Twenty Four (24) Season 2 27th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Twenty Four (24) Season 2 27th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Following takes place between 8pm and 9pm. Jai shoots at Maya’s dad and there is no bullet. Roshan laughs and says it means, they both were saying truth, I got entertained by this drama. Haroon asks what, you have made me mad, you said you don’t trust Jai, then now you trusts him, I have to end the deal today, and Maya…. Maya says leave me and my dad alone. Roshan asks Haroon to put Omkar in warehouse. Kiran meets Veer and hugs him. She asks for Mili. Raj says police informed Sarah’s sister, she will take care of Mili till Sarah gets fine. Veer introduces Kiran to Raj. Raj says you did good Kiran, you have to stay here and give statement to police. She says sure.

The men put Omkar in warehouse. Maya cries and tells Omkar that everything will be fine. Jai comes to her. She asks how could you shoot at my father, you have beaten him infront of me and did not think of me, if that gun had bullet then… Jai says your father won’t be saved, but if I did not pull trigger, we three would have died, I m not doing this to hurt anyone or for my benefit, its fine if you can trust me, I m still with you, I m trying my best to get you and your dad out of here. She hugs him and cries. She asks what will we do now. Jai asks her not to worry, just get Haroon’s phone, its important. He checks his broken watch and tries to repair the signal transmitter.

Shinde asks Antara about her excuses about everything these days. She gets a message. He asks who is this PS. She says Priyanka Soni, I will talk later. He shows Prithvi on tv and says this is strange. Antara gets up to leave. He says you don’t sit with me, then I get angry, I have to teach Singhania brothers, whom to stand, sit and sleep with in politics, what do you think, some relations need to be broken to make new ones. Antara says I have to go. He laughs and says to meet that someone, say hello to him and I will meet him soon. She leaves.

She messaged Prithvi. Prithvi gets her message that she needs to meet him urgently. He asks his assistant Navneet to inform security to allow a VIP guest, Mrs. Mani Shinde is coming, no one should know. Doctor talks to Kush’s parents and says we can hope that Kush can get saved. Kush’s mum cries seeing him.

Naina gets Khosla’s call. Khosla says I got the news confirmation, it was ATU and Jai’s plan to make Roshan run away from jail, just Aditya and Prithvi know more details about this.

At 8.19pm, Maya goes to get Haroon’s phone. Haroon stops Maya. He asks did she get hurt. He apologizes and says your dad should have not done this, I love you. Maya says you have shown good love. He asks her to forget this, our life will change, we will start a new life, just you and me. He hugs her and says now you chose life with me, just forget your dad now. A man comes there and says Roshan is calling you. Haroon tells Maya that he will just come. He leaves. She gets relieved.

Maya comes out to give phone to Jai. Haroon says I forgot my phone. Maya says I came to give your phone. Haroon says I will come soon, Jai come. Roshan asks Jai not to come, we will manage. Jai asks whats your problem, I have risked everything for 25 crores, if you both fail, I will be ruined. Haroon says we will need Jai, he will come with us. Jai sits in their jeep. They leave.

Jai sees Haroon’s phone. Delta team tries to trace them. Kamat calls Siddharth and says two cars left from Haroon’s farmhouse, it seems Haroon and Roshan are going to get virus, we are trying to cover them, I will call you when we get update. Siddharth says we can’t afford to lose them. Goswami says this is right time to attack them. Aditya says no, we have to know did virus reach there or not, keep your team on standby.

The airforce drones get ready. Goswami says its almost time, we are ready to strike. Jai tries to get Haroon’s phone. Roshan asks Haroon do you know where we have to reach. Haroon asks him to check message in phone, and copy it in map software. Haroon says you taught me to use guns, I will teach you to use smartphone, but after leaving from here, Jai take this and check, explain Roshan too. Jai fixes transmitter in Haroon’s phone. Zaara says maybe tracker started. Signal gets lost again. Prithvi nods to Aditya. Aditya gives his nod to Goswami. The drones get started and reach the area. Goswami says switch on the missiles. The drones are ready to attack. Jai asks Roshan to take left. Jai’s signal reaches them. Aditya asks Goswami to stop. Goswami calls for abort….. They stop the drones.

Jai says we reached. Roshan asks where did you get us. Dhruv comes there to meet them. Prithvi says that was close, now what Siddharth. Siddharth says Kamat said they will reach the place following signal, they will immediately attack when Jai signs them. A man informs Aditya that Mani Shinde wants to meet you urgently, he asked you not to tell anyone. Aditya does not tell Prithvi about it and asks him to keep him posted.

Kiran asks Veer to drop her home, Inder is arrested. Veer says you are coming with us. Kiran says I need to change. Veer says fine, we will go home first. Mohit calls Veer and asks him to come ATU fast. Veer asks any update about Papa. Mohit says come here, its complicated. Kiran asks what happened to Papa. Veer says he is most wanted, he made Roshan run away.

Shivani and Siddharth argue over the secret plan. She defends Jai. He says you did not plan it well. She taunts him about planning life, no one can guarantee things. Jai says its all fine. Haroon asks Dhruv why are you taking tension, and asks his name. Dhruv says Suraj, Dhruv it does not matter, Roshan is here, I can’t take this risk, how could you get Roshan. He calls someone and asks her to stop. Jai says Roshan and Haroon are together, I will take them out of this country, their security is my duty. Haroon says yes, you are safe here, don’t get scared. Dhruv calls the lady and says its okay, come. Delta team keeps an eye on them.

Aditya calls Mani Shinde and says virus problem made us worried. Shinde says I called to talk about something else, come at my home. Aditya says fine, I will come after situation gets fine. Shinde says don’t wait, just come. Aditya says I m PM, I have to take imp decisions, I can’t come. Shinde threatens. Aditya says I hate threatening words, this govt is mine like yours, we are coalition partners. Shinde says when partnership reaches bedroom from boardroom, then special steps have to be taken. Aditya asks what to you mean, talk openly. Shinde asks him to come alone and talk, if Prithvi does not come along, its better.

Aditya calls Navneet and says I have to meet Shinde, inform CM. Naina comes to talk to him about Roshan. He says I have to leave. She says I will come along, we can talk on the way. He asks her to wait in car. He calls Prithvi and asks when are pharma heads coming. Prithvi says in one hour. Aditya says I m going out with Maa. Prithvi asks where. Aditya says can’t say now, I will come back and talk. Prithvi calls Antara. She is on the way. He asks is everything fine, where are you. She says I m reaching. He asks does Shinde know you are coming here. She says I don’t know and I don’t care, I will meet you.

Haroon says I felt you will get virus, who is this new party. Dhruv says she will give demo with delivery. Kamat takes their pics and sends to ATU. A car comes towards the shade. The girl with the virus box reaches there. Kamat tells Siddharth that the girl got down the car, I think she has the virus. The girl sees Jai and aims gun. Haroon and Roshan aim gun at her. She says whats Jai doing here, he is ATU chief, it’s a trap. Kamat says everyone is pointing gun at each other, I have sent girl’s pic. Jai says I don’t work for ATU, I m working for Haroon. Haroon says Jai is saying right, he has freed Roshan. She says either you are lying or you are a fool, I know Jai, he can’t cheat his country, I m sure ATU is following him. Jai says trust me there is no one. She asks her men to check. Mihir identifies her and says she is that terrorist who was part of Aditya’s assassination plan, we were finding here since last three years.

Naina tells Aditya that you don’t want ATU plan, they don’t tell you anything. Aditya says its Jai’s mission, his way is different. Naina says he is not cooking, he has made a criminal run away by using ATU, this is plan against country, you are PM.

Aditya says I don’t need your advice. She says you need my advice, if anyone knows this, your party will fall, where is Prithvi, this will affect your image. Aditya asks what shall I do to save my image. She says this is politics. Aditya says stop car, arrange a car to stop Maa home. Aditya says I told you can stay with me, I saw you emotionally breaking and missing you, I thought you changed, you can never change, you always did this, you are making me doubtful about Devyaani, Prithvi and my decisions. She reminds she is his mum. He says yes, but you are talking to PM, not your son, we will talk later, go home please.

Dean asks Devyaani to undergo blood test, I don’t want drugs now. Devyaani argues with doctor. Dean says we have to follow procedure. Devyaani argues. Vedant gets ache. Shivani asks are you fine. Vedant says yes. Siddharth asks Kamat whats happening there. Kamat does not respond as Dhruv’s men are looking around. The girl says fine, I will agree to Jai. Jai convinces her and says most of the times, what appears is not true. She shows the six samples and tells Haroon about two compounds mixing at heated temperatures, virus will get ready then, every tube has a passcode, you can enter passcode. She makes a virus ready and shows them demo.

Kamat tells Siddharth that virus is in sight. Siddharth says be ready, Jai will give you signal any time. She tells about the machine which will spread virus in the air, it will affect anyone in 100 metres diameter. Dhruv says I don’t have orders to release payment without testing the virus. Dhruv checks the virus and says this will take 15 mins. Devyaani gives her blood sample for test. Nurse keeps the sample.

At 8.55, Dhruv says I spoke to Haroon about payment. Roshan says we did not finalize it. Dhruv says just 250 crores now and then 250 crores later. Roshan says Haroon is younger and thinks small, its deal of 2500 crores. Dhruv says I can’t do this deal. The girl asks is this a joke, I need to go. Roshan says we will go together, it will be big loss, deal for 1000 crores. Dhruv says okay done. Roshan says its advance, then pay later. Dhruv says you got mad, Haroon explain your brother. Kamat says there is some problem, they are arguing.

Haroon asks Roshan not to break the deal. Shivani asks Kamat to look at Jai. Kamat says I don’t think this is right. Siddharth says attack. Shivani says no, Jai did not give signal. Siddharth says Sherchan brothers and virus is there, attack. Kamat asks team to get ready. They all proceed. Kamat says Jai is listening to Sherchan brothers, but not giving any signal. Jai gives them a signal.

Antara hugs Prithvi. Shinde threatens Aditya about Prithvi. Khosla shows Prithvi and Antara’s pic to Naina. Haroon gets angry. Dhruv tells Roshan to kill Jai infront of him. Roshan says it will be done.

Update Credit to: Amena

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