Twin Love (Abhigya) SS Part 4

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Hello guys, thank you everyone who read and like this FF. Thank you Jasmine and Jeya shree.



Abhishek and Abhinav enters the home. Pragya walk towards him. Abhishek is surprised and become emotional to see her infront of him.

Meri ho na kaha tou hu na
Toh pher si kaho na
Hmm hm hm ah ha ha
Pragya pragya

Abhinav: what? Background song? Go and hug her, this is the best chance.
Abhishek starts moving towards her. Both come close.
Rakesh: where did you went both?
Abhishek and Pragya both move away.
Abhinav: just outing dad. What happened?
Dadi: problem is to me Abhinav Beta.
Abhishek: what happened Dadi?
Dadi: Again it’s paining. So i came back.
Rakesh: i offered them to be with us. They accepted.
Abhinav(hisses in Abhi’s ear): nice chance, don’t miss it.
Abhishek looks at Pragya.

Pragya and Dadi’s room.
Dadi: look Pragya, this is very good opportunity. Reveal your love to Abhi.
Pragya: dadi, how do you know?
Dadi: that and all not important. Good night.
Dadi went to bed. Pragya walk to and fro. She saw Abhishek standing in garden. She went there.

Abhishek is stunned to see her face in the light of moon. Pragya waves her hand infront of him.
Abhishek: you… what are you doing here?
Pragya(nervously): i wish to say…hmmm
Abhishek: i too wish to say something…
Pragya: that I…wait, you are Abhishek only na?
Abhishek(smiles): yeah, I…
Pragya: first you.
Abhishek: I…
Pragya: love…
Abhishek: you.
Both look into each other eyes. Both smiles and hugs each other.

Hai re hai re hai rabba
Hai re hai re hai rabba
Hai re hai re hai rabba
Hai re hai re hai rabba

Abhi lifts Pragya in his arms.

Jita jagataa taj mahal meraa hai na
Hasta bolta hai jo kanwal meraa hai na

Hai ra hai re hai rabba
Hai re hai re hai rabba

Pure chand se jisakrr shakal meri hai na
Woh jo hi ek puri ghajal meri hai na
Pyar jo machle iss dil mein aah
Rang la jeya mehfil mein aah
Tu jo pighle lehje mein bole
Chulu lu tera honton ke shole
Paar pake geet gake
Kahu dil me jo hai baate pyar ke

Both went to room after a while. Abhishek lies in his bed and turn to one side and starts dreaming.


Pragya is in traditional wear. Mangalsutra in her neck and sindoor in her hairline. She come inside his room and wake him.
Pragya: Abhi coffee will be cold. Get up.
Abhi opens his eyes and sees his Pragya.
Abhi: you are so cute in traditional wear wifey.
He pulled her and she fall on him. He removes the hair fall on her face. Both share an eyelock.

Hai re hai re hai rabba
Hai re hai re hai rabba

Jita jagataa taj mahal mera hai na
Hasta bolta hai jo kanwal mera hai na

Abhi came out of dream and smiles to himself. Here Pragya continues the dream.
Abhi place Pragya in bed and he is over her now and he starts caressing his face on her neck.

Aao nayi dhuniya me ghume
Aao nayi dhuniya dekhe
Parbat parbat dekhe dono
Aur dariya dariya dekhe
Ham yu rahe iss pyar me
Laila majnu apne hi jaisa kahe hame
Vajah na puchho bas itna maano
Ke dil se aise khayal ko
Nikal do nikal do
Na yeh jhamana kahe divana
Mere suno apne hal
Ko sambhal ho sambhal ho
Kyun sambhale ham dil ko
Payange ham manjil ko
Kyun hi sanam aise darre
Kyun woh kare ke jo dil hi na mane

Pragya smiles to herself.

Next day, Pragya is sitting in garden bench. Abhishek, Abhinav and Ronnie where betting each other that Ronnie should identify them both.
Ronnie says something like inky pinky and tells who is Abhishek. But they denied. Ronnie blabbers to himself and went.

Pragya calls Abhi. He went near to him.
Pragya: i was nervous to find out who are you between two. But Ronnie made it easy.
Abhi: now, what you are thinking? I am not Abhishek.
Pragya: but to Ronnie you told.
Abhinav: yeah bhabi, some days he will find out who is who vorrectly, then we will cheat him. I will tell to Abhi to meet you.
Pragya nods and feels bad that she can’t able to identify his life.

Pragya, Purab and dadi are discussing.
Pragya: i can’t ask him to change their habits. It’s not good.
Purab: didi, you want to identify Abhi jeju, that’s it na. I have an idea.
Dadi: what idea beta?

Purab: minimum six months you will get time to recognize about Abhi. if i break Abhinav’s hand means, it will be fractured, then it will be easy fpr you na.
Pragya hits his head.
Dadi: dirty idea like your language of speaking.
Purab turns his face.
Purab: again i have an idea.
Pragya: what?
Purab: wait and watch.
– to be continued.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    abhigya confession …eye lock n hug were so romantic. the song sequence is very romantic. abhi n pragya’s dream about each other were damn romantic. oh pragya is not able to recognize abhi .the solution which purab said was stupid. now what is his new idea? perfect pics

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