Twenty Four (24) Season 2 14th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Twenty Four (24) Season 2 14th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Following takes place between 5pm and 6pm. Aditya says I don’t agree with this, Shivani is talented officer. Zakaria says she has fallen weak to go against Jai. Prithvi says we don’t doubt Shivani’s talents, but we know someone is helping Jai from ATU, we have to find out. Aditya asks who else will we hire. Prithvi says intelligence bureau head Siddharth Sehgal. Aditya says keep Shivani in ATU, let her assist Siddharth. Prithvi tells Aditya that Siddharth was Shivani’s husband, they got divorced. Kiran calls intelligence bureau to talk to Veer. She could not talk.

Zakaria calls Shivani and tells her that someone from ATU is helping Jai and gave him fake clearance. Shivani says give me some time. Aditya says we have no time. Commissioner says ATU’s ex officer Jai is helping Roshan, you did not do anything about Jai. Shivani says I can…. Aditya says we decided till this situation resolves, Siddharth Sehgal will be ATU chief and you will be second command, you will report to him. She agrees.

Siddharth Sehgal walks in ATU. Mihir sees Jai’s son Veer along Siddharth. Siddharth greets the staff and says this is my team, problem is very big, we have crisis and no time to solve it, I know some of you, our top priority is to catch Jai and Roshan, its fine if we get their dead bodies. He asks for list of locations where Jai and Roshan can go. He asks Mihir to give him all checkpost updates, setup real time updates with RAF and police force, my agents will help you in this work, I know Jai was your boss before, we have to be loyal to our country and agency, no one else, get on with work.

Siddharth asks Gyan about his dad’s health. Gyan says he is better. Siddharth says I want list of officers trained by Jai and who are close to him, I have selected Veer after his background check, I know he will do his job well, he hates his father and his hatred will be of use to us. He asks about fake ambulance clearance form sent by ATU, find out who has sent it. Gyan says sure and goes. Siddharth tells his staff guy that he knows well how to catch traitors. Mihir says why did Siddharth come here, he is rude. Siddharth says I want to catch the culprit. Mihir says Siddharth and Shivani got married, Kabir was born and is a special child, Siddharth gave divorce to Shivani, she raises Kabir alone. Siddharth turns down Kabir’s photo frame. Gyan asks Mihir to go and work. Mihir asks where is Zaara. Gyan says she went hospital to Vedant, I m not her secretary to check program.

Haroon’s men tell Roshan that Haroon wants Jai alive with us. Chang calls Haroon and gives bad news, that ATU got Kush. Haroon says its good Roshan got free of jail, stay there in the city. Haroon calls Gyan. Gyan does not answer. Mihir talks to Sukhdeep and goes to inform Siddharth. Siddharth asks someone to investigate Joshi. Mihir tells them that driver is caught, Jai and Roshan have fled. Siddharth asks them to check 50km diameter, its drug area, find about them. Mihir goes. Siddharth calls to police station and talks to inspector.

Gyan talks to Veer. He asks are you fine. Veer says yes, I know you would be thinking its tough for me to find proof against my dad, you care for me, I m not a kid to get support, I m trained officer, I can do my duty anyway, I m trained for this at home since childhood. He goes.

Inspector gets Siddharth’s call. Siddharth asks him to make driver speak up, I will manage if he dies in the cell, he has direct connection with Jai.

Haroon gets his man’s call. He talks to Roshan and gets glad. He can’t believe Roshan got freed. Roshan says I will reach you soon. Haroon asks for Jai, he did great thing, he made this thing possible. Roshan says you don’t know Jai. Haroon says Jai will make us leave from this country. Roshan says I was in jail since 2 years. Haroon says I did not forget, he can make us leave, then you can do anything with Jai. Maya hears him. Roshan says I will wait for that time. Haroon comes to Maya and tells her that Roshan is coming with Jai, don’t worry, Jai won’t be with us, Roshan will kill him. She laughs and asks what will you do. Haroon says Jai will make us out of here, then Roshan will kill him mercilessly, we will give him easy death as he helped us, he is a good man, get ready now, Roshan is coming. She worries.

Aditya asks Siddharth whats his plan to catch the one who is helping Jai. Siddharth says we are tracking Jai’s call log, my agents are talking to everyone who are close to Jai. Shivani asks are they talking or interrogating. He says I took Jai’s son in my team, I don’t have personal enmity with Jai. Shivani says I want to go to ATU, let me go, I know my team. Siddharth says I don’t think that’s needed. Aditya says that’s needed, Shivani will work with you as a team. He asks Shivani to do her best. She says I will and goes. Prithvi stops Shivani and says you know this decision is not personal. Shivani says I have seen many times in my career, when a lady officer takes a decision, the other men think she is emotional, I know I did not take any decision being emotional, I have learnt this from Jai. Prithvi says I know the behavior towards lady officers in department, everyone knows your talent, you have been an excellent ATU chief, we are trying to solve this, you caught Roshan before, I m sure you will succeed even this time. She says I will try my best, thanks.

At 5.29 pm, Veer tells Siddharth that he spoke to all ATU officers. Siddharth says I got call log and Kiran spoke to Jai too. Veer says I know, she spoke to dad today. Siddharth says I want to talk to her. Veer says sure, I will call her and ask her to come here. Kiran sees police finding her and hides. Veer says she said she has client meeting, I don’t know where is she. Siddharth says send some agent to her house. Veer asks shall I go there. Siddharth says I don’t want our work to suffer by your personal issues. Veer says Kiran will help us, I want to go so that she does not get scared. Veer and Gyan leave.

Inder talks to inspector and says I will come to hospital, thanks. He sees his wife unconscious and leaves from home. Aditya goes to Naina and says sorry, I could not talk to you. She asks did Prithvi think anything, if media knows, it will be problem. He says don’t worry, Prithvi will manage, I need to talk to Devyaani. Naina says she is a nice girl, I went to meet her at hospital, she was busy with a friend. He asks why did you go there. She asks can’t I meet her, I felt strange seeing her. Aditya says we don’t hide anything from each other, I don’t want to hear anything about her. She says really, you have a big heart, or you also got modern, a normal man will dislike knowing his GF was holding some other guy’s hand and talking, I saw them together, maybe they know each other since many years, she would have told you, you don’t hide anything, even clever man can’t compete with the woman who knows what she wants, Devyaani hides more than she shows, silent water is always deep.

Devyaani goes to meet her dean. Dean says its informal enquiry about a case. They ask Devyaani did she lose the patient on his request to die soon. Devyaani asks who told you, its my right to know. The enquiry asks Devyaani about her thoughts on death. Devyaani says I know death is better in some cases, but I believe in hope too, I m not responsible for Ajit’s death, I just lost one patient. The lady shows another patient Tokaram, he also died in your care, he was shouting and saying he wants to die, do you remember. Devyaani says my patients have cancer, many can’t bear the pain and they talk like that, I understand their pain, I sympathize with them, it does not mean I help them in dying.

Kiran wears doctor’s coat and does not get in police sight. Siddharth says driver did not say anything, maybe he knew he will be caught, get his family, maybe then he will say something. He calls Mihir and asks for real time camera feeds. Mihir asks Gyan when is Zaara coming back. Gyan says I don’t know. Kush’s parents meet him. Kush cries and asks them to go. Veer and Raj are on the way to meet Kiran. Kiran hears announcement of search in hospital, and worries.

Maya tells her dad that she loves Jai, and Jai loves her. She says I trust Jai, and asks her dad to help her in running away, Haroon and Roshan will kill Jai. Aditya calls Devyaani and says you did not tell me that Maa came to meet you. Devyaani says I was going to tell you when we meet, she looked different. He asks her to be careful. She asks did she say she saw me with someone else, it was not like she thought. He says I m not interested to know with whom you were, I love you a lot, don’t take Maa seriously. Naina hears him. He says I won’t come in your words, I don’t want to see everyone with doubt. She says yes, maybe I do that, but its for your good, I m your mother, its my work to tell you which no one will tell you, everyone will tell you what you want to hear, they want to become good infront of you, I m your mother, I know you love Devyaani, and love is blind, I want you nott o get blind.

Mihir says why is network so slow and goes to server room. He is denied access and calls staff for server room password change. The man asks him to use admin password, I will reset it. Gyan hears this and takes his keys to leave. He heads to server room. Mihir uses admin password and enters. He sees Zaara ties and unconscious. He wakes up Zaara and asks whats all this. Zaara says Gyan is helping Jai and Roshan, he tied me here, inform Shivani. Mihir calls Siddharth and says Gyan is helping Jai and Roshan. Siddharth asks everyone to lock down ATU, Gyan should not go out. Gyan tries to escape. Siddharth catches Gyan and says stop, else you will be shot. They catch up Gyan.

At 5.54pm, Haroon could not connect to Gyan. He asks Maya to get ready. He leaves to get Roshan. Vedant stops nurse. ATU guy says she is nurse and giving pain killers. Vedant says sorry, what happened of Kush. ATU guy says we caught him, you were shot and came for surgery, Shivani is not ATU chief now. Vedant asks what do you mean. ATU guy says Jai has run away with Roshan, Siddharth is ATU chief now, Gyan is caught. Vedant says I need to go to ATU, its urgent, get my clothes, fast, I need to change.

Roshan talks to Haroon’s men and takes a knife. He goes to cut Jai’s fingers and Jai gets conscious. Jai and Roshan have a fight. Jai says I will cut your neck, I lost my family and career, I need money, that’s why I m bearing you. He asks for rope to tie Roshan.

Siddharth says Jai and you have no loyalty, where is Haroon. Haroon asks Jai why did you tie Roshan. Jai says then we would have not got Roshan alive here. Aditya argues with Shivani. Veer and Raj see Inder captivating Kiran. Roshan says I will close this deal now. Maya and Jai kiss. Haroon catches Maya’s neck. Jai aims gun at Maya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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