glaring at her disapprovingly. Twinkle had always known Yuvraj’s mother had despised her since their divorce, and that was why, she’d stopped visiting their house, or contacting her.

Kunj (in a soft voice): Aunty, I don’t know what the future holds for us. But as far as the past is concerned, Shaadi kabhi ek insaan ke dam pe toh nahi judi rehti na. I don’t think, you can blame Twinkle, solely. (Looking at Yuvraj) Sorry, Yuvraj! But when things come to my family, I wouldn’t bear any sort of nonsense. And as far as your past with Twinkle is concerned, I don’t think, you’ve ever held Twinkle completely responsible for what has had happened.

Yuvraj: Sorry! Mom just, I don’t know. (looking at his mother) Maine kaha tha, yahan koi tamasha mat karna. Please, Maa. If you didn’t want to attend, you could’ve just told me. I wouldn’t have had brought you along.

Twinkle: Let it be, Yuvraj. Mom knows very well, that she can’t blame me, individually. But if she has been continuing to do it, we can’t change her mindset. If this is what satisfies her, let it. If she wants to dream, let her dream of it. Neither of us can help her. Jab woh neend mein girengi, she’ll know for herself what the reality is.

Leela: Acha, ab bas bhi. Will the two of you now start the ritual?

Twinkle nodded and looked at Kunj as he took out the ring from the casket and looked at her. A small smile stretched across their lips as Twinkle forwarded her hand toward him.

When Kunj held Twinkle’s hand and brushed his fingers against her skin, a small wave of warmth coursed within her. She felt the rush of hot blood within herself and looked down as Kunj slipped the ring on her finger. He let his fingers rest over hers for a long minute before pulling away. She looked at the ring adorning her finer and sighed, silently. This was, perhaps, just a new and fresh beginning.

Kunj (whispering): Mrs. Sarna, Aap mujhe pehnaoge ya, I’ll leave?

Twinkle (looking up at him): I can’t stop you, if you want to leave, Mr. Sarna.

Kunj looked at her, shaking his head. He looked directly into her eyes, and she looked back, observing the charcoal freckles, carefully. The freckles in his eyes seemed to glitter under the light, and Twinkle couldn’t believe everything was happening in a real dimension – in their lives.

Leela: Twinkle, will you please finish the ceremony, now?

As Twinkle slipped the ring onto his finger, he looked at her with an unknown affection; A look she’d never seen in his eyes. When everyone clapped and began congratulating one another, Kunj stepped toward her and laced their left hands. The warmth of his proximity swarmed the insides of Twinkle and she looked up at him, her eyes enveloping a quizzical look.

Seconds later, He pressed his lips on her forehead and Twinkle felt all the confusions and thoughts evaporating from her mind. May be, she’d agreed to this marriage for Aarohi, but as days passed by, she couldn’t refrain herself from admiring Kunj. She shut her eyes as she let the pleasantness unravel within herself.

When Kunj bent down and stepped closer to her, she felt her knees unbuckle at the warmth and proximity, and she inhaled, deeply. She lifted her right hand and grasped onto his shoulder – seeking support – and attempted to congeal her strength. As the words slipped past his lips in a bare whisper, she felt the emotion and the words hit the very centre of her being.

Kunj: Till death do us apart, Mrs. Sarna.


Alright, that’d be it for this episode. It was a little shorter compared to the other episode, but I’ll try making the next update longer. Thank you!

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