Twenty Four (24) Season 2 4th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Twenty Four (24) Season 2 4th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The following takes place between 11pm and 12pm. Jai shoots at Dhruv. Dhruv falls down. Jai says if you do anything except taking a breath, I will shoot you. He informs Shivani that he caught Dhruv. Everyone in ATU clap. Siddharth says chopper is ready and reaching you, good work Jai. Jai thanks him. Siddharth says congrats Shivani, I guess you were saying right about Jai, give good news to PM. She says its your right, you are active chief of ATU. He says this was your mission, its your right too, come. Shivani and Siddharth tells Aditya that virus is taken in custody, Roshan and Haroon are killed, Jai caught the virus dealer, our mission is successful. Aditya says you proved everyone wrong, maybe this mission would have not succeeded without your thinking and leadship, thanks from all of us. He tells everyone that you all contributed in this mission, thanks, I also have questions about virus and hope we get answers from ATU, thanks for coming, good night.

Prithvi asks Aditya do you think we need pharma company help, what will we do of vaccine when there is no virus, why to take favor. Aditya says two people’s lives are in danger, I can take help from them. Pharma heads say that PM is asking such a big help, is it instant for R&D team to find anti viral vaccine, we can’t do this in few hours, we are scientists and doctors, not magicians. Another doctor says you all think I m mad to give my research info to you all. Dr. Kapoor says I m calling my wife to stop her from coming here in this state, I feel we should take our families away. Bomik says its air borne virus, how will you stop it, which place is safe, we have one way to find antidote, my company and research team is ready for help, whoever is ready, raise hands. Mr. Reddy agrees, while others don’t agree to share research info. Dr. Mehta leaves saying I need to consult my board members.

Roshan runs in the jungle. He calls his man Vasu. Vasu asks is everything fine. Roshan says no, Haroon is dead, Jai cheated us, there is no time, I m running like a dog since 20mins, ATU team will reach there, come here, we have to leave. Vasu says boat is ready, no one will see us in night’s darkness, is Haroon really dead. Roshan says yes, I will take revenge for his death, Jai and this country has to pay.

Vasu calls other goon Balraj and asks him to reach fast, Haroon is dead, Roshan called and said Jai cheated. Balraj asks what. Vasu says time is less, reach fast, we are leaving. Balraj asks Maya when did Haroon call her. She says 10mins back. He stops the car and asks what game are you playing, Haroon is dead. She asks what, no…when. He says 20-25mins before talking to you, tell me whats your game, Jai is playing this game, he trapped us right. She asks will you shoot at me. Omkar fights with Balraj. Balraj shoots Omkar. ATU team hears the gunshot and rushes. Maya says nothing will happen to you and cries holding Omkar. Balraj says Maya, you used me, cheated me. He aims gun at her. He sees the cars coming and leaves. ATU team reaches Maya.

Veer goes to Kiran. She asks about Jai. He says dad’s mission was successful. She says that’s great. He says I have many questions which dad may not like to answer. Naina meets Khosla and asks about Shantaram. Shinde’s man informs Shinde about Naina. Naina does not get Shantaram. Khosla says I will find out, this is his house.

Aditya calls Devyaani and says I got well after the long day, but I want to see my doctor. Dean stops Devyaani and apologizes to her. She says you will get my test results in some time, I hope you won’t have to be ashamed of my past. He says I know you and your dad will be annoyed, I was helpless, give my regards to Dr. Bomik. Vasu makes Roshan wear a coat and says we will call doctor after reaching Mumbai. Roshan says so Maya was helping Jai. Balraj says yes, I killed Maya and Omkar.

ATU team arrests Maya as she is Haroon’s GF. She says I m not wrong, you are mistaken, Jai knows me. The lady asks her to sit, else she will spoil her face. Zaara tells Arif that its done, try now. Arif tries and briefcase opens. He says there are five tubes. Siddharth says it has to be six. Mihir connects to Jai. Shivani says Jai, the briefcase has 5 tubes. Jai says sixth tube is in spectrometer, contact Kamat. Shivani says we lost him, why did you not tell him. Siddharth says you were following that man. Jai asks Arif to confirm Roshan is dead. Arif says his body is burnt, face is not identifiable. Jai says do one thing, cut Roshan’s left lef. Arif asks what. Jai says cut his leg. Arif does so and says its cut. Jai says it means its not Roshan’s body, his leg has metal rod, Roshan is alive and he has virus’ sixth tube, its no use now, he would have escaped, put Mumbai on high alert, I hope its not too late.

At 11. 29, Bomik tells PM that we can work together on virus, so we decided we will find solution together, we will try to save those two lives. Aditya says thank you all, if you need any help, contact Prithvi, we have less time. He stops Bomik while everyone else leaves. He says I know this decision happened because of you, thanks. Bomik says my please, this virus is dangerous for all of us. Aditya says we got info that our agents have taken virus in custody, this vaccine is necessary, this can happen again, its not just for Kush and Mitali’s lives, but for future generations, I appreciate your help. Bomik leaves.

Jai gets injured Dhruv to ATU. Siddharth and Shivanu welcome Jai. Siddharth sends Dhruv for interrogation and says I need to talk to you Jai. Jai says later, tell me about Roshan, he would have gone by sea route. Everyone see Jai. Mihir hugs him. Veer looks on. Jai says I m glad meeting you all, I m back home. He tells Shivani about Roshan naming the virus dealer, Gyan keep talking to Chang, Roshan would have spoken to him, we have to find a way to catch Roshan, he has virus tube. Siddharth says relax, its our work, I need to talk to you, follow me.

Jai, Siddharth and Shivani go to talk. Jai asks what is it. Siddharth says its high enquiry orders are on you, Abhilasha and Roy are reaching. Jai says this is not the right time, you postpone this, we have to interrogate Dhruv. Siddharth says sorry, this is order from home ministry. Jai asks why. Shivani says Jai has right to know this. Siddharth says even you have to answer them, as you supported Jai. He asks Jai to get freshen up. Jai leaves. Shivani asks Siddharth to have a heart, Jai came after many months, you told him about enquiry, atleast let him spend time with his children. Siddharth says fine.

Naina asks where is Shantaram. Khosla says sorry, my men are finding him. Landline rings. Naina gets Shantaram’s call. He asks why did you come here to meet me. She asks where are you, do you want to hide and live. He says you don’t know about my life. She says I know everything what happened 10 years ago, Shine ruined your life, he had done drunken driving and drove his car over your daughter, you had seen the accident, your account was credited with 50 lakhs.

He says it means you know everything, my life has become hell, I can’t stay with peace, its been 10 years when Shinde crushed Payal under his car, I m a poor man and could not do anything, a man came to me and said your daughter is dead, if you keep mouth shut, my life can get better, I came in greed and lied that I don’t know about driver and took that money. She says I understand but you will punish Shinde, you tell truth in press conference. He says I can’t do this, he will not leave my son. She promises to help him and his son and shift them to other city. He says fine, I also promise I will tell truth about Shinde. She asks how can I contact you next time. He says you come to my home, I will call you on landline. She looks outside.

Bomik tells all doctors that Dr. Mehta will share confidential info. She shares the info and keeps Kush and Mitali’s blood samples. Kiran hugs Jai. He asks what happened to you. She says I m proud of Veer, he saved me, what about your mission. He says its confidential, I did this for my country. Veer asks do you have to drink, lie and have affair for your country, we know about your Maya, do you have to say anything. Jai says I want to know Maya helped me and I could not do anything without her. Veer says so you both got a relation, you forgot your family, you are a failed father, a failed husband. Kiran says enough Veer. Veer says no, I want to know how many times he cheated mothers on the name of mission. Kiran asks him to leave. Jai says it shows you are ignorant, you will do same when you are on field. Veer says that’s bullshit and leaves.

Jai says I don’t care what people say about me, I thought my children know me, I loved your mom a lot and still love her and you both. Kiran says I know. He asks her to be with Veer, everything will be fine. ATU team gets Maya. Veer sees her. Abhilasha and Roy come for the enquiry. Siddharth greets them. Veer looks on.

Siddharth tells Jai that Abhilasha and Roy will question you, and leaves. Abhilasha says its three years, you did not change, except the beard. Roy says he was same and will stay same, he won’t change, that’s why he is Jai Singh Rathod. Abhilasha says I know, I told him not to think his return is permanent, he will do mistake and I will come. Roy says we studied your case, how you started this mission and misused your powers. Jai says I know some people think I m wrong, I did this for my duty. Roy says nothing personal, we are also doing duty, and will question Shivani, Vedant and Gyan too. Jai says let me go and catch Roshan, then I will answer. Roy says whats the hurry, we will prepare report after this enquiry and then we will decide will you go or not.

Abhilasha says you did as you wanted, a responsible agent should not do this. Jai says I know my work. She says maybe your intention was right, but the way of your work is totally unethical and against protocols.

At 11.55, Zaara finds the match for Dhruv, and says his name is Naveen Paul. Shivani says his passport is fake, it means we don’t know yet. A man takes Dhruv’s blood sample. Vedant interrogates Dhruv and asks his name. Dhruv asks did Jai not tell you. They start the lie detector test. Vedant asks when did you meet Meher for the first time. Dhruv says 2 hours ago. Vedant says whenever Meher worked with anyone, she has record to have an affair with them, she was spotted in clinic where HIV experimental trials were going on. The machine shows Dhruv got stressed. Vedant asks him why are you worried, you met her two hours ago, if you cooperate, I will share your HIV test results, I will ask again, when did you meet Meher for the first time.

Naina calls Aditya and asks him to free Shantaram’s son, he is in jail. Aditya asks who is he. Naina says he is a criminal, you can get rid of Shinde. He asks is this your solution to leave a criminal to solve a problem, I will never do this. Prithvi comes and says ATU wants to talk to you. Siddharth and Shivani tell them that Roshan is alive. Aditya and Prithvi get shocked. Prithvi asks what, you said both Sherchan brothers were dead. Shivani says there was an explosion at site, Haroon’s face was seen, but Roshan was identified by jacket, Jai found out it was not Roshan. Siddharth says we got 5 tubes and we feel Roshan has one virus tube and maybe he went towards Mumbai to release virus. Aditya gets worried. Roshan sees the city and has virus in his hand.

Aditya says it means no one one where is Roshan and what is he going to do. Roshan meets a guy and plans to release the virus. Vedant asks whats the plan. Dhruv screams. Naina tells Antara that I will murder Shinde. Siddharth asks Maya what do you know about Jai. Maya says Jai and I love each other. Roy says believing you is like breaking law Jai. Abhilasha says you have to pay for your doings, is this scheme that Roshan has run away with virus, you did 25 crores deal with Haroon, is this the reason that Roshan has escaped.

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