Tune Mujhe Jeena Sikhaya Chapter 33 : Thirst For Blood Om and Kali

The Tears Flows unchecked down her cheeks and drips down her chin. She was hurt & Mostly important the Feeling of Betrayal makes her sad What did She ever do to that Man? Instead on placing him in the position which She kept her Parents too? , Why did he have to act ? If He had told her once all he needed was Money? She would have given him and walked out happily but No , He had planned to Kill her but had changed the idea by wicked intention of selling her to a pimp ! that too , to two different people for higher rates ,Should She laugh right now because of her stupidity ? Years back She could remember He had come to her asking her to come to Bareilly , to visit His ancestral home , She could remember so many men in that place except Kali When asked about it Khanna had dodged it easily saying it was his relatives , Thinking about it She could only laugh out loud She was nothing but an item there kept to auction at this highest rate .

She was too hurt to cry or wail , She just Stands there as still as a statue while the magnitude of What she had lost and What she was about to lose because of that b**d sweeps over her . Feeling her stilled Om tightens his hold around her pulling her closer to him She dugs her head more into his chest She cannot be vulnerable and now She does not have the courage to Look into his eyes , as She always believes and says Her Husband had been always Right but She was the person who was surrounded by Predators While He was Her Salvation . But What She all did was trying to Kill him? Her breathes get erratic with the thought of due to her attempts If something had happened to him ? .. Bending Down he presses his cheek on her head while his hands soothes her back

“Jaan I am here !” He whispers

She Looks up at him from the embrace with tears glistening in her eyes and whispers “I Know “,

She knows what come may Her husband would stand by her side . Wiping away her tears She gives him a smile which did not reach her eyes . He kisses her slowly in a tender way soothing away calming the emotional rage going inside her heart, in a way that She knew Her Husband would take all her pain away , It was them who existed right now , Did they give a Damn there was an Old man who was gaping in front of them ? or Did they care that there were men’s around they Didn’t , All Om wanted was to assure her He was there to hold her before She could touch the floor . Breaking apart Om leans his forehead against her as She Looks into his orbs She wets her lips to speak ..”Shhh” Om places his finger on her lips stopping her and gives her another chaste kiss on her lips silencing her promising her Everything will be alright

Angered by the romance going on Kali closes his eyes and fists his palm which is oozing out in red fountain . Opening his eyes Kali looks down his gaze Shifting sideways finding his dagger . The corner of his lips hooks up into a Smirk He bends down silently getting the dagger in his hand He grins a Sinister Grin . Moving Forward He raises the Dagger to plunge at Omkara ..

“Aahh ” Kali cries in pain as another stream of blood gushes out from his left arm .. His feared pained orbs collides with The Ferocious set of orbs of Gauri’s .

“How Dare you try to even Kali Stab my Husband that too Stabbing from Behind Like a Coward?” She says angered ,

Feeling Someone’s gaze Gauri had opened her eyes in time to see the wicked smirk and dirty play Kali was trying to do , enraged She had pushed Omkara behind her before swinging her sword in the air and slashing his arm . A Smile forms on Omkara’s lips as He snakes his arms around her waist from behind trying to calm his angry tigress . Maybe for now she is distracted that’s what he wanted at least for the time being that her mind does not drift to Khanna , The Betrayer , Khanna the name he hated , Om had seen the way he supplied young girls for the pimp without any pity on those girls who cried for their freedom but Om had to keep mum for the time being .. All hell broke loose when Khanna had auctioned Gauri when His Jaan did not have any idea what was going on and had been smiling happily .That Smile which made all want her , Which Made Om flinch in rage He wanted to pull those two sockets who dared to eye His Gauri !.

Feeling tiny palms running along his arms which was placed around her waist ..His thoughts halt as He looks down to see her soothing him .Gauri Looks over her shoulder as She soothes his arms and says ” I am here ! ” ,

Feeling his hold on her tighten She knew that Omkara is going through an inner battle . Omkara smiles hearing her words That’s it they ever wanted Them being there for each other. Omkara turns her around and brushes his lips against her cheek .

“I know!” He replies back making a small smile form on her lips not a fake one but a real one .

Their moment breaks as they hear Kali roaring out in pain .Omkara’s lips curve seeing Gauri trying to wiggle out of his hold So that She could go get her returns from Kali for the pain He gave her .

“It’s My Share Right Now ! My Angry Tigress !” Om whispers in her ears , She stops struggling Her angry orbs calming down as She brushes her lips on his cheeks .

“It is My Battle Husband ” She tells him trying to persuade him to let her go

“Oh Come on Jaan , Now it’s my play of fun !” He whines .

Kali’s sockets pop out hearing His Right Man ,Am I a Game that he thinks it is fun? He Fumes in anger .

Pushing Gauri Sideways taking her hand They together walk toward Kali . Standing in right front of Kali , Omkara pulls Gauri in front of him .

“You Wanted My Wife? Have Her Right Now in Front of Me!” He roars disgusting.

Gauri stays rooted to her place calmly shooting glare at Kali provoking him to go ahead.

Since the Moment He had set her eyes on her , Kali had desired her , When the Trophy He wanted is in front of him and When The One offering is her husband , His lips hooks up in a sinister smirk . Despite the Blood gushing out from his Palms He lifts his hands up to caress her face Licking his lips .

Horror-stricken Kali Lets out a roar of pain as He sees his fingers flying in different directions .

“My Fingers” Kali lets out a cry his eyes widening in horror only seeing him palm without fingers.

“You Dared to Thakur touch My Wife After Warning You Several times!” Om sneers venomously Looking at the blood dripping from His Dagger .

Gauri laughs at Kali before Her orbs turning enraged If this had been another circumstance She would have feared to see something like that but it is Not the Gauri Who cried over Khanna’s death, It is the New Her Who had excelled in Martial Arts For Revenge from Kali For Making her life hell But thinking back right Now it is Not Kali in the first Place had destroyed It is Khanna Who She had turned to Every little thing in her life . She could only laugh Thinking back to the Day When She had talked to His Picture , Khanna’s Picture, asking her Husband’s Sanity Whether Om would cheat on her with Ridhimaa? , Ridhimaa Where is She? Who was She? ” New Questions erupt her mind But what come may She Knows Her Husband Very well .

Om pulls Gauri sideways wounding his arms around her shoulder They Look forward at Kali who Was yelping in pain.

“She is Mine Thakur , My Soul You Dare to touch her this is What You Get !” He tells sternly yet in a threatening tone .

Om’s lips hooks up in a smirk as He tells smiling Bending down on his legs Looking at Kali who had curled in a Ball flinching in pain .

“In the First Place The Line was Drawn between you and me to two sides Because You Dare to Eye My Girl When I had Clearly Stated Before She was Mine ! and You and Khanna Dared to Auction her !” Om snaps at him .

Gauri eyes Widens hearing the New piece of information He had already Concluded Long back She was HIS ,

“But the Old Man and You Thakur Did Not Take My Words Seriously Was So conceited and confident that I wouldn’t Do anything against You Two !” Om’s lips curve up in a wicked smile .

“I Killed that Old Man in front of Your Eyes , It was so easy to provoke you that Old Man Is planning to transfer Gauri to Ajay , It Enraged you that You Broke into their House ” He pauses

Taking His Dagger Om thrust it on Kali’s Right Leg making him Yelp out loudly in pain “How Dare You Try to Manhandle My Gauri? How Dare you Dragged her across the haveli in Front of Everyone How Dare You Try to—” His voice dripping with venomous as He keeps twisting his dagger on his right dagger .

Gauri closes her as the nightmare flashes The Way Kali had Pushed her on bed , The First time She had ever touched a gun and shot !. Om Looks up at Gauri and takes her right hand in his and squeezes assuring her He is Here . Still her eyes closed She smiles as She squeezes back Maybe Her Husband Did try to save her that day in anyway .

Turning around to Face Kali He says him ” That Day I swear to myself I Will Give you a Death Which You would Beg Me For!” Taking out his dagger from his Leg Swinging it up in the air He strikes it again on the same place He had attacked , Kali shrieks out as More blood keeps gushing out .

“And That Day in Her Place Where You Broke into Her House to Abduct Her How Dare You Pull My Wife by Her Hair Just because She did Not give into You , This hand Did the Deed Right” Om says eyeing his other hand as He dives the dagger , Kali cries out it wasn’t in pain it was the Fear of What He Had Visualized The Time He saw the Fire in his Eyes .

Gauri Opens her eyes as She looks down at them . Every Little thing coming Past her eyes She wanted to Know More About What Ever the Things Which was hidden from her .

“Remember the Death of Khanna, Thakur?” Om continues pulling the dagger back .

“I Should Thank you First Letting My Wife Go So I could come in without She Seeing Me there , ” As Soon as Gauri had Shot Kali and Left , Om had been waiting outside her place . Seeing her Running out of the House with a tear stricken face all He wanted to do is to hug but He had to Keep his urge to himself as He had to Protect her in the First Place From Khanna Although She never Knew Khanna’s Cruel intentions . Seeing Kali’s Men Following her Om had Eyed his Man Ranveer To Follow her and See that She escapes Safely.

“That Man Thought He Could Survive But My Bullet Caught him off-guard as He died In Front of My Eyes Thakur , The Fear and Guilt In His Eyes When He took his last breath Was All I Ever wanted to see !” Om Sneers as Color drains from Kali’s Eyes . Seeing His Death In Front of His eyes.

“God Thakur What A Fool You were to think that I Would Support You That Smile You Gave Me When Khanna Died ” He laughs , Gauri’s Doubts Clear regarding the Video She had seen of Khanna dying.

“You Back Stabbed Me?” Kali roars despite the aching pain in his muscles .

“Back Stabbed Really Kali Was I? Just After You Smile Didn’t I Attack You and Abduct You? ” Omkara smirks

Gauri’s eyes widens Going back to the CCT Footage Kali never showed that part He had clearly manipulated Showing the Only Part Where Om and Kali share a Laugh Seeing Khanna die.

Kali Seeing that the tables have turned Decides to manipulate Gauri “Is She Really Worth than the Dozens of Women You Slept With?” He smirks

Gauri pulls her hand from Omkara . Omkara Looks up at her With a smile . Kali ‘s Smirk turns into a Confused One Seeing Omkara smiling before He could Ponder , Kali Spats out Blood Gauri had punched him hard across his mouth .

“I Warned You Kali Not to Speak Shit About My Husband !” She Says Furiously Her eyes burns with fire , as She continues “How Dare You Ask My Worth? You Worthless Piece of Shit” She spats at him.

Kali’s burns with hot tears welling up as He Looks Furiously at The Husband and Wife ,

“Kill Me!” He spats at them rather than going through torture it is better to die .

“Not So Soon Thakur!” Om roars standing up He drags him across the floor as He yelps as his wounds sting . Om ties Kali to the same poles He Had tied Om with . Kali hung’s his head down .

Taking Out His dagger Om lifts Kali’s chin using the tip of the blade .

“You Die After Seeing Your Own Destruction in Front of Yours and Knowing The Real Me!”

Kali’s tries to speak but Tired He gives up as His head falls down and His Knees weaken His hands slide down in the poles as He falls on his Knees .

Om turns to Gauri , She stays there rooted to her spot as His words ring Real Me? , Smiling Knowing What Would Be Going through His Wife’s Little head moves forward and Pulls her close to him wounding his arms around her as She hugs him placing her head near his heart and runs her arms around his heart stroking it .

“When Did My Friend Fight with a Wounded Animal?” Om and Gauri hear a voice as they break of and turn around to See Ajay Standing there With A Smirk itched on His face !.

“It’s Been Long Man!” Om Says with a sinister smirk breaking through his lips .

Ajay Eyes Gauri lustily as He Says ” It’s Been Long ” He licks his lips Making Gauri cringe inwardly at Him . Om pulls her close to him As She snakes her arms through his waist digging her head on to his chest . Yet Another War to Start !


Hope this Chapter Made Everyone Clear About things which happened in the Past

So Ajay & Omkara War to Start This time it is Ajay Fighting for His Death !

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