Twin Troubles Ishra SS Part3

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Twin troubles Part 3
Raman got dressed up to meet Ishita.
Abhishek:Arre yaar.You are going to meet the girl for the first time.Dress well.This shirt is not at all stylish.
Raman:This is enough Abhishek.
Abhishek:You will never change.At least change the hair style.

Raman:No need.I am comfortable with this hair style.

Abhishek:Oh no.You are so boring.But at least apply some powder and branded perfume.
Abhishek took a perfume and sprayed it on Raman.
Raman:What are you doing?
Abhi:This is necessary.It’s not over yet.
Abhishek forcefully put powder on his face.
Raman:What nonsense!
Abhishek:This is not nonsense but a normal thing.Anyways now you look handsome.The girl will like you for sure.
Raman blushed.

Ishita made Divya dress in a modern costume.Ishita did hair do and make up for her.
Ishita:Now no one will recognize you.No one will identify you.No one will know that you are not me.

Divya smiled.

Divya:But these heels are troubling me.
Ishita:Be confident Divu di.You rehearsed walking with heels for many times.Right?And I don’t think that the dumb Raman will notice all this.
Divya:I hope so Ishu.

Raman was waiting for Ishita in the restaurant.

Then he saw Divya coming.He was stunned to see her.
Raman:Is she the same girl?Ya…she is the same girl.I am sure as her image got printed in my heart.
Divya saw Raman.
Divya:He is Raman Bhalla for sure.
Divya walked towards him nervously.She struggled hard to walk with heels.
She said in her mind:Divya…you are Ishu now.Be confident and smart.
Raman was getting excited seeing her coming towards her.

Divya:Mr.Raman Bhalla?
Divya:Hi ..I am Div…
Divya realized that she was going to say her real name.
Divya:I mean …
Raman:Ishita Kapoor?
Divya gave him a pale smile:Yes yes.I am Ishita.

Raman smiled:Please be seated.
They both sat together.
Raman was shy.But he broke the ice between them.
Raman:As you know our families are thinking of our alliance and that’s why we are know each other.
Raman:Well I am Raman Bhalla.
Divya:Yes I know your name.
Raman was embarrassed:Ya right…my best friend Abhishek and I are doing business together.I love being simple.I don’t use branded things.I like going to temples instead of late night parties.I don’t give importance to looks.
Divya smiled thinking:He is just like me.
Suddenly she thought:So what?He is here for Ishu.Not for me.Ishu will not like him at all.So as she told me I have to do something to make Raman dislike me.
Divya:But I am just the opposite.I work in a corporate company.But my passion is modelling.I do part time modelling.I can never wear boring simple clothes and roam around.I like to be modern and stylish.And I am not a temple person though I believe in God.I prefer to enjoy my life by partying.I love late night parties.I even drink there.Instead of listening to bhajans I prefer to listen to rock music and cheer up.I want myself to look the best.So I can spend hours in beauty parlour and SPA.

Even after marriage I will go for disco and parlour.I can’t change my dressing style too.I can’t stop modelling.
Raman was stunned.
He was staring at her.

He thought:She is not at all like me.But opposite attracts.And very few people tell everything openly to the person who comes to see them for marriage alliance.Ishita is so frank and open.It means her heart is pure and innocent.
Divya smirked thinking:Look at how Raman Bhalla is looking at me.I am sure that he is angry with me.Now the traditional sanskari Raman Bhalla will reject me.Oops…he will reject Ishita as she wishes.
Raman smiled:Wow..I am impressed.I loved your frankness.So for me it’s yes.
Divya was stunned.
Divya:How…How…ca…can …you like me?I mean…I …I ..I am so …diff…different from you.
Raman:So what?Just because I am like this I am not adamant that spouse should be exactly like me.I like you as you are.You should not change yourself for me.I am completely fine with your likes and life style.
Divya was stunned:Wha..wha..what?
She thought:Now what will I do?
Raman:Why are you stammering?
Divya thought:I was just out of words because of nervousness.I can’t tell that to him.
Divya faked smile:Actually I have stammering problem since childhood.Did a lot of treatment.But there was no use.In fact many guys rejected me because my stammering problem.
Raman:But when you started talking you were fine.Then what happened now?
Divya thought:Oh no..what will I say now?
Raman thought:Nautanki…she is a big drama queen who is trying to fool me with her fake stammering problem.
Raman:Even now when you explained about your stammer you were talking perfectly.
She was embarrassed.
Raman smiled:You were joking.Right?I understood that.So no need to find new lies.
Divya was so embarrassed that she was not able to face him.
Raman:I liked your mischievous nature a lot.I am impressed.So it’s a big yes from my side.

Divya was shocked.
She thought:What did I think and what happened?Everything has been gone out of my hand now.Now what will I say to Ishu?
Raman:Yes or no from you?
Divya could’nt speak anything:I…
Raman:It’s ok.No need of saying anything in hurry.Think well and take your own time.
Divya smiled slightly.
Raman:Let us eat something.
Divya:No.I don’t eel like eating anything.
Raman:Don’t say like that.It’s our first meeting.How can you not eat anything?
Divya:Ok..I will eat something.
Raman:What do you want to have?
Divya said what Ishita likes:Pasta…pizza…

Raman:Ok fine.
Raman ordered those for Divya and ordered vegetable cutlet and vegetable soup for himself.
They both started eating.
Divya was struggling hard to eat pasta and pizza.She looked at Raman enjoying his food and was tempted to eat it.
She thought:Raman’s food interests are also like mine.But in order to show that I am Ishu I am forced to have the food which I don’t like.Oh…
They finished eating.
Raman;I had a nice time meeting you.Really unforgettable time with you.
Unknowingly looking at his eyes Divya smiled.
When Ishita walked she shook and tilted because of heels.She was going to fall down.But Raman caught her.
They shared an eye lock.
Divya:Thank you.
Raman:It’s ok.
Divya thought:Did he notice that it was because of heels that I slipped?Oh no.Then he may doubt.
Divya:Actually there was a stone lying down.By mistake my foot hit it and that’s how I slipped.
Raman:It’s ok.It’s normal.
She smiled with relief.
Divya:Ok bye.
Raman:Ok carry on.
They walked in opposite directions.Both turned back to see each other.They both smiled at each other and waved hands.Then they walked away.
Raman and Divya thought of the restaurant moments and smiled.
Divya thought:Why did I turn back to see him?Did he impress me?Raman Bhalla is interesting.He is just like me.
Suddenly her face became dull.
Divya:Oh no..what will I tell Ishu?

Raman reached home.Shagun and Simi were there.
Simi:Hi bhai…
He hugged both of them.
Shagun:Did you meet Ishita?

Simi:How is she?
Toshi:Did you like her?
Raman blushed:Yes,I liked her very much.

They all were excited.
Toshi hugged him:I am so happy that finally you agreed to marry someone.
Simi:See our selection is good.

Shagun:We knew that we chose the best girl for Raman bhai. both chose the best girl for me.
They all smiled.
Raman:But I don’t know what Ishita feels for me.
Toshi:Don’t worry about it puttar.You are a Prince.How can she not like a Prince?

Raman blushed:Maa…you…

Divya told everything to Ishita.Ishita was shocked.
Ishita:Oh no…how is it possible?
Divya:Our plan Failed Ishu..

Ishita was upset.

Om Prakash Bhalla informed Mahesh that Raman said yes for marriage.
Mahesh and Madhu were overjoyed hearing it.
Madhu told this to Ishita:Raman said yes for marriage.
Ishita and Divya were dull.
Mahesh:What’s your opinion Ishu?Yes or no?

Madhu:Don’t dare to say no Ishu.You have to agree to marry Raman.Enough of your enjoyment.Now there should be some control in your life.

Ishita was upset.
Mahesh:Say… yes or no?

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  1. awesome update , divya-raman met and though divya projected ishita’s lifestyle negatively he liked her , divya acting like she has stammering problem was really funny . madhu is just compelling ishu , dont know what all this will lead to , really a interesting story , waiting for the next update

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