Twenty Four (24) Season 2 24th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Twenty Four (24) Season 2 24th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The following takes place between 4am and 5am. Jai throws the gun and cries. He gets Shivani and Kabir’s pic and picks it. Roshan says your work is over. Jai sees the goons aiming at him. Roshan asks Jai to stand up, I have sent virus disabling code on your phone, leave. Jai leaves. Roshan shuts the system. Virus box is found. ATU guy informs Vedant and sends the virus box to ATU. He asks about Shivani. Vedant says she is in some work, you talk to Siddhant. Vedant cries.

Prithvi goes to Aditya and tells him that Siddharth called, virus is found and Shivani could not get saved. Aditya gets shocked and says I m PM and could not do anything. Prithvi says your decision saved millions of lives. Aditya says none can know what we lost, I will talk to Jai. Jai is on the way and crying. Aditya calls him and says I can’t imagine what you are going through. Roshan made you do that and punished you, sorry, Roshan did not win, there is still hope. Jai says yes, there is hope, if I did not get him out of jail… Aditya says you knew what could Sherchan brothers do with virus, so you started this mission, this mission will end when you stop them, you have to stop the virus. Jai says yes.

Raj tells Veer that two people died. Veer says I spoke to Shivani about suicide pills, I hope its arranged. Dr. Dixit says we have a problem, she is Natasha. Natasha says I have been informed about virus, but…. I was with someone at night and he is not here now. Veer asks what do you mean, whats his name. She says I don’t know his name, I met this guy at the bar, he was very handsome and I was single, I came to Mumbai for conference, I travel for work, and don’t really have a personal life, just one night, he would have gone to his family and there was no commitment, he did mentioned he is married, so no names. Veer says we don’t want to embarrass you, but we have to find him, when did you see him last time. She says in my room, when I fell asleep, when I woke up by fire alarm, he was gone. Raj says he would be here in this hotel. Veer asks Batra to go to her room and get forensic samples. Raj says the man has gone out before hotel was sealed. Veer says I know, inform ATU and find him.

Zaara talks to Mihir. Raj calls Mihir and asks for Shivani. Mihir says she is not here, what happened. Raj says a virus infected man left from hotel before lockdown, its necessary to find him. Mihir says what, I will inform Siddharth. He tells Zaara about finding the male guest who did not book a room. He informs Siddharth and says that guy left 3 hours ago, we have to catch him soon, before he infects others. Siddharth says ask Raj to lead it, you both give him support. Mihir says I wanted to know Shivani’s laptop password to access Anjali Sharma’s files. Jai comes and sends them. Jai says Shivani gave this phone, it has message for Kabir, she also said Kabir has allergy with ground nut.

Siddharth sees Shivani and Kabir’s pic with blood on it. He gets shocked and says you killed her…. you shot at her, we all are waiting here that she will come back with you, she went with Jai and there is nothing to be afraid but you, how do you do all this Jai, she was not just your colleague, she was your friend too, you are standing here as hero, no guilt or regret, if Shivani was in your place, she would have shot herself before you, she respected you and supported you after your demotion, you did not try to save her, you did not think of her son and old mum, you are just a blo*dy murderer…. Jai says Shivani….

Siddharth shouts don’t take her name, you are a murderer. Vedant comes and holds Siddharth, saying Roshan wants this, calm down. Jai goes. Vedant says Roshan killed Shivani, not Jai. Vedant leaves. Siddharth cries. He checks Shivani’s video message for Kabir. She tells Kabir that she has to go far for her work, she will always be with him, mumma can’t stay without her warrior boy, Papa will be with you and take care of you, but you have to help your Papa, Papa does not know you like noodles so much. She cries and says mumma is always with you, mumma loves you Kabir, play this video whenever you miss me, I will be talking to you. Siddharth sees the video and cries.

Vedant goes to Jai and says Jai, I m scared seeing you, I m strange, you are getting absorbed, virus got release, Veer got infected and now Shivani. Jai says you know Siddharth’s mental state, you should have not stopped him, if I was in his place, I would have killed. Vedant says you need a break. Jai says I can’t stop, else I will break down, this mission started with Roshan and will end on him, I m not alone, Shivani is with me, we want to get Roshan hanged, I want Dhruv’s footage. Vedant asks why. Jai says she was telling me about Dhruv, he did not get scared of virus. Jai checks the footage. Jai says see his expression, he is not scared, it means he knows virus can’t affect him. Jai says it means virus has a vaccine or the cure. Jai says exactly.

Naina calls Antara and says there is a problem, maybe my watch fell in your house, find it, its necessary, call me when you find it. Antara says fine.

At 4.27am, Veer makes the team take fingerprints. The man says its not easy to get the prints. Veer asks Natsha what happened when she got the guy here. He asks her to assume he is the guy. She acts. He asks did he wear belt. She says yes. Veer gets the belt and says that was very good, thanks, we will find prints at belt buckle, its of metal. He leaves.

Mihir tells Zaara about matching the fingerprints. Siddharth comes there and says attention please, I need to give a news, its bad, we got a virus tube and contained it successfully, but doing this operation, ATU chief Shivani died. They all get shocked. Siddharth cries and says its tough moment for all of us, but we have to remember Shivani did not let her personal problems affect work, we have to focus and be strong the same way. Zaara cries. Siddharth tells the hotel crisis and we have to resolve it at any cost, we have to stop the virus from spreading in Mumbai. He asks Zaara to get back to work.

Naina comes to Aditya and asks is there any problem. Aditya says no, fortunately, media did not get any news, you advised Prithvi on right time to handle media. She smiles. He says I m sorry Maa, I got angry on you about Shinde’s matter. She says you need to say sorry, he will not trouble you. He says you may fall in trouble to save me and Prithvi. She worries. Antara looks for Naina’s watch. Naina calls her and asks did you get watch. Antara says no. Naina says maybe its in Shinde’s room, find there. Antara cries and sits outside the room.

Devyaani is not allowed to leave. Siddharth asks where are you going. Devyaani says I m waiting since long, I answered all questions, let me go or arrest me. He says we have to find virus source, just you are connection to Dhruv. She says let me meet him to get info. He says its against protocol. She says I have come to help, let me meet him, you have no other option. Bomik talks to Aditya and says I will look into this matter. He tells doctors that ATU is saying that Dhruv has virus’s antidote in his body. Dr. Rai says it maybe true, I will go to Dhruv and collect his blood sample. Soumya from ATU takes Devyaani to meet Dhruv. Devyaani tells Soumya that I will meet Dhruv alone, I know him well, he won’t say anything infront of anyone. Soumya says sorry, I m not permitted to do so. Devyaani asks her to see her from window or room camera, I need some space. Soumya says fine, I will talk to Siddharth.

Soumya says I left a message, his phone is not connecting, he will call. Devyaani says I m doctor and say it that he is critical, think what to do, he has less time. Roshan shows virus to some foreigners and says this is best weapon to make or fall govt, it will just kill people, no loss of property. The man asks how to control its effect. Roshan says you will use it in limits and show the effect to govt to negotiate, simple. The man says fine, our men will welcome you, once you step on our land, no govt can harm you. Roshan thanks him.

Maddy tells Roshan that they can’t use same scramblers, as ATU breached the firewall. Devyaani goes and meets Dhruv. She says I need to talk, are you listening, virus released in hotel, many people are dying, many people will not see tomorrow’s sunrise. She holds his hand.

Dr. Dixit says Veer, some people already died, when will we inform their relative. Veer says till this crisis ends, we can’t tell anyone. Raj informs about Shivani’s death. Veer says what, I spoke to her one hour ago. Raj says she gave this before leaving. Veer sees the suicide pills. Dr. Dixit says we can’t give this, its wrong. Veer says its wrong that they are suffering now, we can’t return their life, but we can ask them to decide for easy death.

Siddharth asks Miihir about the man’s update. Mihir says nothing, I was working on Anjali’s file. Siddharth asks him to find the man first. Jai and Vedant see Siddharth. Mihir tells Jai that Shivani was finding link between Anjali and Roshan. Jai gets Anjali’s file. Jai says Shivani would be close to Roshan’s secret which he did not want us to know, its tough, but I will try.

Jai goes to Maya and shows Anjali’s pics. She says you want info from me, I have it. He asks what, why don’t you say it at once. She asks you think so after what you did. He says I m an agent right now and you are a criminal, if you don’t say everything, then you will be in jail forever. She asks him to get PM’s signed document that she is helping them and she will be let free. Aditya asks Naina why does she look worried. Naina says we have to manage many things. Aditya says take rest, its going to be morning. Naina leaves.

Prithvi comes and says Aditya, its call from ATU, Jai wants to talk to you. Antara goes to Shinde’s room and checks for Naina’s watch. Naina calls her. Antara says I got the watch. Naina says good watch, now there is nothing that can spoil things. Antara sees the camera kept there and takes the memory chip. She leaves from the room.

At 4.53, Jai shows PM’s letter to Maya. He says don’t waste my time Maya, this paper does not matter if we don’t get info on time, tell me about Anjali. She says I would have not identified Anjali if you did not show me pic, when I was 10 year old, Anjali came home, she was pregnant, she stayed for a week and then she went, I know that house address, it was on my mum’s name, after my mum died, just Roshan and Omkar used to stay there, even Haroon did not know of it, I m sure Roshan is hiding there. She gives the address. Veer tells everyone that the they can’t survive by the virus infection, death is very painful, I m not saying to scare you all, we have these suicide pills, you will go in deep sleep, where you won’t feel fear and pain, whoever want these pills, come ahead. Few people take the pills.

Jai and Vedant reaching the apartment. Siddharth tells them that the backup team is coming, apartment is crowded, innocent people are there, encounter is not possible. Jai says we reached. Vedant tells Siddharth that he will call after the mission completed. Jai and Vedant meet the team. Jai says lets take the positions, nothing should happen to civilians. Maddy asks the men to take the items. Roshan asks Vasu to get the car.

Jai signs Vedant and the team. Vasu tells Roshan that car is ready. Roshan is leaving. Jai and everyone get ready to shoot. The door opens……

Zaara says that girl identified that man Abhay and tells address to Siddharth. Mihir gives updates of Abhay to Raj. Raj says we can contain him easily. Abhay coughs and talks to someone. Devyaani tells Aditya that she is at the hotel. He says this was not needed. Prithvi tells Antara that we will be together always. Antara asks him to trust her always. Bomik apologizes to Devyaani. She says you did not trust me. Devyaani collides with Bomik and his medical suit breaks.

Update Credit to: Amena

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