Tune Mujhe Jeena Sikhaya Chapter 36

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Chapter 36

“Bhaiya What are You sorry for? It isn’t even you fault ” Gauri tells him as tears slides down from her cheeks .

“Bacha it’s me , because of me , Because of My Appa you are going though this hell!” Randhir tells her softly cupping her face in his large palms.

Om sighs and gives a curt nod asking Randhir to continue as Randhir Looks at Omkara unsure. Shivaay and Rudra stand there unable to get the head and tail of the situation .

“Appa?” Gauri asks Randhir confused , Randhir nods and takes a step back giving his back to her . He closes his eyes knowing that His Little Sister is goanna hate him forever .

“Yes Mr. Khanna Shekawat was My Appa !” ,

Gauri stumbles on her steps hearing it was like someone dropped a bomb on her head as Divya Amma cries hearing Randhir .

Om was quick to catch Gauri by her forearm .

“Om tell him it Is not the time to make any sick joke !” Gauri tells Om hurriedly holding his forearm.

“Gauri , Look at me !” Om tells cupping her face trying to calm her down .

“Om tell him it is no time to joke , He is my bhaiya not that traitor’s son , Tell him Om ” She pleads Omkara trying to make herself believe it .

Seeing Om and Randhir silently looking at her with a guilty face . She runs to Amma ” Amma tell him Amma he is your son and My Bhaiya not that Traitor’s son Amma , please !”

“Gauri , Randhir is Khanna’s Son Gauri nothing is going to change the Fact that Randhir Was Born to Me and Khannaji!” ,

Gauri loses her steps as She falls on her knees to shocked to react . Om pulls her close to him kneeling down as She does not even blink her eyes . Why Does each and every time something comes up in her life? That makes her lose the trust she has on people ? Didn’t She regard Randhir as Her own brother or Divya Amma as Her own mother then why? She wants to yell cry out , Shout at them but She cannot it feels as if her tongue has got tied . Even Her Husband ..

Gauri instantly looks up at him asking her answers silently . He nods at her .

“Why me?” She asks him letting out a sad laugh

It was just two simple words but Om knew it shows her pain . Why Me? Her life had been a rollercoaster ride where she had lost and was about to lose everyone close to her who made her feel homely just because of One person “Khanna Shekawat!” , She fears to even think about the possibility whether She had lost Divya Amma and Randhir too or Maybe She fears that they to betrayed her .

“Gauri!” Randhir kneels down front of her as Gauri looks at him from Om’s embrace .

“Appa was wrong Gauri , He always was that’s why me and Amma left him long back Gauri but After knowing about your parent’s demise We moved back to Delhi Gauri so that we could be in touch with you . Amma made me go to the same school which you went Gauri despite the financial problem we had it was because Amma loved you as Her Own Gauri , I befriend you Gauri , You are my Little Sister Bacha , Bacha I wanted to take you away from Khanna when I got to know his plans and the reason behind Your Parent’s death was him But I Knew you wouldn’t believe me if I tell because You loved him so much and you were just 18 at that time . ” He pauses and continues gauging Gauri’s expressions

“So I strived hard to stand on my feet Gauri I moved Abroad with Amma , This Shekawat enterprises and every damn thing I did in life was for you , To take my Little Sister from the Demon Which was My Appa Gauri . If I had told you long back it was Appa behind everything would you have believed me Gauri? No right ? , Only way I could prove and take you away was making myself Powerful and standing equally to Appa Gauri . By the time I achieved everything Gauri and was back to India , I got to know you had been abducted by Kali and Appa’s death . Honestly I swear on my Amma that I did not shed a tear for that Man but I cried for my little Sister , Who was fighting her nightmares when I came to save you I see my Little Sister Married to Omkara . I knew Omkara was a righteous man , I knew that He would Keep my Bacha happy Gauri , So I let it be and instead came and joined in your company as a Partner as You wanted to First be an employee before the Owner . I decided to help you run the business in side and Only way being close to you and knowing about your day to life was that Gauri ! , If I had told you I am Khanna’s son? What would have you done Gauri maybe after knowing his truth you might have pushed me and Amma away from you Won’t you? , Do you think we both could survive without you?”, Randhir cries as he ends making Gauri sob hugging Omkara .

” Beta Believe Us if I had a clue on What That Man was planning I would have saved your parents but I couldn’t Gauri , When I got to know they were already gone and When I got to Khanna is planning to Kill you , you were too little Gauri . I couldn’t see you dying I have promised your mother that in any circumstance that I would save you . So I made forged copies and passed it through the Lawyer saying that the Properties could only be inherited by you when you are 21 that made him Keep you alive and let us get more time to plan ways to protect you and Save you from him. We Love you so much Gauri , You are my Daughter Gauri , Please Do not push us away !” Divya Amma pleads folding her hands in front of Gauri .

Gauri dugs her head onto Omkara’s chest and sobs . Her tears soaking in his bare body .

“Gauri?” Om softly calls her out and tries to pull away from the hug instead He hears her muffled sobs as she tightens her arms around him

“Did you know everything Omkara?” Om hears her ask still not Lifting her head up from the embrace .

“Yes I knew !” ,

Her hands slide down from his back but instead Om tightens his arms around her . Once he let her go but he is not letting her go or push him this time .

“Is it How you know Bhaiya?” She asks him softly looking at him from the embrace .

“That..Woh ..Yes Gauri …” He stammers , Gauri looks at him intently and Seeing him not meeting her eyes she knew that he is hiding something from her .

Frustration builds up in her . Why is that everyone chooses to hide something from her? Why Me ? She questions herself inwardly .

She Pushes Omkara and stands on her feet , ” Give me some time !” She tells sternly Randhir tries to take a step towards her but keeps it back hearing her ” Alone ..please !” , She walks out of the house leaving everyone wondering what She is up to .

Om blinks his eyes at Randhir assuring him that He will Look at her .

“Randhir..Gauri !” Divya Amma tells crying seeing her retreating form . Randhir hugs her sideways soothing her shoulders telling her silently everything will be Okay .

“What’s happening here?” Shivaay asks everyone around present unable to get a single thing massaging his temple .

“Shivaay ..I told you I would tell you everything in the morning !” Om tells Shivaay without waiting for The Reply He walks out of the house following her very well knowing where she would be .


“Naraz ho?” Om asks softly sitting by beside her . Gauri does not reply instead looks to the front to see waves hitting the shore pulling her knees more close to her chest .

“Can I even Husband? ” She asks him with a sad smile looking at him . Om tries to speak but she shows her palm .

“Why Didn’t you tell me Omkara?” She asks softly .

Om sighs as He takes her hand in his “Remember Once I came inside the Office while dropping you to work?” ,

She nods remembering it was during the earlier days of her marriage .

“There I saw Randhir , I was shocked at first seeing him clearly knowing he is Khanna’s son as I had almost all the details . I started collecting his details after knowing he is not into anything and Only wants to save and protect you , I decided then and there I would talk to him in person . The very Next day after dropping you to office we had a talk over the coffee . I told him I knew that He is Khanna’s son and I asked only one thing if something happens in future to me to look after you and not to leave you alone . He was so confused and budged me to know the reason but I just did not want to let him that you are behind taking revenge it would just hurt him more thinking about you and I could not disclose my mission or either pull him to the mess . So I just let it be . True to his words He took care of you until I am back !” .

“Why is everyone so good husband? ” She asks him while her lips whimper ,

“Because My Girl is blessed !” She cries hearing him She had tried to kill him yet he is here with the same love as before , What good did She do to get him? .

Om shivers feeling the cold air hitting on his bare skin . Gauri chuckles though her tears seeing him acting like a child wrapping his hands around his chest .

“You should have worn a t-shirt !” Gauri tells chuckling ,

“Accha biwiji some one likes to see me sleeping shirtless !” Om tell shivering and smirking at the same time .

“Hmm” She hums hugging him placing her head on his naked chest .

“My Own Heater !” He whispers making her hit on his arms , “Ouch Woman !” He whines pulling her close and smiles seeing her already diverted .

“Forgive them !” Om whispers after few minutes as She draws patterns around his chest .

“I ..I Don’t know ..” She tells him not knowing Can She forgive them? After all they did was to protect her ?, When Her husband embraced her despite her trying to kill him ? , Can’t she forgive her protectors for hiding a small thing? That too it was because they were scared to lose her .

Cupping her cheeks he brushes his nose with hers making her smile “Okay” She tells him .

He grins this time kissing her cheeks ” My Girl ” , Their moment breaks as a grumbling sound growls from their stomach reminding them they had not had anything since morning .

She gives him a faint smile which Om understood clearly that something is running in that little mind of hers which is clearly not a good one .


“I’ll Feed you ” Gauri tells him with a heavy voice serving their quick Maggie in a plate . When they were back to Home everyone has retired to their rooms so Om and Gauri had decided to talk to them tomorrow .

He knew something was wrong Since the time they had got back home . She had been in a deep thinking while he cooked the Maggie for them . Her face shows it all She is fighting her inner demons but he decides to keep mum until they filled themselves they needed now was food .

She brings the spoon near his mouth urging him to open his mouth . He does the same and feeds her . Gauri’s eyes fills up instantly She looks away from him in an attempt to hide her tears.

“Why are you crying?’ Om asks her holding her by her forearm and turns her towards him .

“No nothing ” She tells quickly wiping her tears and takes another spoonful to feed him .

“But Your tears say something else Gauri ” He tells her moving the spoon away from his mouth . he takes her hand in his .

“Hus.. Omkara ” She tells in a hoarse whisper .

And that was it For him to drag her to the room . Making her sit on the bed he asks her ” You Gonna stop calling me Husband?” he asks her in sad tone .

Her tears betray her as it drops down as She says him with a heavy voice ” I need freedom from you ” She could not use the word Divorce It would break him into pieces more than her ..

“What..Come again Gauri ” Om tells with a sad chuckle

And Just Like that She knew her husband’s heart had shattered hearing her “I need Freedom from you!” She tells him clearly in a stern voice trying hard to control the fresh set of tears welling up from falling.

“Freedom .. Aah” He laughs sadly and getting serious he asks her hurt “Why ?” ,

“Why? You asking me Hus..Omkara .. You intruded into my life ..Just leave me now when I want you too ” ,

Om’s lips curve up in a sad smile as he asks her with a heavy voice” What happened that changed you within minutes ? Wasn’t it a few hours back we confessed to each other that we love each other Gauri .. Yes I intruded into your life and even Now I feel guilty that I didn’t ask you whether you like to marry me , but ..but .. Gauri You love me right? ..then why now?”

Gauri cries unable to answer him ” I am a curse Omkara ..Didn’t you hear Mr.Oberoi ? ..I am a curse ..Papa and Mama went away from me Omkara..Even You were close to death..wasn’t it because of me Omkara?..Just leave before I kill you ..I am a curse ” She shouts at him frustrated .

Om pushes her on the bed as He hovers over her . Gauri’s eyes widens finding him mad in rage . “You are not a curse !” he whispers angrily burying his head on the crook of her neck trying to calm himself .

She cries trying to push him away . His close proximity not helping her in anyway

” Marry someone else !” She tells at him , She couldn’t Her heart breaking in various bits How could She even dare to muster courage to tell her husband to marry another girl? Could she bear that ?

Om slides his hands under her dress . His hand coming in contact with her bare back “Would You Like to see your husband close to another woman like this?” He asks angrily running his hands around her body .

She cries unable to answer that very thought made her sick . How could She? , But could She be selfish? She is a curse .

“please ” She cries whispering urging him to stop whatever he is doing right now .

“Is Our love that weak you wanna leave?” He asks her hurt as he pulls his hands back . This is not him He cannot force himself on his wife .

Gauri looks at him . Indeed She had been successful in breaking his heart over and over again .

She does not answer instead closes her eyes . He looks at her hurt and sad that She had decided to give up on him after all the obstacles they had come across .

“I’ll Re-Marry !” ,

Tears slides down from the corner of her eyes as She hears him . He turns giving her back to him as She sobs pushing her face into the pillow silently .

Om feels tiny arms going around his back and turning him around . He does not open his eyes instead pretends to be asleep . She snuggles closer to his chest like kitten .

He smiles ironically as He whispers to her “Now Why? You wanna give me to someone else!” .

Om could feel the wet tears on his bare chest . He closes his eyes sadly hearing her,

“One Last time , Please !” She whispers crying unable to see her in pain he hugs her tightly as tears drops down from his eyes . He couldn’t even see her in pain then how could she think that he would? He stops himself from thinking too much .

“One Last time ..You..” He whispers to her sleeping form and runs his thumb wiping away her tears and pulls her closer placing his lips on her head .


The next morning Gauri wakes up to the cold empty bed to Find him gone . She Looks around the room in search of him but before She could stop herself tears make their way out remembering him saying He would remarry .

Gauri wipes away the tears quickly seeing Amma walking in ,

“Did you sleep well?” She asks Gauri sitting beside her and runs her fingers through her hair.

“Gauri” She calls again seeing Gauri not responding to her

“Am I -” Before Amma could ask Gauri hugs her crying “I am Sorry Amma because of me you had to face so much struggles and I just walked out!” ,

“Sshh” Amma pats Gauri soothing her trying to calm her down “Why are you sorry girl? It is me who should be for the sins that Man called My Husband did!”

“No please Amma let’s just forget everything ” Gauri tells Hurriedly throwing her arms around her neck trying to calm Amma as they cry together .

Amma pulling her back from the hug , Kisses Gauri on her forehead .

“Omkara went out if it He who you are Finding ” Amma tells Smiling seeing Gauri’s eyes roaming here and there .

“No Amma..not him..” Gauri tries to cover up

“He told us everything whatever happened up to now ” Amma tells Gauri , Gauri’s eyes goes widen in horror imagining She did not lose only him but his family too .

Seeing Gauri’s reaction Amma tells her ” Om said that He married you without your permission over time you both fell in love but due to his mission , He had to go somewhere that’s where Ajay pushed the car off the cliff but Luckily he got saved and yesterday He had finished all the demons ” ,

Gauri looks at her not knowing how to react why he has to be to good? , He had omitted each and everything She did to him , He had hidden the fact that She tried to kill him from everyone .

“Freshen up , Omkara will be back ..” Amma tells Getting down from the bed . She takes two step forward but stops and turns around excitedly as She tells “He told he would be back with a Good news ” .

Good news Gauri smiles ironically Indeed He has taken the decision and obliged by her wish of remarrying . But why does It makes her heart ache? He is going to be some else’s . She gasps for breath unable to imagine him with some . He might be close to her in everyway .That picture in her mind makes her cringe and crumble in pain . Just then She gets a message .

“Gauri help me select I got three here , Ridhimaa , Hasini and Akansha !” Gauri’s phone pings with a message .

The thought that he had taken it too far that to the very next day , Not even Half a day had past and Here Her Husband has gone to see proposals and He has the nerve to send her the pictures and asking her to select .

A Minute Before If She had been crying over her Husband Now her orbs turn furious as She throws the duvet away and gets down . Her blood boiling in anger he had the nerve to send her the pictures of the girls that too He dared to mention that all are hot and got the finest curves and he is unable to choose one .


Omkara Looks at the Girls in front of him who are oblivious to what is gonna happen . He smirks at them making them give Him their rarest smiles . He countdowns silently “3..2..1” , But his eyes widens as a Spatula hits straight on his head making His pride go down in a minute as the girls laugh seeing him . He gives a nervous smile and turns around to meet his Firecracker who is shooting glares at him through her orbs .


Gauri had been always Living with the Fear Kali might hurt everyone close to her .One reason she decided to live in a chawl after Ishana saved her.When Om married her She Feared For his Life then Kali instilled the Doubts in her Which She Feared she might Kill her husband. At the Last Minute She couldn’t and With His death news She had been living with the hope He would be back. Once he was back She kept repeating to herself He is back all well But when Tej Opened her healed Wounds. And With The Revealations.
Gauri Feels that Because of Her Everyone would Face Struggles and She might end up Killing them as She feels she is cursed From the beginning She did . So She wants Om to go away from her Only way is for him to marry someone.
Om Is too Hurt and He is here For the Proposals ? But Never Forget the Possesive Biwi?

More Tamasha Coming up Not only spatula stay tuned
And I promise from next no more secrets all revealed and We Got Lot’s and Lot’s Hanky Pankies if You Guys have seen teasers and Suhagraat too ??

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