Twenty Four (24) Season 2 17th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Twenty Four (24) Season 2 17th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The following takes place between 2am and 3am. Kiran sees Maya in washroom and asks are you alright, you are bleeding. Maya says its my dad’s blood, I lost him. Kiran says I m so sorry. Maya says don’t be, he was not so close, I was hoping that a relation forms in final time. Kiran says I m sure he tried, sometimes fathers does not understand daughters needs. Maya says maybe they understand their own needs. Kiran says no, all men are not alike, some are brave and loyal and think if everyone’s good. Maya asks who decides this to forget everyone. Maya sees Jai’s pic and turns over the phone. Maya asks are you Jai’s daughter. Kiran says yes, I know you are Maya. Maya says my dad was not brave and loyal, but he did not hide who he was, your dad is a liar and cheater, I lost my dad today, do you remember when did you lose your dad. She leaves.

Jai and Vedant follow Balraj. Vedant says he is just roaming around, whats his plan. Jai says I think he is checking no one is following him, once he gets sure, he will go his way. Gyan gets Shivani’s call and says I m okay, nose is bleeding but cough did not start. She says don’t worry, doctor is sending medicines for relief, go to any room and rest. He says I have few hours left now and I have to work, not rest. She says Siddharth has initiated Code 3 protocol. He says I will tell everyone, I don’t know till when will I do my duty, I did not think I will get close to virus. She says I m so sorry Gyan. He says no, we all know about this mission, I may not be alive till end of mission, you have to promise me, you and Jai will end this. He coughs and says I will call you if there is any developments. She says do that and take care. Shivani gets much upset. Chang says kill me, I told all locations, everyone in this hotel will die by virus, kill me as you promised me. Hotel guy hears this and gets shocked. He rings the fire alarm.

Veer asks whats this, I told you to shut all arms. Avinash says I have shut all fire alarms. Veer says then why is this ringing, get this shut. Veer asks hotel staff not to create panic, its imp to maintain peace, manage exits, nobody should go out. Balraj informs Roshan that no one is following him, where to come. Roshan says I have arranged other vehicle for you, sit in that car and call me. Jai says I think he got the location, he is speeding up.

ATU team tries to manage the guests. Avinash says alarm is deactivated, but it will take some time. Avinash tells the guests that everything is fine. Guests say you can’t stop us like this, whats happening, my phones are not having networks. Veer says I will tell you, a poisonous gas leaked outside and we did not tell you, we did not want you to get scared, you all are safe inside, you don’t want you to get exposed to room, head to your rooms. The staff guy comes and says he is lying, who is that man in laundry who has bleeding nose, who is other man who is shouting and saying he does not want to die worst death, and shoot him. Veer says its nothing. A guest has nose bleeding. The guy says it means that man was saying right, we all are going to die.

Shivani and Siddharth tells Aditya and Prithvi about Dhruv and gives his details. Aditya says we will talk to Dubai authority and you will get info. Siddharth says we contained virus inside the hotel. Shivani says but now 400 people are exposed to this virus. Aditya asks her to inform commissioner. Aditya worries and asks Prithvi did pharma companies give any results. Prithvi says Bomik told me about some sample, he needs virus test samples, he will come here in some time. Aditya says provide him help.

Naina comes and orders food. Aditya says I don’t know what you explained Shinde, but this is not long term solution. Naina says he loves power more than Antara, don’t worry, everything is fine. She sees Dhruv’s pic. Aditya says don’t get into this. She says I know him. He asks how, he is terrorist, Sherchan’s man. She says you believe me or not, I have seen him with Devyaani at hospital, she knows him very well, they were talking holding hands. Aditya gets shocked.

Balraj changes the car. Vedant says I think Roshan is giving him other car. Jai says but why did Roshan call him here. Balraj says I got keys, I will leave. He sits inside car. Jai says there is something wrong. Balraj tries to start the car. Jai asks Balraj to stop. Balraj starts the car and it blasts. Veer tells everyone that virus is spread through ventilation system, we have to stay here so that it does not spread outside. The staff guy Xavier says I m going and aims gun at Veer. Avinash asks Xavier what are you doing, I know you want to meet your wife. Veer says you will give this infection to your wife too. Xavier puts gun down. A man says what nonsense and goes to break the glass door. Veer shoots at him. Veer shouts no one can leave this hotel, till we say, I want absolute cooperation, I m Veer Singh Rathod from ATU, medical teams will reach in some time and attend you. Avinash asks them to go towards banquet hall.

Antara keeps her clothes back in cupboard and sees her and Shinde’s pic. She cries. Zaara gets Jai’s call and makes him talk to Shivani. Jai says Roshan understood our plan and killed his man, we are coming to ATU. She says fine, and tells Mihir that virus is released, we have no lead about virus dealer, Roshan is free. Navneet gives call details to Prithvi. Prithvi checks it and gets shocked. Aditya says no Maa, there will be some reason. Naina asks what can be the reason, your GF meets a terrorist. Devyaani comes there and asks what happened Adi, you called me at night, is everything fine. She greets Naina. Aditya asks Naina to leave. Naina says we have seen worst days, stay strong, everything will be fine. She leaves.

Aditya shows Dhruv’s pic and asks do you know him. Devyaani says he is Dhruv, why is his pic here, I know your mum wants to get my past to break us. He says Dhruv Awasthi whom you were going to marry. She says I told you about him before. He asks why were you with him today, your ex BF is working with terrorists, deadly virus is released by him, 400 people are going to die in few hours, and entire plan is of this Dhruv Awasthi, whom you were going to marry and whom you met few hours back. She gets shocked.

Bomik comes and greets Naina. She asks what are you doing here. He says official matter and you… She says personal matter, did you come to meet Aditya. He says no, Prithvi. She asks him to talk to her. He asks what happened. She says matter is delicate, come inside. Medics reach the hotel. People get nose bleeding and cry.

Avinash asks Dr. Dixit are you sure we all are infected. Dr. Dixit says yes, everyone here is infected, nose bleeding is first sign. Avinash says so you mean we all will die. Dr. Dixit says we are giving pain killer for pain relief, we can’t do anything else. Roshan sees the view of the hotel by live feeds. He sees Vasu upset and says Balraj was close to me too. Vasu says I know, but its sorrowful when our man dies, I m going to give new location lists to virus releasing guy, is your way clear. Roshan says yes, we will leave tomorrow morning together. Vasu leaves.

Kiran sees Veer in live feeds of the hotel. She says I wanted car keys from Veer, where is he. Mihir says Veer, Gyan and ATU agents went to catch Chang, virus is released and now everyone is infected by deadly virus. He asks does my dad know this. He says we are trying this under wraps. She asks does my dad know…. Jai comes and asks what happened Kiran.

Gyan coughs a lot. Dr. Dixit tells him that he will get relief from virus pain. Siddharth says I had to send my best agents to stop virus attacks, Veer has shown his talent. Shivani says Veer did not want us to tell you. Jai asks her to make him talk to Veer on video. Shivani arranges the video call. Dr. Dixit says I have to see upstairs and goes. Veer sits with Gyan. Chang begs them to shoot him.

Veer asks Gyan will he talk to his family. He takes Gyan’s phone and says you can’t tell this to your dad. Gyan says my dad is Alzheimers, he won’t remember even if I tell him. Shivani calls Veer and gets him on video conferencing. Veer talks to Jai and Kiran. Kiran cries seeing him. Veer says I m fine, we came on time, and stopped virus from going out, but everyone in hotel got exposed, some people are in pain. Jai asks him to look after the people. Veer says yes Sir, medics are doing their best. Veer gets nose bleeding. Kiran cries. Veer says I m fine. Jai asks shall I come there. Veer says no, don’t spare them, I have seen the unbearable pain by this virus, I have seen Gyan. Jai says be strong, I won’t leave them. Veer says dad, whatever happened today, I m…. Raj calls him. Veer says I have to go. Jai says I love you Veer. Veer says I love you dad. Jai ends call and asks Shivam about any lead about virus. She gets silent. Jai angrily throws things and cries. He leaves.

Bomik tells Devyaani that I told you ten years ago that this guy is not right for you. Devyaani argues with Bomik and Naina. Devyaani asks what wrong decision did I take, why don’t you trust me. Bomik asks her to say what she knows about Dhruv. She says I don’t know anything, I can’t believe Dhruv can release virus and kill people, I have never hidden anything from Aditya. Aditya says I want you to go to ATU. She asks why. He says go there and tell them everything, I want to trust you, but right now you have to trust me. Bomik asks are you sure this is right way, Devyaani is not a criminal. Aditya says this is the right way. She asks you are sending me, you know what you are doing. He says I m protecting you, these are Dhruv’s call records and your number is there twice, I have to share with ATU, if you don’t go there, they will come and arrest you, better you go there.

Siddharth tells team that Dhruv is from Nigeria, I got info from PMO, Devyaani gave this info, it seems Devyaani and Dhruv were engaged at some time. Vedant asks is she involved. Siddharth says don’t know, Prithvi is saying Devyaani does not know of Dhruv’s criminal activities, she has come here, PM has sent her. Jai says we have to stop Roshan, lead is not involved, someone will know of Roshan’s men, where is Omkar. Shivani says he died while escaping from Roshan’s place. Jai asks about Maya. Shivani says she is here, she just wants to talk to you.

At 2.54pm, Vasu meets the virus releaser and asks don’t you trust us. He gives the location list and shoots him. Vasu takes the bag and leaves. Jai goes to talk to Maya and says I m sorry, I got to know about your dad. She says come on, don’t do this drama, I m shouting since 3 hours and you did not care for me, I know you are trained to talk like this. He says sorry, its not like that, 400 people are infected in hotel by virus, Roshan did this. She asks who got Roshan out of jail, you will be responsible for their death. Jai says you know my motive was to stop virus.

The people are given painkillers. Avinash tells Dr. Dixit that they will need more doctors. Dr. Dixit says some volunteer doctors will reach here in sometime. Avinash says I never believed of suicides, people may wish so, the situation is such….. Dr. Dixit says we can’t take this decision. Gyaan screams with pain. Veer comes and sees him in pain. He gives him the pain and asks him not to suffer like this. Gyan denies to kill himself. Veer leaves. Jai asks Maya to see the video feed, they are going to die in some time. She says this is your son, he was here some time before, he went on you. He says my son is among those 400 people, you did a lot for me, you did big contribution in this mission, please give me info, every sec is valuable to us, its okay I can understand, I will be thankful for what you did till now. She says Roshan has some woman in his life, he sends money to her every month, Anjali Sharma, I never saw him meeting her, she matters to him a lot. He thanks her and rushes. She asks him did their relation has truth for a moment. Jai recalls his wife….

Anjali calls Vasu and says Shivani from ATU called me. Veer says we can use cyanide here, situation is worse here. Roshan is traced. Roshan talks to Aditya and Jai, and says this time we will release virus at crowded place. Vedant goes to Roshan’s place and blows the door. He says we reached very close to Roshan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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