Twenty Four (24) Season 2 11th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Twenty Four (24) Season 2 11th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The following takes place between 1am and 2am. Siddharth asks Gyan to inform Dr. Dixit and send the team to the hotel. Shivani contacts the hotel. The hotel manager Avinash sees Chang and asks who is he. The lady Gayatri says he is from AC maintenance company. Shivani calls at the hotel and says I m Shivani Malik talking from Fire brigade emergency response unit. She tells about the chemical gas tanker damaged, and the chemical gas fumes are dangerous, you have to seal the hotel. Gayatri says we have 400 guests, how long do I have to maintain this lockdown. Shivani says it will take time, we are sending team. Gayatri informs her staff about lockdown at level 3.

Avinash comes and Gayatri gets relieved. He hugs her and says I wanted to see you once, what happened. Naina reaches Shinde’s house and meets Antara. Antara says I m not comfortable the way you came here, whats happening. Naina says I know everything about your marriage and love, you married Shinde for power and money. Antara says no, I would have left him if he did not get paralytic attack, why are you here. Naina says murder, Shantaram was murderer and I know Shinde got him killed, you will help me in proving this. Antara asks why. Naina says this is the only way for you to leave, Shinde will go to jail and then you will be free. Antara asks what do I have to do. Naina asks her to get Shinde’s phone, I think you don’t want freedom. Antara says I want, but I m scared. Naina says I m not, where is Amar’s bedroom. Naina goes to Shinde’s room and takes his phone.

Shivani asks Veer where is he going. Veer says Siddharth has chosen team, I m volunteering, you would have not reacted this way if I was not Jai’s son. She asks Siddharth about asking her before selecting the team. He says I have selected the best team, we don’t know virus is released or not, they are going to check. Jai gets to know Roshan fled and tells Vedant that there is one way to find Roshan now, Balraj. He tells Balraj to tell the truth about Roshan and scares him. Balraj spits on Jai’s face. Vedant slaps Balraj.

Naina says I have made sms and call history of last ten minutes, and created fake chats. Antara asks what shall I do now. Naina says keep this phone in your room and sleep peacefully. Shinde comes and sees them. Naina greets him. Antara says I did not call her, you gave my phone. Naina says no, I took your phone. He says you can’t stop me by doing this. She says fine, we will talk openly, you have bribed him by money and made him silent 10 years ago, you got him silent forever, let coalition govt. run and leave Antara free, else go to jail for two murders, its in your hands now.

Gyan tells Zaara that they are two mins away from the hotel, when is Dr. Dixit team coming. Zaara says 20mins, wait till they come, Shivani said no one should enter the hotel without medics. Gyan says fine. Mihir tells Shivani about Dhruv. Shivani asks him to find local contacts.

Aditya comes back and sees Devyaani sleeping. She wakes up. He says sorry, I did not wish to wake you up. She says I came to charge phone and did not know when I fell asleep, I can get call from hospital anytime. He says I m thinking do you look more beautiful while sleeping or when you are awake. She smiles and says I think I should go. He says its late, stay here, we can have breakfast together. She agrees.

Avinash tells Gayatri that fire brigade came, I don’t think its safe, they don’t look like fire bridage team. Gayatri calls and talks to Veer. He tells her that he is from ATU, the poisonous gas may have got released inside hotel, we are not sure, we will come and check the air, we have to access hotel CCTV footage, my security agent Gyan will check.

Shinde and Naina argue. He says your wife would have not left you, will any woman stay with you all your life, you are nothing, you have just money and power, you can’t make Antara a mother, you are not a man, you want my son to get afraid of you. Shinde holds his heart and asks Antara to give medicine. Naina holds Antara. Antara asks Naina to leave her hand. Shinde gets unwell and dies of heart attack. Naina tells Antara that this is your freedom. Antara gets shocked.

Gyan checks the CCTV footage and see Chang. Raj says it means he has released virus. Veer says if he is inside, it means he did not, we can stop him, I m going. Gyan says wait, I m coming. He asks Raj to stay here, we have to catch Chang if he comes out. Veer and Gyan enter the hotel. Gayatri asks why did he come without the medic suits. Veer asks did anyone see this man. Avinash says yes, he has come to check Acs. Veer asks where did he go, tell us, we will go. Chang goes to release the virus and keeps it towards the big AC duct fan.

Veer catches Chang. Chang says I m just doing AC maintenance. He tries to run away. Veer catches him and asks where is virus Chang, you will also die if its spread. Chang says central ventilation room. Veer informs Gyan. Gyan rushes to Central ventilation room and gets the virus. Veer asks him to be careful, Dr. Dixit team will come. Gyan says there is no time, virus is inside detonating unit and time started, I have to do something. Gyan tries to stop the virus and some gas leaks from the detonator. Gyan gets worried.

At 1. 29, Dr. Dixit comes and says they got the suits. Raj says Veer and Gyan have gone inside. Gyan informs about virus leaked in basement. Dr. Dixit and Raj wear the suits and get inside. Veer finds the central ventilation unit locked, and ask Gyan to open the door. Gyan says no, virus is spread here, you all will get infected. Veer says so sorry, what to do now. Gyan asks him to find out about more virus tubes. Gyan tells Avinash that he is in basement, how to stop ventilation unit, its for safety. Gyan tries to switch off the unit and says its not switching off. Avinash says there is an overwrite system here, I will do. Gayatri worries seeing the medics team.

Antara cries. Naina says we have to do this. She says you can now live with Prithvi, you got free of Shinde. They make Shinde lie on the bed. Antara says I can’t stay here. Naina says you will stay here and mourn for him, you will say he was good man. Antara says you killed him. Naina says we did, control yourself, whatever happens is for good, its matter of few days. She asks her to keep his phone here. She leaves.

Mihir says there is no info, just few calls are made. Siddharth says one virus tube leaked in hotel, Gyan is exposed to virus. Shivani and Siddharth talk to Veer and Gyan. Veer says I took call to get inside the hotel and stop Chang. Shivani says you did this foolishness and have put the team lives in risk. Gyan says no, we took decision mutually, we caught Chang and trying to know other locations. Gyan says I locked basement, virus tube has spread through central ventilation unit, its shutting now. Shivani says I will call Dr. Dixit and ask him to start quarantine and check air quality. Veer asks about Jai. She says he is on field. Jai says don’t tell him about me, I will tell him later. Balraj refuses to tell anything to Jai. Jai beats him.

Shivani calls Jai and gives update of virus. Roshan says the city looks calm. Vasu says we are safe here, stay away from window. A girl Maddy comes and says I will need time to hack hotel’s CCTV footage. Jai ties Balraj and says police will manage him, we should leave, Balraj does not know anything. They leave. Balraj smiles.

The drug dealer tells Roshan that Chang is caught at the hotel. Roshan says he would have told other locations, Vasu will get new locations. The man says are you mad, forget this plan now, police will be finding me. Roshan says I will kill you. The man asks for more money. Roshan says fine, I m transferring ten crores, are we together. The man asks where to meet. Dr. Dixit says we have to check air sources. Veer asks them to switch down lifts, and exit points. Avinash says if we shut regular services, they will doubt something is wrong. Gayatri asks are we safe or….. Veer says we need your leadership, your staff is our first line of defense. He goes. Avinash says I will go and switch down systems. She says I will handle guests, be careful. They do not tell anything to staff.

Dr. Dixit tells Veer that air is contaminated here, whoever has gone in basement will be affected by virus, I m sorry, I have to check upper levels. Gyan says we have to talk to Chang. His nose starts bleeding. Gyan says I m fine, come. Balraj gets free and runs. Avinash asks his staff man where is he going. The man says my wife is pregnant, I have to go home, its my first child and I want to be with her. Avinash says there is a problem, a gas leaked and they are testing at every floor, I need you here, sorry.

Jai and Vedant follow Balraj. Vedant says Balraj came out according to your plan, he can cheat. Jai says no, there is tracker on his shoes, he is loyal to Roshan. Balraj sees a taxi on and leaves.

At 1.54, Chang says let me go, you all also leave, else it will be too late. Chang sees Gyan and shouts. He says it started, we all will die. Veer says yes, we all are exposed. Gyan asks for other target locations. Gyan shows him the virus video and asks him to tell him about virus locations, else he will die by virus, I promise I will shoot you and give an easy death. Chang says shoot me, I will tell everything.

Balraj calls Roshan and says I got free of Jai, he has beaten me a lot, I did not say anything, where do I have to come. Roshan says be sure no one is following you, then I will say where to come, call me. Jai and Vedant follow Balraj. Dr. Dixit calls Siddharth and gives the bad news of virus spread. Raj also gives the same details that everyone in the hotel is exposed. Shivani asks him to do pain management, no one should bear much pain. A lady asks whats happening. Raj says its police matter, go inside your room. She asks him to say first.

Raj locks her inside the room. He says its going to be tough to deal with hotel staff. Siddharth asks them not to let anyone come out of the hotel, do anything. Dr. Dixit says there are 400 lives here. Siddharth says we have to save crores of lives outside, whats more important Dr. Dixit, I m the launching the code, shoot to kill…. Shivani and everyone get shocked.

Balraj tells Roshan that no one is following him. Roshan says I arranged a new car for you, sit in it and call me. A hotel staff man hears about virus and hits the alarm. He tells everyone that they all are going to die. He aims gun at Veer. Mihir tells Kiran that Veer is affected by this deadly virus. Kiran asks does dad know of it. Aditya confronts Devyaani about her ex BF Dhruv, he is working with two dangerous terrorists, you met him some time back. Gyan asks Shivani to promise Jai and you will complete this mission, maybe I won’t survive till its end. Balraj says I got the car, I m leaving Roshan. Roshan says we will meet. Jai and Vedant see Balraj leaving.

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