Turned down (chapter 1)

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She felt pain immense pain making way through her body near her chest …. it had been a long time still she felt the same it always felt… worse …to remember that heart wrenching day of her life ….it always cut a slit throuh her heart …those eyes which had the hardness of steel …those un assuming swirling emotion she couldnt deciper ….the coldness which chilled her spine every time that gazed her …she was breathing hard again “weak” those words echoed her mind her heart thudded wildly she could’nt live a moment of peace she wanted to breakthrough it this pain it felt like jabbing thousad of needles through her skin she felt disgusted ..disgusted of herself how could she allow someone …why she did not she took hold of herself …her breathnig ragged she couldnt do anything now ..she had to live with this pain forerver if ever she could end her life …..

she thought about the last part could she ….she wanted to kill her self but ..did she had the liberty to do that ….

but what about her mother …she knew she loved her with all her might her father the ruthless man ”Mr agnihot mishra ”she saved him from his wrath ,always bore the hell with smile for her ,only for her how this thought even crossed hér mind …n then like a fierce lightening the reality slapped her face hard “him ” him bcz of only him she was thinking like this where was her old self ..her optimistic way of life …she had to admit he made it clear ..he proved his point to her he won… he had broke her completley …she was weak yes she was weak what could she do now ….he had destroyed her completely .. he warned her she remebered what he said ,..another sane deteriorating memory …. him standing like a brooding prince ,his dark demoner , cold eyes emotionless gaze which pierced deep down deep down ..standing taller as ever his piercing eyes always made her uncomforatble …when his whole attention was towards her ..a very rare casee …

“when life will happen u will understand it doesnt offer u a chance to stand up it will make u cold from inside freezing every emotion killing you slowly ….scalding u deep …it keeps those positive thoughts at bay it makes u cold …will cutdeep into your flesh which will not heal time cannot heal ”

Everything he said was ture indeed but what was her fault she also hasnot spent life like a princess she felt the pain but always smiled through it ..life also didnt gave her everything she wanted in a decorated tray ..she always got everything at a great prize she always buried thosee pain deep inside her ..hours ticked by but she stayed at the same postion ..frozen to the ground … her cheeks were stained with tears ….tears spilled through her eyes again what was she thinking that she will be able to break through the ice ..the walls which …he created she started laughing with tears streaming down her face it was laughable she really thought she would be able to get him love her ..to become a prince charming ….

he was nothing but a monster a cold monster whose aura could turn happiness to grief …it hurt her deep n then she felt nothing ..nothing her body felt numb from hours of sitting like that …she felt numb emotionally n physically ….she will never be able to live through it ..the moonlight spilling through the window did nothing …she always felt that moonlight making way through the window was the nature symbolizing that there is always ray of hope in darkness …but now she had a different perception that ray of light is nothing but fooling around the person being thrown into the pits of darkness it doesnt do anything ..she once beleived now everything is changed …..

it felt like everythnig had stopped the around her that fresh breeze did nothing but made her more cold she let the ball of ice cover her emotions her inner child her love for love ……. fresh tears poured from her eyes she had allowed them to flow one last time ….now those emotions that pain will come to halt ..now was the time to end it ..now was the time to cease those thoughts ..now was the time to stop every predetor that pounced on her …who made her feel a helpless toy …she will never let her guard down ..now everything has changed …that night she killed the light within her that night she killed herself and a new girl was born …she was cold ,mean ,bold everything that spoke of power …after a few seconds she smiled looking at the fire
now she will destroy everything and everyone who hurt her ….

now they will see what happens when you take someone for granted ..now they will see what happens when u push a good person tooo farr …..the fire in her eyes held more intensity then the fire hearthe infront of her ….she took a photo burned it looking deep into the pits of the man who destroyed her before it turned into ashes

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