Twenty Four (24) Season 2 10th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Twenty Four (24) Season 2 10th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The following takes place between 12am and 1am. Roshan travels in the ship. He reaches the harbor and lands. Aditya says you could not give more worse news. Prithvi asks Siddharth is he saying Roshan is alive and has virus too. Siddharth says we don’t how where did Roshan go. Shivani says coast guard is patrolling, we have initiated high alerts. Aditya says I m very disappointed, I don’t trust ATU, catch Roshan and end the virus terror, you caught Roshan before, I hope you succeed again. Siddharth calls Chopra and asks him to interrogate Dhruv and break him, we have to find virus. Roshan meets Chang. Chang says I can’t believe Jai played the game. Roshan says I will play with him now, and takes new sim. Balraj and Chang take Roshan with him.

A drug dealer reaches the place. He meets a man and scans his eye to check if he is right dealer. He says consignment is coming. Roy says we should set an example by taking strict action against Jai. Abhilasha says we will give him one chance. Jai says I know Roshan’s network, let me go. Roy says you broke laws, believing you and letting you go will be like breaking law, sorry. Jai says Roshan can ruin this county by the virus. Abhilasha says we know this, other agents can work without you, ATU and country are running without you, you have to bear the consequences of your action. Jai says I just know I did not hurt anything. Roy says really, you have shot Joshi and beaten his son. Abhilasha says there were riots inside jail and many people have died, why did you free Roshan. Jai says I wanted to win Haroon’s trust. Abhilasha says why did you become Teesmaar Khan, you should have presented your idea, your attitude is such that you are right and we all are wrong.

Roshan meets the drug dealer, who asks him about Haroon. Roshan asks him not to worry for Haroon and him, just do your work. The dealer asks what, just one, Haroon said its 6 tubes. Roshan says its just one now. The dealer says fine, virus scientist will manage it, we will release virus in 6 locations in morning.

Prithvi tells Aditya that CM and commissioner will come anytime we want. Aditya thanks him and says the day went bad, don’t know when will this day end. Prithvi says Naina was trying to talk to you. Aditya says I gave my answer to him. Devyaani comes to meet Aditya. Prithvi goes. Devyaani and Aditya kiss and hug. Aditya says I m feeling this day should not end. She says I missed you so much.

At 12.18, Roy asks Jai when did he get addicted to wine. Jai says never, I just drink sometimes for personal reasons, I started drinking much wine when I wanted to join Haroon. Abhilasha says law does not allow to drive car when person is drunk, you were working on plan being drunk. Jai says I have got addicted to join Haroon’s gang. Roy asks did you drink today. Jai says no. Roy asks are you ready for blood test. Jai says no, I had a drink with Roshan today. Roy says strange, I don’t know what to trust.

Naina and Khosla reach Shantaram’s house. Khosla asks what will you tell Shantaram, Aditya refused. She says I will lie to him and get his confession recorded, I will then see what Mani Shinde does. They find Shantaram dead. Khosla says its not good for you to be here. She says Mani Shinde…. find Shantaram’s phone. She calls Antara. Antara answers call and says Prithvi, I have left Shinde, I m coming to you. Naina says Naina here, I wish things were so easy, did you think Shinde will let you go Prithvi, I know him well, Prithvi can’t help you, just I can help you. Antara asks how. Naina says I m coming to your house, I will tell you. Antara says but security guards…. Naina says no one will know, I know your house well, I used to come there before your marriage, keep swimming pool area door open, I will call after reaching. Khosla gets Shantaram’s phone. Naina says Shinde’s game is over.

Devyaani asks really, I know my dad is a good businessman, I m surprised he cooperated with you. He says he did not let the health bill issue affect this matter, I was against him. She says my dad surprises me always. He says I wish I could say this about my mom, she is consistent and will never change, anyway shall we talk something else. She says sure, what about the late meeting with pharma companies, oops too secret. He smiles.

Chopra beats Dhruv. Vedant and Shivani look on. Vedant says he will not say the truth. She says we will leave him in Kush’s room, he may get scared and tell truth. Vedant says but Kush is not here. Shivani says we know this, not him.

Abhilasha asks Jai is this any scheme, you did deal of 25 crores with Haroon, did Roshan get free because of this reason. Jai says its wrong. she asks how did he get free, we have just one virus tube, not six. He says I thought Roshan died and all six tubes are in custody, so I left responsibility on backup team and went after virus dealer. She asks why did he not give legal status to this mission. He says its easy to send mail and talk on phone sitting in AC room, its tough to take decision on field, you scare of laws, shall we live that moment or get afraid of laws. Abhilasha asks him not to show heroism and accept his mistake. Jai says if law is to follow orders, then keep robots, not humans. Abhilasha claps and says good speech, now calm down and sit.

The scientist guy shifts virus into six tubes. Drug dealer says all done, what about my payment, did Haroon not tell you, I will get 10 crores before I leave. Roshan says you will get payment after work. The man says I won’t go anywhere without payment, talk to Haroon, shall I? Roshan says I will do. He calls Vasu and asks about 10 crores payment. Vasu says Haroon does not talk to anyone about payment, but he trusted that drug dealer. Roshan says give bank details to Vasu, he will transfer money.

Siddharth asks did she say anything. Veer says no, she wants to meet Jai. Siddharth asks are you alright. Veer says yes, I m agent first and then a son. Siddharth asks Maya since when is she with Haroon. She says I m with Jai, ask him, I told everything to him, tell him I m here. Siddharth says enough, Jai Jai…. Jai won’t come, I m here, talk to me, what do you know about Jai Singh Rathod. She says we love each other. He says love my foot, you know Jai is a married man, he has a daughter of your age, Jai is ATU agent, whatever relation and promises he made to you in love will be just to get info, he used you. She says I know he has two children, daughter and son, who is ATU agent like him. She sees Veer. She goes to bathroom.

Shivani says you have taken good training to bear pain, but here there are two guys who are dying by pain, one good news, you won’t die by aids, put him in infected room, its good he dies by the virus he got. Dhruv gets a shock. Shivani says he should not die Vedant. Vedant says I will manage him. Dhruv is acting and takes a scissor.

The drug dealer says money is transferred, I will go. Roshan says there is plan change, I will keep one tube. The man says I won’t give refund. Roshan says I won’t ask, leave one location, and release virus in one hour. He asks Chang to get the work done. Chang says it will be done.

Abhilasha and Roy to accept his mistake, so that they can help him in taking less action against him. They hear the alarm. Zaara says its alarm in medical area. Dhruv takes the gun from the guard. Jai and ATU team take positions and ask Dhruv to stop. Dhruv says I will die with someone. Abhilasha and Roy come and look on. Jai says no one will die, everyone put guns down, we will take you for medical aid. Dhruv says I have to go, else I will shoot myself. Veer shoots Dhruv at his back. Jai checks him and says he is alive. Siddharth asks Veer why did he shoot. Shivani says its good decision, atleast he is alive. Jai asks how did this happen.

She says Mihir gave Roshan’s lead, so Dhruv took advantage. Jai says it means Roshan is targeting Mumbai, Vedant get team ready. Abhilasha asks Jai where is he going, he can’t be allowed to lead any operation till final decision comes from home ministry. Jai says don’t make official formality your ego, please let me go, its imp for me to be in field to catch Roshan. Roy tells Abhilasha that Siddharth can reinstate Jai back in ATU at his own risk. Siddharth nods. Jai goes. Abhilasha says fine, but just Siddharth will be responsible.

Vasu says our men will be coming. Doctor comes and Roshan shows his wound. He says bullet is inside, it has to be removed, taking him to clinic will be dangerous, I have to do surgery here. Shivani says our team reached the club, and gives location layouts. Jai asks her to talk to Veer, he shot someone for the first time, I did not know Siddharth will agree, its effect as you are working with him. She says don’t worry, its tough but going on. Siddharth comes and gives Jai his ID card and gun. He says I hope I don’t have to regret on my decision. Jai says you won’t, thanks. The drug dealer and Chang are on the way. Chang tells him about Haroon, he is a nice man and helped me a lot, I will work with him. The drug dealer says Haroon is dead, that’s why I earned 10 crores, I fooled Roshan that Haroon promised me to give 10 crores, else Roshan would have known that I got money before itself. Chang says you fooled Roshan, he will kill you if he knows. The man says how, I will put timer on virus tubes and leave, will you work with me, I will take you.

Devyaani and Aditya dine. Navneet says Siddharth called from ATU. Devyaani asks shall I leave. Aditya says no, setup call in other room. He goes. Roshan gets the bullet removed. Doctor gives medicines and says I will come tomorrow morning to see you, you will get fine. Vasu gets call and tells Roshan that Haroon has sent 20 crores to drug dealer yesterday, it was bank’s call now, this is theft. Roshan calls Chang and asks him to give call to drug dealer. Roshan says you cheated me. The man says you also cheated, why did you not say Haroon is dead, every mistake has a price, forget it, I m 10mins away from location, are we together. Roshan says yes, call me once work is done. He shoots the drug dealer’s friend angrily.

Shivani gives the updates to Aditya about Kush and Mitali. Aditya says I spoke to top pharma company, they are trying to find solution, its tough, I hope they are successful. Bomik talks to his team about the two options. Bomik says concentrate on vaccine, I will talk to govt, we will go to PMO once details are ready.

Jai and Vedant reach the pub. The team looks for Roshan. There is a shootout at Roshan’s men. Balraj catches the ATU guy. Roshan shoots him. Jai and team gets inside the team. Jai follows Balraj. He fights with Balraj and asks for virus tube. Balraj says you got late, there are 6 virus tubes now.

At 12.54am, The drug dealer and Chang are spreading the virus. Chang goes as AC duct mechanic and enters the hotel. Jai and Vedant try to interrogate Balraj and torture him. Balraj does not say anything. Jai tells Siddharth and Shivani about Balraj, there are six virus tubes now, Roshan has fled. They get a laptop and know one target address, it’s a hotel. Siddharth asks should we evacuate it. Jai says no, we have to stop virus from spreading without panic, no person should go out and enter the hotel, the people’s lives are in our hands now.

Jai asks Balraj to say about Roshan. Balraj does not say. The virus is spread in hotel. Veer tells Shivani that he has volunteered in Siddharth’s team. Naina tells Antara that she is here to kill Shinde, keep this phone in his room and sleep peacefully. Shinde comes to Antara. Veer and Gyan enter the hotel.

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