Turned down (chapter 3)

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His dark blue eyes gazed down at her …that intense blue ocean which had the power to scald deeper anyone who dared to make eye contact with him ……his savage self did no good to her modesty ….he always seemed to sneer at her ..not once did she rememer him letting her in    …..his ravening eyes held her captive and her traitor body obliged ……..she looked at him straight in the eye…he straightened and a chill ran down her spine contemplating his next move …..outside she made a straight face ……those swirling emotions in his eyes formed a lump in her throat …2 years of hell she bore without him …her throat convusled..she hated to admit but she died every day ……..she trained her self to fight her inner turmoil …with hatred or defeat she didn’t knew but she fought….fought hard to fell out of love from him …..she did everything in her might to create walls ….to never let anyone inside …she once dared to gaze in his eyes ….to look deeper in that ocean but he made her fall so hard in that ocean that she drowned deeper into it …when his piercing eyes met her ..something strange hit her ‘weakness ‘….with the mere thought a jolt of hatred hit her …she held her chin high in the air …….everytime she faced him all those emotions came back ..her principles flew out of window ….she arranged her facial expressions and smirked cruelly …she pushed herself more into the arms of arav…..
His eyes turned a shade darker looking at the nymph which once belonged to her …dressed in an elegant black gown ….
.her firm boss*ms stood in line with pride ….gone was the girl who would turn tomato when he laid his eyes on her …..gone was the girl who got confused whenever he was in the same room as hers ..even though she fought hard to never let her nervousness out but it was inevitably vivid to him ….he could read her like a book ….her eyes which were once filled with love had so much hatred in them that it clenched his heart that oxygen lunged out from his lungs …..gone was the chirpy girl whose presence was enough to bring a smile…..there stood a girl with a completely different attire and attitude…but he will never let get himself trapped ….he isn’t going to beleive those doe eyes …her awfully beautiful face …her curvy innocent body……
The face which once portraied innocence was twisted into something he couldn’t deciper……..
He was so much entrapped into that bewtiching beauty that he failed to recognise a manly figure beside her …..his eyes darted to a manly hand settled into that milky flesh …..possesivness attacked him ……he lunged forward to the couple with a flash ……he strided past the people stiffly ….his long lean fingers were clenched in an uncontrollable grip ….
Before he could do anything a a girl dresses in a red mid thigh outfit stood infront of him and spoke in a  sacchrine sweet voice came ….”hey babe ” his eyes darted to the intruder ……”Maria”he breathed out ….he was breathing heavily…..his eyes got fixed on the girl he desired settled deep into a man …a man other than him…hatred filled his gut ……..before maria could speak her fake sugur coated words ..he gripped her waist tight and pushed her close to him …..looking straight in radhikas eyes he held maria close to him taking  a controlled breathe he gripped her more hard…he was never a loser and losing to a girl was a shame to his manliness ….smirking he placed a kiss on her cheeks …..maria rubbed herself more on him completimg the effect …trying to make him aroused but nothing could make him aroused except a disgust settled in his gut …it felt he was touching the dirt ……he thought after seeing him with another girl radhika will know that her magic doesn’t work on him and he will fluster her up failing her traps but what he witnessed surprised him though ….the vulnerable expression which passed a minute ago was long gone and instead of getting riled up her eyes held ample courage in them ….she buried herself more into the man beside her…..he was hurt that she wasn’t affected but he decided to check it clearly …”lets show people how happy we are ” he whispered in a seductive manner in her Maria’s ear ..she smirked looking at him
he whispered something in Maria’s ear and now they walked towards them ….she arranged herself and pushed her nervousness aside …..the firm warm squeeze brought out her out of trance ……she turned her head towards him “relax …your strong and no more dependent on him …i am always here for you ”
His words warmed her heart …..arav was indeed  always there for her …he was the perfect gentlemen she will be always in debt of him for what he did …..unlike arjun he never broke her but encouraged her …..he helped her up when everybody left her down …he was the bestest friend she could ever get …relief coursed her mind ….by the time arjun and that girl came towards them she had prepared herself for the worst .. she was jealous looking at them but she twisted this emotion to hatred…..come what may she will face it ..she had enough of it …
“Congratulations for your achievements MR Arav ” came his gruff voice he deliberately eyed her up while saying the word achievements…..”
With a straight voice arav spoke “Its suprising you are complementing! But if you are doing so then i am surely doing great…well thanks to my beautiful girl  ” aravs eyes came down to her ..he was almost equally taller as arjun …….his eyes held adoration and endearment…. she couldn’t comprehend whether he was faking it or not ….life has taught her to trust no one and she couldn’t help but wonder how much  she has changed …..but she doesnt care because it was showing its effect
“Your remark surprised me ….i thought you would be professional but as they say don’t judge a cover by its book ..since your are fairly new in this industry….”he came close to him ” i would advice you to save yourself from gold diggers ….they seem to be naive but beleive me they are not ” came his venom filled reply  all the while looking at her
” i  appreciate your concern but i am very much aware of what is fake or not an… ” before arav could complete radhika spoke unceremoniously “Surely one shouldn’t judge something by its cover …..and i shouldn’t be surprised but it looks like you have done PhD in this …..but you should yourself be warned of what is fake or not she lazily drawled looking at that desperate girl seductively eyeing arav ” because you’re assumptions can be wrong ….so instead of giving advices to others and wasting thier time apply these ethics on your bussiness for who knows it may sink like the broken ship you are ” her words unequivocally livid …..arjun intuitively took a step towards her only to be stopped by Maria who seemed to be suddenly interested in thier conversation….” Honey leave that garbage we have something important to attend ” her words came to demean her 
Arjun gritted his teeth , his gritted  jaw adding more to his handsomeness. Though….
Radhikas heart leaped up a tangible jump when he raked his eyes down her body warning something she couldn’t deciper she shivered when he did that ….his ominous silence pertained for some seconds before he moved back with the girl clinging to his body and disappeared from their sight  ……
Jealously coursed her mind ..witnessing  thier proximity …….she couldn’t help but wish to be in his armss…between those long lean fingers …at his mercy …….him deep in her ……deeper than her soul….how she wished to be in his secure embrace away from everything ……..him comforting her taking all her pain away ….how she wished to be spoiled by his love …..by those addicting kisses ….
She sighed inwardly His presence was enough to make her mounds puckered ….she excused herself from Arav who was looking at her in pity ….he reluctantly let her go ….she needed sometime to drain out those thoughts ….she made her way towards the restroom when a pair of arms pushed her inside the washroom ….she  opened her mouth to scream but her voice was muffled due to a hand being placed on her mouth …her wide eyes made contact with deep blue eyes ….anger surged up her body and she got in a defensive mood ready to kick some ass but in the nick of time arjun caught her arms and twisted behind her back ….his sadist laughter boomed out and  he spat in fury ” your nothing but a pathetic …defenseless…girl ”
“And you are nothnig but a sadist bastard who has the disease to show his manliness all the time “she stood undeterred
His heart clenched witnessing the fury in her voice ….she was changed completely …..it seemed she was someone else…someone complete opposite to that person he lived with …..
“So you showed your true colour huh …and what did you said infront of that loser huh ” he hissed …he tightened his clasp on her but she stood unaffected
” Why ..truth hurts huh ….”her face was twisted in complete hatred ….those beautiful doe eyes spat fire …but one thing wasn’t changed her beautiful face …..her small cute nose and full lips ..even when she was in fighting mood he found her incredibly beautiful ….his eyes roamed hungrilly on her face ….he got a whiff of her sweet scent and prsses himself more on her…he smirked looking at the effect …she was affected  her body showed that .except her face for she was fighting to keep it straight…… .she was fighting it thier proximity….tonight she looked more ravishing than she ever was …he loosened his hold and cornered her more into the wall behind her ….
His breath was fanning her face …..he was making her nervous deliberately . she had stopped breathing due to his sudden approach……she took a sharp breath inflating her lungs ..her heart fluttered when he pushed himself close to her …
“Stop..”she said breathless.. Before she could say anything he kissed the corner of her mouth stopping her words….his mouth lingered on her skin…..he then moved towards her ear and spoke in a husky voice “It will be more fun playing this game now ” his hands snaked around and pushed the locks aside …he placed a wet kiss on her shoulder…..radhikas eyes closed feeling his soft lips grazing her  skin …she opened her eyes when she felt the loss of warmnessand sense of security she felt with him…..
He moved back leaving her arms ..
She stood dubiously looking at him …his eyes were trained on hers…the magnetic pull she always felt around him was pushing her towards him …he gave her a one last look before swiftly walking out from the washroom…

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  1. Rukhii… Superb… Loved it.. Waiting for next…

    1. Rukhiii

      Thank u saran ?

  2. Brin

    Excellent chapter, both making each other jealous, Arjun gives her a passionate kiss in washroom, too good, loved it, eagerly waiting for the next update, Rukhii you nail it, well done. 🙂

    1. Rukhiii

      Thanks a lot brin …will updte soon

  3. arti viswanathan

    Rukhii darling superb,excellent,outstanding,mind-blowing episode….. I loved it… I liked all the scenes…..tc loads of love to u from me and teddy hug to u……

    1. Rukhiii

      Thanks arti….aww teddy hugs to you too ….i am glad you liked it

  4. Rossy

    Superb dear…what happened between them…update soon

    1. Rukhiii

      Thanks rossy …..means a lot …i will post in a few days …maybe ?

  5. Sulbi

    Wow…. fantabulous dear… why Radhika hates and Arjun? And why Arjun behaves like that? So curious dear… update soon… tc 🙂

    1. Rukhiii

      Thank you sulbi ….?

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    1. Rukhiii

      Thanks farjana..huuhhhh i just love this pair

  7. Sreee

    Just solo awesomly penned this one is. Am waiting eagerly to know wat happened BTW them… Surely he must have hurt her, but poor girl still falls weak in front of him . I wish that changes, and he realizes his mistake soon.. Post soon dear

    1. Rukhiii

      Uhuu thank you so much sreeee…well i was very concious about this chp …m happy u guys liked it ….yeah girls are always weak unfront of thier ahemssss hehehe ?

  8. Roma

    Awesome, marvellous, lovely, outstanding episode. . Rukhiii…it’s really superbbbb n mind blowing episode. ..loved it very very veryyyyyyy muchhhhhh. ..keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sweeeeeetheart ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ 😉

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