Tune Mujhe Jeena Sikhaya Chapter 27: My Husband Will Be Back !

Chapter 27

After One year

“Om Chodiye humme ” Gauri blushes as he pulls her close from behind pacing his chin on her shoulder ..He drops a kiss on her cheek making her grin at him ..”Let me Go I gotta make you breakfast too”..He frowns scrunching his nose and shows his puppy eyes pleading ..She laughs seeing him making faces ..turning around in a swift she pecks his lips catching him offguard as he leaves her shocked She runs away laughing .

“Amma” Gauri shouts happily hugging her from behind inhaling the sweet aroma of the Dishes..”Amma This Smells so tasty ..Woow you made White Sauce Pasta It’s Om’s Favorite Let me go call him He would love to have it ! ” She kisses soundly on Amma’s cheeks and leaves happily calling out for Omkara..Divya Amma Sighs closing her eyes as a lone tear drop falls ..”let me go give her !” She tells wiping away the tear drop..

Gauri keeps chattering happily while eating the pasta with Divya Amma ..”Omkara have it soon We are getting late for Office and then We got Gotta Catch the Award Function Too..” She tells chirpily seeing the way he is eating slow as a snail..Again Divya Amma leaves a deep sigh seeing the scene in front of her ..her heart breaks to see Gauri whom she had come to Love her as her own daughter.

Gauri rushes outside yelling at for Om to come soon..Gauri walks forward looking at her handbag checking out whether she had taken all the necessary files  and ends up bumping into A Man who walks forward busy checking out mails in his mobile.”Ri are you blind?” he yells as his phone ends up crashing on the ground while Gauri’s Papers fly over in the air falling above her head to kiss the floor..”Are you blind?” Gauri snaps back at him puffing out in anger ..”Ri..First snap out of your dreamworld Ri..You need to get over !” Randhir tells while running his two fingers over the crease on his forehead ..

“Randhir” Gauri puts up her hand in the air stopping him “Please!” She whispers painfully and leaves the place collecting her things ..Divya Amma who witnessed the scene walks over to  Randhir as He sighs painfully “Amma I do not know what I am going to do with her ! ” He tells frustrated running his hands though his hair ..”I can’t see her like this Randhir !..Each minute it kills me ..If this goes oo i am scared whether she will end up in..” Divya Amma’s breaths become heavier as She tells him painfully at the end..”Amma Relax !!..” Randhir Soothes her back pulling her close to him and makes her sit down ..”Amma Have some water ” He brings the glass near to her lips eyeing her to drink ..Kneeling down beside her Randhir takes her hand in his “Amma Don’t worry She’ll be Fine !”.


“Welcome to the Most Awaited Business Night of the Year ” The Anchor Welcomes Everyone Cheerfully !!”…A Round of Applause Follows.. “We Are Awaiting With Batted Breath To Know Which Company Bags the Best Company Award !!..This Time As Usual The Oberoi Companies along With Shekhawat Enterprises  Are Competing Against Each other !!”..The Reporter announces Making Shivaay & Randhir Give A Proud Smirk to each other ..Shekhawat  Enterprises is Owned Solely By Randhir Shekhawat ..Each year it had been Oberoi’s  & Shekhawat’s Competing ..”But..But…This Year We’ve Gotta A Surprise ..” The Anchor drags making Oberoi’s Curious …”A New Company enters the Market In Just half a year of Hard Work..All Put your Hands together to Welcome the Lady of Sharma Industries who brought the Company to Higher Heights in  Just Few Months Exactly Six Months ..”.Shocked & Excited to Know The Lady , Oberoi’s look to the entrance ..”Here Enters Miss.Sharma !!”….

Shocked would be an understatement For The Oberoi’s To the Swirling of emotions they are feeling right now . Happiness , Pain & So on ..Without Thinking Twice Shivaay  runs to his behen caging her in his muscular arms as tears escaped through his eyes ..Happy tears of seeing his little sister alive & safe ..”Bade Bhaiya” her lips quiver …”Gauri I can’t believe it’s you …Gauri!!” Shivaay cups her face in his large palms as tears slid down still he could not believe his eyes that she was safe & alive..”Bade Bhaiya I am Fine !”..Anika who was shocked and frozen comes running squeezing her in a tight hug followed by Rudra and Daadi..Tej was not at all happy to see her back was it because he hated her ? Indeed it was and now she had given one more reason to hate more if possible by getting nominating to the Best Company awards.

“I hate You Gauri!!” He tells through his gritted teeth..”You took my son away..Dared to stand up against me !!..” His hold around the Drink glass tightens ..”Sharma Industries…So Gauri The Face That never came into view Since years..But Why Was Gauri Pretended Like a Sadak ?” Thousand questions running in Tej Oberoi’s mind .

“Right now I am helpless that doesn’t mean i am fallen, Remember this day Mr.Tej Singh Oberoi to save your prestige and your hard earned name you will have to come to one day begging”

Her words come ringing his mind making him face palm himself frustrated as She had said he had been to Sharma industries For blo*dy Contract which brought him his company from drowning due to his one single mistake .No one wished to invest with him Only Sharma Industries Came Forward But He had to go through a lot including faced some insults in Her Office but he had to accept through his gritted teeth to bag the contract but What he never knew is it belong to Gauri Sharma !! He had gone begging to the Sadak Ladki! “.


Everyone Around was shocked to see the scene playing infront of their eyes . “Mr.Oberoi How do you know Miss.Sharma?” The reporters circle them putting in their queries..Gauri releases herself from the hug looking around as She wipes her tears away ..Anika holds Gauri by her arm never leaving her hand ..Gauri had missed this ..this warmth & affection yet She could not make herself comeback to them because of what she had …Her thought halts as a lump of forms in her throat..her lips quivering ..She tries holding back her tears .. 

“Gauri is my little Behen ..My Brother’s Wife” Shivaay replies with a hoarse voice trying his best to hide his tears that is threatening to drop out remembering his brother …”Brother’s wife ? ” The Reporters Asked Shocked ..”Yes My Brother..” Shivaay is cut off as The Anchor announces everyone to take their seats as the Function is gonna start …”Excuse us!” Shivaay replies curtly and pulls Gauri with him ..He knows he needs to know more but for now all matters to him is that his little behen is back ..Randhir comes forward and hugs Gauri affectionately wiping her tears and signs her to smile ..Oberoi’s looks at him Shocked More to know They mentally note themselves taking their seats.

The awards and accolades are given for all categories.Finally The Most Awaited Award ..”The Best Company For the Year Goes too ..” .All look on with batted breath without blinking their eyes secretly wishing for the best to win on their choice..Yet the Three Main Entrepreneurs Of The Companies Representative were all cool ! ..

“To..to….too…” The Anchor raises expectations as Everyone holds their breath..”To Sharma Industries! ” He shouts Excited & Cheerfully as a huge round off applause follows ..Gauri was Shocked She could not believe her eye  she had bagged it the award she had been working hard for since half a year..She had finally achieved his dream ..tears pooled in her eyes of happiness as She sat there ..”Gauri!” Randhir softly calls her out tapping her shoulder ..”aah ” She comes out of her daze as She blinks her as twice ..She looks to her side to find Randhir eyeing to get up..She nods in a daze as She walks over to the stage ..”Miss.Sharma How do you feel at this particular moment? ” . 

“It’s Mrs.Oberoi !” She tells in so much pride in her voice ..”And ..Honestly I am out words to describe what I feel now..But This is All because of you husband..If you have not been in my life I am not sure what I would have done..You became my guide in the journey of life..It was you who brought the best in me ..This was For You Husband..This is For you!” She tells flashing a grin trying hard to hide the pain behind her eyes ..but anyone could make out  that she was in pain She was trying her best to swallow down the lump ..her voice is heavy..

“Husband? Mrs.Oberoi?” The Anchor asks her..”Mr.Omkara Singh Oberoi!” She tells with Pride Her heart swelling in Love ..gasps could be echoed through the silenced hall..No one dared to even breathe ..A reporter comes forward putting his question forth ..”But Mr.Oberoi was reported to be dead in an accident ” He breaks the silence making Gauri gasp …”My Husband is NOT DEAD !!” She tells him sternly her eyes pooling out with angry hot tears ..”But Mrs.Oberoi..” The Reporter starts but stops seeing her looking at him ready to murder ..”Omkara died in an accident , but how come is he is alive?.” “The Car Slid down from the cliff top..no he could not have survived” Gauri could hear everyone words   ..

Unable to take it more she closes her ears with both her palms as She cries out loudly “My husband is alive ..He is Alive! “..She cries putting a stop to their talks ..”Gauri!!” Randhir holds her by her arms pulling her to a hug as She cries on his shoulders “My Om is Not Dead Bhaiya ..He is not..My husband is alive!!” She tells him clutching his shirt ..Randhir pats her head affectionately knowing that she is in so much pain right now tormented if not she would not call him Bhaiya ...”Sssh..Bacha Don’t cry your husband is alive they are mad ..Okay? ..Your Om is at home Naah ? He would be waiting for you  ..” He lies cupping her face ..”yes my husband is home ..he promised me he will come but he has not ..if not no one will dare to speak nonsense…I am goiing to my husband!” She mutters hurriedly wiping her tears..She looks at her award ..a faint smile adorns her tear stained face thinking how he would be happy ..He would hug her & kiss her like there is no tomorrow !..yes he would..She turns to go hurriedly even without giving a look to The Oberoi’s Who look at her shocked ..

She could hear whispers around calling her mad and she has gone crazy but her heart knows her husband is home waiting with open arms in pride & ecstasy ..Oberoi’s look at her shocked and turn their gaze to Randhir demanding answers ..

“Husband..Husband ” Gauri comes in shouting chirpily with her tresses flying to in the air ..Divya Who happens to hear Gauri’s voice  wipes her tears and goes to the washroom to wash her tear stained face seeing the Live coverage. “Beti !!” Divya comes smiling trying her best to hide her puffy red eyes behind her smile ..” Amma Did you see Omkara?” She asks hurriedly her eyes scanning around the room looking for home ..”I am happy that you got the Award” Divya tries to change the topic..” Amma where is Om?” She asks impatiently and tries to move Divya holds her wrist ..”Gauri!! There is No Omkara!!” She tells sternly trying to keep her voice and her orbs from pouring down it’s river but it is high time Gauri Should realize  That Omkara died a year back in the Car accident by falling of the Cliff!.

” Amma you are lying ” Gauri tells with chuckle..”It’s no time to joke Om would waiting for me ..I am going..” She tells her lips quivering with sad a chuckle as She turns to go ..”Gauri!! How long are you gonna live with your illusion ..Omkara is dead!!” Divya Shouts at her all the pent up emotions since a year coming out ..”No Amma ..My husband is Alive!!” Gauri shouts back angrily wiping away her jewels..”My Husband is Alive ..He is alive!!” Gauri mutters hurriedly taking two step backwards She pushes away Divya Amma’s    hands as She runs upstairs yelling loudly “husband!..husband!!” She shouts stumbling and balancing herself holding onto the railing as her leg trips..She gains back her balance and runs up to check for her husband. “Husband!!” Gauri’s shrill cries echoes through the rooms..Divya cries seeing her daughter in so much pain ..Seeking out for her husband unable to find him she comes back to Divya her eyes red & in pain ..” Amma where did om go? He will be back right?” Gauri asks hopefully with a glint in her eyes..Divya sobs loudly “He will not Gauri ! He won’t come back!” She tells cupping her Daughter’s cheeks..”No you are lying My husband will come back!” She shouts out the last pushing her Amma ‘s hands away ..”He is Alive!” She further tells. Oberoi’s with Randhir enter the mansion to find the scene..”Gauri you have gone crazy in his love..he will not come back child ..Forget him..Move on!!” Divya further yells crying her heart out..”No ..No ..you are lying..My Husband will Come!!” She shouts and runs out the mansion passing the Oberoi’s who call out her name..She starts the car and drives …all the while blabbering “My husband will come!..He is alive..My Husband Will Come Back!!”




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