“Tune Mujhe Jeena Sikhaya” Rikara FF Part 17 : Their First Kiss

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Got Sometime in Between my Hectic Schedule Thought to Update

Chapter 17 :Their First Kiss


Standing by the window with the gentle breeze touching and kissing her ..She was lost in thoughts that She did not feel his Presence behind her …he hugged her from behind making her jump in fear ..She heaved a sigh of relief when she saw it was him …She resumed her position again while he snaked his arms across her waist through the slit of her shalwar ..placing his chin on her shoulder he asked “What is bothering you jaan?”…She looked over her shoulders with a smile ..What ever tension… thoughts she is in ..just hearing him call her jaan everything evaporates in her …She leaned back sinking more into his embrace…””Nothing …” he turned her around and raised his brow with a look I-Know-you-are-lying …She sighed “It is just that …” she paused …he took his arms and held her shoulders soothing her …”When you said that i am the best happened to you “…”It is true jaan “He smiled…”It is not i am the worst happened to you”…She let the threatening tears to fall …he pulled her in his arms …”Sssh baby Who told you are worst…Do you know after all i went through in life i never knew i could be happy until you happened to me Gauri ” ..he cupped her face in his hands wiping away her tears “No Om i am not..” she hiccuped shaking her head negatively …”Okay will have it Best happened in the worst way ” He said softly …She shaked her head “No i am the worst “she pushed him away “I am the worst …not today you will tell it someday Om …”…She cried making him lose his patience “Just Stop it ” he shouted making her jump back in fear…he closed his eyes to calm down …’Gauri give me sometime ” leaving her alone he left…She fell on her knees sobbing …

He returned after half an hour to see her cocooned in a corner with her arms wrapped around her knees..his heart pained he hated it that he shouted at her whatever it is when it comes to her he never lost his patience taking slow strides he sat beside her hugging her sideways ..she went into his embrace without a protest …’Sorry’ she whispered placing a kiss on his chest ..he smiled pulling her up with him standing ..he examined closing to see her tear stained faced her cute little nose had gone red..he placed a kiss on her nose cupping her face “Gauri never think you are worst okay ..i am sorry that i shouted..what made you think that you are not good Gauri ?” he asked hurt-ly …she just placed her head on his chest …he sighed knowing she is not gonna answer …he kissed the top of her head wrapping his arms around her tightly …

“Jaan would you like to gonna on a walk in the beach “…She nodded …She squealed in happiness as the waves hit her …”Om come join me ” she shouted …Om sat in the sand and was enjoying his love in ecstasy She was just a child …With his lips curved upward he moved forward folding his pants up to his calf …She started throwing water on him …they played with the water for some time until she slipped and fell on him …he landed safely on the ground with her top of him ..they got lost in each other …she moved forward and placed a kiss on corner of his mouth before burying her face in the crook of his neck ..She placed a kiss on his neck and whispered “Thank you” and hugged him tighter …Om was surprised Day by day the way she gets close to him …a smile appeared on his face and he hugged her tighter …

“Madamji What is happening here ?” A Policemen entered to destroy their romance …”What Karma is this?” Om muttered to himself but he was shocked to see Gauri Pissed “Why do you care?” Gauri snapped at the Policemen …”Madamji is he your boyfriend ? Go home it is already late your parents might be finding you”…”It is none of your concern …For your information he is my lover we both eloped…” she snapped at him angrily …This man spoiled my… our moment and he has the nerve to advise me …“Madamji i am talking with respect so don’t test my patience .. i can arrest you ” …The Dabbang Gauri Sharma Kicked in her “Ek Jaap main saate deewange …Under what case will you arrest me?” she challenged him ..Seeing the situation turning worse Om who was enjoying his wife’s pissed nature moved in “Sir Sir i am sorry ..I am Omkara Singh Oberoi She is my Wife”…” Oberoi sahab sorry that i could not recognize you ” .”It’s Okay Mr…” ..”Pandey Sir Chulbul Pandey “…before Om could Shake his hand …”Hayeee Chulbul Pandey Salmaan” …Gauri whispered dreamily making both the men curious …Gauri pushed Om aside and went to the Man and Saluted “Sir I am Fan of Chulbul Pandey Salman”She cupped her both palms …”Madamji what are you saying I am just Chulbul Pandey No salman “…Om had to pat his wife …”Salman” She started finding Salman Khan around …the inspector left them with a look at Om Your-wife-is-crazy …Om burst out laughing looking at Gauri “Gauri how can you forget he was just Chulbul Pandey and you started seeing Salman Khan in him “…Gauri glared at him hitting his arms She moved out leaving him it was true when something is related to Salman Khan she starts seeing him in everyone …

“Ouch that hurts women ” Om shouted from behind rubbing his arms ..”Serves you right ” Gauri shouted angrily …He ran behind to match her steps …He back hugged her kissing her on her cheeks “You have a bad temper women ” he commented as she glared at him …”Waise why did you shouted at Mr.Chulbul Pandey ” he asked with a mischievous glint in his eyes …Her anger vanished away as a blush crept her face …”How dare here spoil our” she bit her tongue from blabbering …he chuckled loudly while she turned away smiling embarrassed …he hugged more tighter from behind kissing her cheeks …

She turned around to Look at him …The Milky white Light Poured Down Spilling into them …Her Face glowing …In The White Shalwar She Looked like an angel descended from heaven …Om moved forward leaning down he brushed his lips with her’s …Her eyes went wide…he brushed again …She bunched a fist of his collar and closed her eyes parting her lips he brushed again before pulling her soul searing lips her arms locked around his neck pulling him more closer and his hands landed on her waist …he sucked her lower lips and upper lips and started coaxing her to open her mouth ..as she parted their tongues mated together in a rhythm ..they started fighting for dominance …he pulled her more closer her chest pressing on to his chest ..after a while they broke part resting their foreheads together catching for breath ..”Husband ” She whispered …they opened their eyes to see their orbs filled in love and passion ..a Look at her eyes he knew the word “Husband” She meant it for the first time …still their forehead resting together she whispered looking into his eyes “Husband i thought you hate PDA”…he smiled “Who Rudy told you ?” She nodded still their foreheads joined together …”I hate PDA because i did not have one “…a blush crept up as she whispered softly “And Now”…He pulled her into another kiss …She pulled apart gasping for breath and hugged him tighter …




Firstly …Honestly Their First Kiss I Planned in a Different Scenario but thought to make it happen soon as many were excited ..

Did you guys Like The Update?

Silent Readers and Likers Please Do comment on this chapter and let me know your thoughts..Lately the votes and comments are going down ..If the Story seems Boring and Wasting your precious time..Please Do let me know So that I would Finish the FF in Few Chappies …

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  1. It is the best RIKARA story I have ever read…… Thanks for giving a such a wonderful story…. Waiting for your next update…… So please post soon…..

  2. ItsmePrabha

    awesome,lovely,beautiful…will be waiting for the next..

  3. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely dear

  4. Plzz.. Dont quit..I love ur ff alot..The best rikara fiction nd OS i have ever read is written by you.. I love both r ff and Os..Plzz continue..bcoz…I feel rikara alot in ur ff than in the show… If ur hectic schedules are over..I would request u to give a dashing OS on rikara..bcoz..Since then i have read ur last OS..I am eager to read another one from u

  5. Mind boggling story….. Marvellous ?

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