Twenty Four (24) Season 2 2nd October 2016 Written Episode Update

Twenty Four (24) Season 2 2nd October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The following takes place between 7am to 8am. Prithvi apologizes to Antara and says I m here now, don’t worry, everything will be fine. She says I want to say everything to police. He asks do you know what will police do. She says Naina and I will go to jail, Naina is very bad, she should be punished. He says police will arrest you, not her, she is Naina Singhania. She says I have this proof. He says this will not prove anything, none will believe you. She shows the recording of Naina and Antara making Shinde lie down on the bed.

At ATU, Zaara tells Mihir about the problem, she has spoke to satellite navigation officer, the satellite feed and backup was erased, I told Siddharth and he scolded me. He asks her to cross check login and logout data, we can know the agents logged in at the time of data erase.

Prithvi says Naina was talking about our relation in this video, everyone will know about our affair. Antara says affair, I thought you will love. He says I do, world will call it an affair, my career will end, and coalition will go, did you think of Aditya. She says politics and career are Amar’s words. He says you are misunderstanding, let me manage it, this is not bad. She says a human died. He says he was a devil, I m not feeling bad that he died, whatever he did with you, it was easy death for you, I can’t wait here for much time, I need to go. She cries and says I love you Prithvi. He says I love you too and leaves.

Siddharth calls Roshan and tells about ATU doubting. Roshan asks him to get Vaidehi, else your son is gone. Siddharth gets angry. Naina talks to minister. Prithvi says I spoke to Antara ji, she was upset, she assured me that she will keep the coalition. They hear the gunshot. They rush and see Antara dead. Antara shot herself. Commissioner asks them to leave, this has become crime scene. Naina and Prithvi to come.

Aditya asks the staff guy to call Prithvi, and also clear security issues for Devyaani. He coughs and asks the man to get cough drops, no need for doctor. Driver leaves his daughter for the entrance exam and asks her not to worry for him, focus on exam. Vedant comes to Jai. Jai asks the team to check again. Vedant says we got Shivani’s body. Jai asks does Siddharth know this. Vedant says don’t knw, someone has to go to identify her body.

Siddharth gets Jai’s call. Jai asks did you get call from police about Shivani, I hope you informed Shivani’s mum. Siddharth says I spoke to her, I will go there. Mihir calls Jai and informs him about someone who was logged in at erase time. Jai asks him not to inform Siddharth and no agent will leave from the building. Veer talks to Jai. Jai asks how are you. Veer says I m fine, whats update about Roshan. Jai says don’t know, I need your help. Jai takes Veer’s help, and asks him to find out who is helping Roshan from internal server. Veer says what, I will try. Jai says pass details to me when you know anything.

Siddharth gets call about ATU lockdown and informs Roshan. He asks where to get Vaidehi. Roshan asks him to get Vaidehi anyhow. Siddharth goes to get Vaidehi and gives electrical shock to the man’s neck. He goes to Vaidehi, and asks Vaidehi to come. She asks who are you. He says I m ATU’s head, I came here to take you to safe place. She asks why, is it not safe here, my dad…. He says I don’t have time to explain.

Siddharth takes Vaidehi and leaves. Veer tells Jai about satellite feed accessed by remote server, just Siddharth has the access. Jai asks are you sure. Veer says yes. Vedant asks Jai. Jai gets worried. Siddharth makes Vaidehi ssit in the car.

Jai calls Siddharth. He keeps his phone and leaves with Vaidehi. Jai asks Vedant to tell Mihir to trace Siddharth’s phone. Vedant asks Mihir to trace Siddharth’s phone. Mihir says its in ATU, Siddharth is not in his cabin. Jai says lockdown ATU, he is surely hiding something, he should not leave from the building. Mihir initiates total lockdown of the building. Siddharth leaves. Zaara says I had doubt on Siddharth. Mihir says Siddharth is nowhere Jai. Jai asks about Vaidehi, is she secure. Zaara calls interrogation officer Pandey and asks about Vaidehi. Pandey says Siddharth made me faint and Vaidehi is not there.

Zaara tells this to Jai. Jai asks Mihir to monitor camera footage and get back Siddharth. Vedant says why is Siddharth helping Roshan. Jai asks him to call Shivani’s mum. They get number unreachable. Jai says its same situation which happened with me three years ago, when goons kidnapped my family, maybe Siddharth is helping Roshan as Kabir and Shivani’s mum’s life is in danger, go to Shivani’s home and find out.

Prithvi is in shock and cries. Naina consoles him. Prithvi says how can you kill anyone like this, why did you think, and Antara why did you involve her in all this, she killed herself because of you. Naina says I don’t know what she said, when I met her, she was mentally weak, I would have not taken her words clearly. He shows the watch and says I know what happened yesterday night. She thanks him and wears her watch. She says you can’t prove anything by this, your foolishness was making Aditya lose power, I stopped it, if Antara controlled her emotions, this would have not happened, don’t hold me responsible for this madness, and if you think to tell this to Aditya, if party knows about coalition breaking by your love affair, even Aditya can’t save you, recall this when you think of threatening me. Prithvi holds the memory chip.

Kiran comes to the hotel to meet Veer and wears the broke medic suit. The doctor stops her and says your oxygen pipe is broken, find out who has worn this broken suit before. Devyaani goes to meet Aditya.

Jai asks Mihir about updates about Siddharth. Mihir says I could not find it. Jai asks them to find out. Mihir tells about Siddharth’s location. Vaidehi asks Siddharth whats happening. He says I can’t explain you anything, be quiet. Roshan calls the man and asks him to get Kabir and the old man. Maddy says whats your plan. Roshan says we will take Vaidehi and leave. She says we can’t go by dock. He says we will go by any route.

Jai asks about Siddharth. Mihir gives exact location. Vedant tells Jai about Kabir and Shivani’s mum Nupur kidnapped by Roshan. Vaidehi says I know you are lying, we are not going to secure location. He asks her not to worry. She says I m not fool, I know about encounters, are you going to kill me. He says yes, I m taking you to your dad. She asks why. He says because he kidnapped my son, if I don’t take you, he will kill my son, like he killed my wife, you may not like to hear I, your dad is a devil.

Jai stops Siddharth and aims the gun. He asks Siddharth to come out of the car silently, don’t be mad, you are a responsible officer. Siddharth says Roshan has my son, he wants Vaidehi for Kabir, I lost Shivani, I can’t lose my son. Jai says I know everything, it was same situation with me, calm down.

Siddharth says first I get Kabir, I will surrender. Jai says nothing will happen to Kabir, just work with me, Roshan won’t know, you have no option, please tell me, where is Roshan meeting you. Siddharth gives the location. Jai sits with Siddharth in his car. He tells Vedant that plan that they have to free Kabir and hold back Vaidehi. Vedant says this can’t happen. Jai says we have no option. Jai tells Siddharth not to get down the car till Roshan comes infront of them. Jai gets down the car and leaves. He hides at some point near the gate. Siddharth asks Vaidehi not to do anything. A little kid drops something in Siddharth’s car. Jai sits back in the car. Siddharth says maybe Roshan gave this phone. Jai says yes, tell him to meet at some other place, he will agree if he has to meet his daughter.

Roshan calls Siddharth. Siddharth asks where are you, where is my son, Vaidehi is with me. Roshan says it will happen as I say, get her behind school. Siddharth says I can’t reach there, ATU got to know about it, if police catches me, you can’t see your daughter. Roshan asks Maddy to give other location. Maddy tells the location. Rishan asks Siddharth to come at construction site. He says if you act clever, if I see any unwanted guest with you, I will kill your son infront of your eyes.

Goswami talks to Aditya about Roshan. Aditya coughs and says I m just making Roshan feel he is safe, so that Jai completes the mission, I will not negotiate with him, Jai needs our full support. Goswami leaves. Aditya coughs and drinks water. Devyaani comes to meet him. Aditya hugs her. He says I m so happy to see you. She says I think, we should breakup. He gets shocked. Aditya says I don’t think that thing can be the reason. She says not that, I m the reason, my name will be related to Dhruv, who planned this viral terror attack, I don’t think my name can be linked with PM. He holds her hand and says I don’t care what people think of you, I be with you. She says Adi you have fever. He says just a throat infection. She says you are bleeding Adi. Aditya gets shocked. Devyaani too looks on shocked.

At 7.41am, Devyaani rushes and gets tissues. Aditya says don’t worry, you will get infected by me. She says I m already infected. The man calls Aditya and says virus outbreak happened in PMO, we have to take you. Aditya says its too late, I m infected, find out how did this happen, are you fine. The man says yes. Aditya says I want to lockdown PMO, everyone would have been infected.

Aditya says sorry Devyaani, I should have not called you here. Devyaani says I m not worried for myself, I m thinking how did this outbreak happened here. Vedant talks to Zaara. She tells Vedant and everyone about radio and mobile signals, its inactive. This signal is coming from this dispersion device. Mihir says we will find out about it. Maddy talks to Roshan’s man and says maybe that device is ready. Mihir tells Zaara that satellite hack started. Zaara uploads the wrong feeds. Maddy says ATU is still at docks, we will not care.

She says till its not confirmed that this girl is Vaidehi, don’t get down the car. Zaara says we did it, Maddy downloaded fake satellite images. Jai asks Vaidehi to sit in backseat. He asks Abhishek about delta teams in position, stop them, we want Roshan safe, he has virus locations. Siddharth asks Jai to be careful, if Roshan sees you, he will kill Kabir. Jai says nothing will happen to Kabir. Siddharth says you are worried for this operation, more than Kabir. Jai says we are doing the right thing, wear this bullet proof band. He asks Vaidehi to know plan. Vaidehi says I know, you are using me to get my dad. Jai tells Roshan’s crimes and says he even killed your mum, I will not leave Roshan at any cost.

At 7.55am, Devyaani gets a call from Dr. Dixit. He tells Devyaani about the medic suit compromised, wherever you are, isolate yourself. She asks are you sure, and tells her suit number. He asks did you change your suit, there are two suits marked on Dr. Bomik’s name. She says my dad has worn that suit. She gets shocked.

Bomik meets the doctor panel about the samples. His nose bleeds. Doctor sees that and tells him. Bomik gets shocked. He gets Devyaani’s call. She asks where are you. He says in lab. She tells about the medic suit compromised. He says I understood now, I m getting nose bleeding. Bomik asks the doctor to quarantine him and seal the lab. Devyaani asks him did you come to PMO. Bomik says yes, Aditya and I have conference call with WHO, is he fine. Devyaani says no, he is infected and virus outbreak happened in PMO. He says sorry, I m glad that you did not listen to me and stayed at hotel, you are safe. Devyaani says I m with Aditya at PMO, and I m exposed. Bomik gets shocked.

Roshan asks Maddy about location. Siddharth reaches the construction site. Aditya is isolated, and talks to Naina and Prithvi, through glass…. Aditya asks them to work together by sorting all personal differences. Siddharth asks Vaidehi to go, I don’t know where is Roshan, but they are your dad’s men. Naina asks Khosla to arrange her meeting. Minister asks Prithvi to announce curfew in city to control virus outbreak. Roshan shoots down Maddy, while she says she did not say anything to ATU.

Update Credit to: Amena

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