Twenty Four (24) Season 2 8th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Twenty Four (24) Season 2 8th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The following takes place between 8am and 9am. Dr. Bomik is in his lab. Dr. Rai tells about sending units to PMO for quarantine. She gets a call from Dr. Bomik. She says I got to know about you now, I m so sorry, I can send quarantine units to you. He says don’t worry, I quarantined myself and my staff here, I just want to find solution. She says I understand, tell me if I can help you. He says I want Devyaani’s treatment to happen under my supervision, I want her to come here. She says I will try to shift everyone, Aditya will also be close to you. He says fine, thanks and ends call.

Prithvi comes to PMO and Mathura tells Naina and Prithvi about virus outbreak in PMO. Naina gets shocked and asks about Aditya. Mathur says we have no details, we have orders to take everyone to CM guesthouse. Prithvi asks where is Aditya. Mathur asks him to talk to party secretary. Naina asks Prithvi to put on speaker. Prithvi calls Gupta and asks about Aditya. Gupta says we know Aditya and his entire team is exposed to virus, it was accidental exposure, I told you all to move to Delhi, we have to take some decisions, Aditya is shifted to hospital, we have to think of acting PM. Naina says there is still time. Prithvi asks is this discussion necessary. Gupta says Aditya can decide this, just talk to him. Naina and Prithvi go to hospital.

Zaara tells Vedant about the virus signal, its GPS coming from the device. Vedant asks her can he trace virus tubes. She says its tough, it will take time to scan city. Mihir says if we limit parameters. Vedant says search from the dock area, if our lock is good, our assumption will be right. Roshan asks Maddy is location safe. Maddy says I showed you satellite images, ATU is not there. He asks about Vaidehi’s pic. She says I need time to check. He says there can’t be any mistake, else you won’t be alive. She tries to scan Immigration documents to find Vaidehi’s pic.

Abhishek tells Jai that I think they came. Jai asks Siddharth are you ready. Siddharth says Jai, please don’t do anything till Kabir is with them, he is scared of noise, be careful.

Abhishek says Siddharth’s car has come. Roshan’s man checks Vaidehi and tells Roshan about Vaidehi. Roshan asks are you sure. The man says yes. Roshan talks to Shivani’s mum Nupur and says I want exchange to happen without anything, control Kabir. He asks Siddharth to get Vaidehi.

Siddharth sees Kabir and Nupur. He asks Vaidehi to please go. He asks Nupur to come with Kabir. Kabir refuses to go to Siddharth. Nupur says he is scared, you talk to him like a father. Siddharth asks Kabir to come to Papa. He says you are my warrior son, right Kabir, come to me. Kabir smiles. Siddharth says come, we will kill our monsters. Vaidehi sees Siddharth’s fatherly love for Kabir, and looks for Roshan. Kabir goes to Siddharth and hugs him. The man asks Vaidehi to come. Abhishek tells Jai that something is wrong, Vaidehi is not going ahead. Vaidehi says I want to know truth, did my dad kill my mum, tell me. She goes back. Roshan gets down the car. All of his men come there. Roshan says Vaidehi, come to me, I m your dad, don’t trust anything said by ATU, come on, there is no time. Abhishek says Sir, we can see Roshan. Jai asks them to attack. Siddharth asks Nupur and Kabir to sit in the car. He shoots at the goons and defends. Roshan and his men shoot at ATU. Jai runs to Roshan and asks Abhishek to cover him.

Mihir tells the virus tubes locations. Vedant asks how to know virus is not released. Mihir says its signal from unreleased tubes. Vedant asks him to send one team to one location and goes to other one. Roshan says Maddy you said this location is safe. She says you have seen satellite images. Abhishek talks to his team about Maddy having the locations. Maddy tells Roshan that I will not tell anything to ATU, please wait. She sees Jai coming. Jai shoots and makes the metal structure fall on Maddy to save her. Roshan runs away. Jai informs Abhishek and says Maddy is here, I think she is alive, I m going after Roshan. Roshan goes in the elevator. Jai runs by stairs.

Prithvi and Naina go to meet Aditya. Naina says I have to meet Aditya alone. Prithvi says Aditya is PM, country needs him first, so I will meet him. Dr. Rai asks both of them to meet. She says PM is fine, but his immunity is very low, you know virus spreads so fast, we can’t be sure how much time Aditya has now. They are allowed to see Aditya from the glass. Aditya talks to them. They cry seeing him. Aditya asks them to be strong. He asks Naina to guide Prithvi, people want a strong govt, and party needs a strong leader. He says I spoke to President, Prithvi you are acting PM now. Naina says you can’t decide this alone, nothing will happen to you. Aditya says I know, but please support my decision for my sake, I know you and Prithvi don’t trust each other, please side the personal differences and work together, give a new direction to people, okay, think of this as my last decision. Naina says nothing will happen to you. They cry. Aditya goes back to bed and rests.

At 8. 27am, Roshan goes to the top floor. Jai runs to him. Jai and Roshan shoot at each other. They come face to face, and aim guns at each other…….They both shoot and their guns bullets get over. They throw the guns and fight. Jai beats him red and blue. Their fight goes on long. Jai ties chains to Roshan and beats him. They stand in the elevator. Jai pushes Roshan down and holds his hand. Abhishek sees them and asks all units to reach there. Jai says Roshan, your game is over, tell me where is virus tubes.

Roshan says look at your life, you lost your son, you will lose name and respect because of me, you still want to save me. Jai says don’t say nonsense, we can find by Maddy. Roshan says no use, the city will know about virus. Abhishek asks Jai to hear Raj. Raj tells Jai that he contained a virus tube at airport, I have send my team, and one more thing… Roshan hears this and asks Jai to save him and take him to jail authorities. Jai says I m doing that, for Shivani, for Veer, and for country. He leaves Roshan’s hand and hangs him to the chains. Roshan gets strangulated and dies.

Jai talks to Raj. Raj asks did you get all updates. Raj says there is timer on the tube, we can’t reach there, you have less than 15mins, you are close to location, you leave soon. Jai leaves from there. Siddharth is brought back to ATU. He is handcuffed. He apologizes to Vedant. He says I had no other way. Vedant says I understand, but Bose is coming to question you. Siddharth says its strange, things changed in few hours. Vedant says department knew situation and even then they asked to take you in custody. Siddharth asks where shall I go, in which interrogation room. Vedant asks him to wait in his cabin till Bose comes.

Mihir gets a call and asks what, are you sure, calm down, don’t worry, go hospital. He tells Vedant that my sister Saba called, she went for entrance exam, but many girls had nose bleeding there. Zaara shows Vedant the increasing virus outbreaks in the entire city. Maddy asks Abhishek where is he taking her. Abhishek says ATU. She asks about Roshan. Jai stops Abhishek and sits in his car, saying we have to reach location in 5mins, move fast. Jai calls Mihir asks for exact virus location. Mihir sends him. He says I have to talk to PMO, Roshan is dead, I want to inform Aditya. Mihir says PM is infected by virus, we don’t have all details. Jai asks what, how is PM. Mihir says he is fine, but Jai common people are getting affected by virus, medical teams are setting up quarantine, Bose has come to take Siddharth on custody. Jai talks to Bose and tells him that Siddharth’s son is safe and Siddharth can help us. Bose says sorry, we can’t consider anything. Jai asks why, I also took some steps without asking ATU three years ago, situation is same, we will win even this time. Bose says our operation could have failed because of Siddharth. Jai says I started this operation with Shivani and Gyaan, they both are dead, you can’t arrest Siddharth. Bose says sorry, you can appeal later. He ends call. Veer sees Gayatri crying on Avinash’s death and says I m really sorry, but we have to take Avinash away.

Veer gets the situation update. The man says a girl has come to talk to her brother Avinash. Veer says tell her its not possible to meet anyone. The man says it’s a problem, this girl is a journalist, she has recorded all activities and saying she will upload video on internet. Veer asks Gayatri to talk to that girl and tell her everything is fine. Gayatri says she is family, she has right to know what happened with her brother. Veer says she is a journalist too, this matter can’t reach in media. Gayatri says I will not lie. The man asks Veer what to do. Veer says make her wear medic suit and get her to staff quarters, keep all recording equipments with you.

Khosla meets Naina and asks till when will you stand here, rest in waiting room. Naina says Dhanraj Patel supported party, if anything happens to Aditya, Patel will go to opposition, I won’t let this happen. Patel comes and greets her. He says I don’t know what to say. Minister asks Prithvi whats happening, Shinde and Antara died and now Aditya is critical. Prithvi says nothing will happen to Aditya. Minister says we have to announce curfew in the city and give control updates to media. Naina sees Prithvi. She says I m worried for Aditya and entire country, I hope you will support us in tough time. He says sure and goes. Naina and Prithvi see each other. Naina asks Khosla to keep her meeting with minister.

The girl Alisha sees Gayatri and asks what happened to Avinash. Gayatri asks her to sit. Alisha asks where is Avinash. Gayatri says Avinash died. Alisha says whats happening here, Avinash was fine yesterday night. Veer tells Alisha that he is Veer from ATU, terrorists released virus in this hotel yesterday night, we all are infected, and Avinash controlled the situation, unfortunately, he died. Alisha cries. Gayatri asks Alisha to not tell this to anyone. Alisha asks what, how dare you think so. Veer says I can’t let you go out. Alisha asks what will you do when many journalists come. Veer stops her and asks if you know this by some article, how would you know, I can understand your anger, its not just you who lost someone, we all have lost our dead ones.

At 8.54am, Jai, Abhishek arrive at the exact location and inform Zaara. They look around at the bus stop. Jai says I can’t see anyone. Zaara says GPS accuracy is till 50m. Jai says there are many people here. Zaara says signal is moving. A man has the virus in the bag and keeps it inside the bus. Jai says I think someone got inside the bus.

Abhishek and Jai get inside the bus. Vedant says it means someone knows we have contained airport virus. Jai says Roshan died, there is someone else. Jai goes to check and asks people to move. Abhishek sees the man and catches him. The people scream. The driver gets shot by the goon. He hits Abhishek. Jai catches the goon and beats him. The bus goes out of control as driver fell dead on the steering. Abhishek shoots down the goon. Jai asks the man for whom is he working. Abhishek manages the steering and stops the bus. Jai gets the virus and informs Vedant. Vedant says its over, we can’t stop the virus from releasing, containment unit can’t reach you. Jai asks where can we meet them.

Vedant says they are 6kms away. Dr. Mehta calls Vedant and says I have to talk to Jai urgently. Vedant patches the call. Jai talks to Dr. Mehta. She says Dhruv’s blood reports have come, there is antibodies of virus. Jai says it means virus has cure. She says its not simple, it will take atleast 10 days. Jai says we don’t have time, we have to save PM and hotel people. She says I understand but it will take time. Jai tells Vedant that they have to find cure of virus, they will want this virus tube to be released. Maddy says there is a way to track them, we have to release this virus, the one who is monitoring this virus will get confirmation signal, we have to track him. Vedant says we can’t believe her. Jai asks Maddy what does she want to track the signal. She says a laptop and internet connection. Jai asks Abhishek to take left. Vedant says no. Containment unit sees Jai and inform Vedant that Jai is not stopping the car. He asks containment unit to follow Jai and stop him from virus release.

Maddy works on laptop. Vedant asks Jai to give the virus to destroy it. Jai asks the officer not to move. Naina asks minister to go with Aditya’s relation, if Prithvi became PM, you will be at same place. He asks do you want to become PM. Devyaani says this will relieve you of pain, I tried this at hotel people. Maddy tells Jai that she is ready. She initiates signal tracker. Jai takes the virus to release.

Update Credit to: Amena

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