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The following takes place between 9am and 10am. The CM announces curfew in the city and people see the news. Jai asks Maddy to come. The guard says you can’t go in store. Jai says we are from ATU, open the door. Jai enters the electronic shop. Maddy shows the handcuffs. Jai shoots and frees her. He asks the staff not to get scared and do their work. She checks the laptops and gets one. She asks for wi fi. Jai asks the man to hurry up and provide router cable.

Jai keeps the virus box. The containment unit comes there. The officer asks for virus tube. Jai asks him to stop. Vedant asks Jai to give the virus tube to the agent. Jai says we have this one way to release the virus and find the person tracking it. He asks Maddy are you ready, hurry up, yes or no. She says wait, yes…. She initiates the signal tracker. Jai puts the virus tube inside the washing machine and releases it. He asks Maddy did she get the signal. Virus is contained inside the washing machine. Maddy gets the signal and tells the location.

Vedant says Jai it’s a trap, it won’t be good without backup team. Jai says we have to go, send backup team, check Dhruv’s autopsy report again, I think his death reason is somewhere else. Meher asks why is money transfer taking late, I have sent confirmation of virus release. She gets to know the agent did not come back and calls him. She says something is wrong, get the car. Vedant calls Jai and says I have seen Dhruv’s autopsy report, I have sent you, check it, why do you feel so. Jai says I feel someone has killed Dhruv, find out who has killed Dhruv, he had virus antibodies. Jai and Maddy reach. Jai asks where is backup.

Vedant says they will reach soon. Maddy tells Jai that she can’t isolate the signal. The junction box has thousands of signals. Jai asks her to wait. He shoots in the air and looks at all the windows. Meher sees the funds transfer, and asks the man Victor to find out. She shuts her laptop and packs her stuff to leave. Jai shoots Victor down. She fixes a bomb under the table and tries to run away. Jai shouts asking her to stop. Jai asks her to keep the bag down. Abhishek reaches there. She says I should have shot you seeing you with Sherchan brothers, it does not matter, I should leave, my work is over. He sees the bomb and gets under a cupboard. Meher runs away from the window. Abhishek asks Jai are you fine. Jai asks him to follow Meher.

Naina sees Aditya and cries. Khosla asks her to come, minister is waiting for the meeting. She goes. Bose says I spoke to Vaidehi, she will not press charges, but I have to put other agent reports. Vedant asks will you put cheat charges on Siddharth. He defends Siddharth. Bose says we could have caught Roshan before, he can get hanged for this mistake, he helped Roshan who is responsible for many people’s death, Siddharth was giving Vaidehi to Roshan, just for his son, he was risking millions of lives to save his son, if you feel Siddharth did not do wrong, you should resign. Vedant asks what will happen with Siddharth now. Bose says you and Jai can give statement that situation was right, but intelligence bureau was waiting for chance to get ATU in their hands. Mihir comes and says Jai was right, Dhruv was poisoned. Vedant says I want to see the footage. Zaara calls and asks for visitors list. Vedant checks footage.

Naina asks Khosla to go, and stops seeing Devyaani. Naina says I came to see how are you. Devyaani says time for acting is over, tell me what do you want. Naina says I did not like you ever, I did not trust you ever, and I can’t trust you, but I love my son a lot, the truth is its just you who can support my son. Devyaani says it will be tight security around Aditya. Naina says I will see about security, you just take care of Aditya.

Jai asks the staff to check Meher’s laptop data and keep trying. He does not get to know Meher’s connection with the NGO. He gets the aids box and checks it. Vedant calls Jai and says Dhruv was poisoned, you won’t know who would meet him. Jai cleans the board and sees Devyaani’s name. Jai says I know, Devyaani Bomik. Jai asks what was Dhruv’s name on his fake password. Vedant says Narain Paul. Jai says Meher was managing virus from Devyaani’s NGO, and Dhruv has given big donation, it means Meher, Dhruv and Devyaani are working together.

Devyaani goes to meet Aditya. She checks him and cleans his nose bleeding. He holds her hand. She says I m getting dizzy, I got something for you, this medicine will relief you of pain, it affects soon. Aditya agrees. Dr. Mehta gets Jai’s call. He asks for Devyaani. He asks can you see virus symptoms for her. She says no, some people take time. He says take her test for antibodies, and keep her away from PM. Dr. Mehta sees Devyaani with Aditya. She sends the men to send Devyaani to her room. She asks whats happening. Aditya asks her to go. She says I will come later, you have the medicines.

Jai sees Maddy. He signs her to go. Abhishek tells Jai that Maddy has hidden, we will catch her. Jai says forget that, find out about Devyaani, she is with Dhruv, we are finding the antidote, before she knows about her plan failed, she will use that vaccine, we have to snatch that vaccine consignment.

Dr. Mehta goes to Devyaani and says maybe it was false alarm, you have to stay here, how are you feeling. Devyaani says I have some fever. Mr. Mehta says I have to check virus progress, come. Devyaani asks is it necessary. Mr. Mehta says yes. She takes Devyaani’s blood sample.

Khosla tells Naina that it was false alarm. She talks to the minister about bring at same place if he makes Prithvi the PM. She says she will recommend him for the home ministry, and says Aditya has chosen Prithvi for PM, you are coalition head now, this can’t happen without your support. He says I did not decide anything. She says you can follow Aditya’s decision, else think of any other PM. He asks you want to become PM? She looks on.

Prithvi comes there. Khosla comes him and says sorry, Naina’s meeting is going on. Prithvi gets inside. Naina thanks minister and he leaves. Prithvi says Aditya’s state is getting bad and you are dealing for the chair, you have no humanity. Naina says country does not run by humanity, I just want the chair should not be vacant. Prithvi says it won’t be vacant, nothing will happen to Aditya, if you do anything against Aditya’s wish, then I will send this memory chip copy to everyone. He says its video recording where its seen you are reason for Shinde’s death. He taunts her. He says you snatched my everything, I will not let you break Aditya’s dreams, whatever happens. He leaves.

Jai goes to the hospital to meet Devyaani. Dr. Mehta does Devyaani’s blood sample tests for the virus antibodies. She gets shocked. Dr. Mehta stops Jai and rushes to him. She says Jai, Devyaani’s blood has same antibodies. Jai says I want to meet PM before interrogating Devyaani, you keep an eye on her. He goes to Aditya. Aditya sees the medicine Devyaani kept and takes it. Aditya talks to Jai. Jai says Roshan is dead, and we contained all virus tubes. Aditya says well done, mission complete.

Jai says no, we got to know Devyaani is with Dhruv in this plan. Aditya says no Jai, she can’t do this, Siddharth interrogated her. Jai says her blood had same antibodies, they both had worked with Meher, she lied to you and we all, I m sorry. Aditya asks why will she do this. Jai says don’t know, I will interrogate her. Aditya says if this is true, I have to hear this, I want Devyaani here now. Jai signs staff. Abhishek tells Vedant that they reached Devyaani’s office, they did not get anything from her house.

Vedant calls Jai. Vedant says teams searched Devyaani’s house and office, they did not get anything. Jai says widen the search, find the medicines that are in bulk. Devyaani comes to Aditya and says they feel I m not infected, I feel uneasy and sick. Jai says talk to me, we know you are with Dhruv. She says I answered this to ATU. He says if you were virus infected, why did you come out of safe zone, as your body had same antibodies which was in Dhruv’s body, you know his real name Narain Paul. She says no, never. He says you met Dhruv in hospital and killed him. She says this is lie, Aditya I swear…. Jai asks her the cure of the virus, where is that consignment. Aditya looks on. She holds her head. Jai says tell me, so that we can save PM and others. She faints saying my bag….. Aditya worries and asks what happened to her.

Dr. Mehta says she is diabetic, maybe she did not take her insulin. Aditya says no, that’s not possible, I gave her insulin twice, is this virus symptom. Jai checks her box and gets the medicine. Dr. Bomik is at lab. Dr. Mehta calls him and says there is a bad news, Devyaani started showing virus symptoms, I m sorry. He says what, this can’t happen. She says Devyaani is diabetic. He says I want to meet her. She says my agent will reach you and get you here by security. He leaves with the agent.

Jai asks agent to be ready. Jai gets the communication unit. Bomik goes to see Devyaani, and sees the nose bleeding. He gets shocked. He says I can’t believe how did this happen, show me her reports. Dr. Mehta says sorry Sir, we will make her comfortable. He says I want her alive, not comfortable. He leaves.

Bomik goes to his lab and asks his staff man to come and shut door. He says Devyaani is infected with virus. The man asks how can this happen, I have out virus antibodies in her insulin pen. Dr. Bomik says but she is showing virus symptoms, it means our plan failed. The man says impossible, we developed this vaccine by testing it in last 5 years. Bomik says I have given accelerated virus to myself in hotel, you try antiviral on me. The man enters the code in the machine and gets the virus antidote.

Devyaani and Mr. Mehta come there. Dr. Bomik sees them. He asks Devyaani you here. Devyaani says I wanted to know truth, the truth is you are a devil, who is killing millions of people for money. He says you are my daughter, I did not wish you to get infected by virus. Jai says that’s why you have put antibodies in diabetic insulin pen. He shows the medicine pen. He says I was sure Devyaani is with Dhruv, but I got to know she took insulin by the pen who you given her, your plan was good, you made virus and also the antivirus, your image was so big that no one could doubt you, Roshan and Haroon were just delivery boys for you, I did not see a criminal like you, he says there is a reason behind their death. Jai asks what reason, first infect people and then sell medicine for money, am I right.

Bomik laughs and says its not about money, we are living in fear of Singhania family, we requested them not to pas health bill, once if health bill passes, we can’t make medicines, who will understand this, politicians make medicine cheap for profit, then I made a plan to create havoc in country by making virus, so people know the meaning and importance of pharmaceutical companies, those dying are rats, its just experiment. Jai says they are not rats, my son, PM and many are infected, what you did, the country will hang you. Jai gives the virus cure to Dr. Mehta and asks her to spread the medicine. He asks Bomik how did he kill Dhruv. Bomik says by Dr. Mehta, when she was going to collect his blood sample, I poisoned the blood collection sample kit. Jai apologizes to Devyaani and goes.

Vedant, Mihir and Zaara see the video clip of Jai shooting Shivani. Vedant says you know what to do Mihir. Mihir makes the video unavailable. Jai calls Veer and tells about virus mastermind Bomik, we caught him, we could not know it before, its good we got virus cure, it will reach you, just wait for sometime. Veer cries and says dad, I just want to come home. Jai says sure, we all will come, I m coming to you. Vedant calls Jai and says your video is circulated on social media, in which you have shot Shivani, maybe Roshan planned this, his goons may have recorded it. Jai asks what. Vedant says cyber cell is deleting the video, department ordered you to come to ATU. Jai says I will meet Veer and come. Shivani’s mum Nupur comes there and calls out Jai. Nupur gets the gun. Jai does not defend….. She shoots at him.

The show ended with 24 episodes of the thrilling finite series.

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    Oh God again they ended it in suspense!
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    Thank u Amena di for the detailed updates!

  2. awesome suspense show….. what happened to pm veer…. waiting for part 3 …great job Anil kapoor sir…..

  3. Amazing series. Love this finite concept. Just hope that they bring in season 3 with Anil Kapoor only.

  4. Too one such patriot ic serials are wellcom

  5. Great show shame it ended is there going to be season 3 if can’t wait

  6. Oh God was it an end of 24 I want to see veer and PM coming home safe and cured

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