Tune Mujhe Jeena Sikhaya Chapter 18

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Chapter 18


“Maa..enough please” Om and Gauri heard a Whining ..they broke the hug and followed behind the trail of voice to See a Mother lovingly feeding her Son …hmm a grown up man precisely may be around in his thirties ..”Beta See you have gone like a skeleton keep work side and let me feed you ” they saw the mother speaking all the while ruffling that man’s hair …”but please I am almost full …” he groaned cutely …”No just one please my baby boy ” That Maa pouted ..”Maa enough let me have a nap in your lap please “…Om eyes teared seeing the bond how much he had always loved to Sleep in his maa’s lap and let her feed him but he was not that lucky Since his childhood he had seen his mother pushing him away from him as she was more drawn in alcohol …She had been always busy in nursing her broken heart that she failed to notice her boy but Yet Om could not hate his Mother he had loved her Since always and it would be forever …Om turned Around trying to Wipe away the Lone tear that Dropped before Gauri could see but he failed to notice that Gauri had her eyes on him Since the time he flew back to his memory land …Gauri gently took hold of his hand turning him around She dragged him with her to an isolated place in the beach …She pulled him a bit down to her level and Moved Forward Sucking his Tears placing a Kiss ..”Do Not Try to Shy away from showing your emotions front of Me I have the right to see your smile and tears “She whispered sadly ..That was it for Om to let out his emotions he hugged her more tighter “Gauri …I …” he sobbed …”Gauri do you know how much i longed for my mother’s love ” He was sobbing like a child ..While Gauri was soothing his back ..Gauri knew the pain of not receiving parent’s love atleast in her case she lost her parents but for Om it wasn’t easy having Parent’s going through the same pain just like her is hell ..yet he was strong he masked his emotions with a plaster smile …She broke apart and made his sit down ..She sat beside him and pulled him down placing his head on her lap …

He raised his brows asking her What-Are-You-Doing ..He was a bit more calm now ..it amazes Om He was never a person to let his guard down up to now in his life before She entered he had been successfully in masking his emotions but with her it was different he felt more like himself ..He felt free with his emotions he was genuine only with her..”What ” she asked seeing him lost in thoughts “Thank you “..”Why?” …”Thank you for Coming to My life Gauri “…She ruffled his hairs with a Smile …”hmmm so i should get something in return right” she asked with a mischievous grin “hmm ..ya but let me think about it “..Om replied equally irritating her “What you will think ?” she gaped “Without even listening “..”Waise Gauri i was wrong i came into your life right ..because i married you ..So..” he thought for awhile ”  You have to give me something “…”What ? ..” she smacked his arms having an angry pout making her all the more cute ..He pulled her down and pecked her pout making her smile …”This is not fair ” Gauri whined ..”I want something Om”…”So firecracker anything you want everything you want  i come with it it’s a package deal “…”Hmm Quite Romantic …So should i really believe that you did not have another girl in your life”She grinned …”Hmm Mrs.Oberoi … To be true I loved a girl “..He replied coolly making her eyes go wide …”What?… you lied ..Who is She?..What is her name?..What does she do?..Why did you love her?..Did she love you back ?…When was it?..Was it a recent affair?..She was firing questions at him “Gauri stop let me answer first breathe “…

“Gauri she was so cute and chubby you know when ever i see her i feel like pulling her cheeks”Om said dreamily making Gauri all the more furious “Stop i did not ask those just tell when and where that’s it ” she tied her hand on her chest making Om chuckle”My chirrayai is jealous…”he grinned at her “Yes i am when my husband dreams about another girl front of me yes i am jealous if i get her i will strangle her ” …  Om burst out laughing “First Please Gauri Find her you know what i want to hug “…”Kya?”She shouts ..This Man apparently her husband has the nerve to tell her to Find that Girl and his is Gonna hug her Is this her Om …“Gauri you know she was just ten she was tiny just like you i had a crush on her you know the chirpy and loving features of her but you know what i always admired her secretly i was scared to talk to her “…”So now you want to hug her ?”she asked angrily “And remember you are my man don’t dare you think about her did you get right ” she pointed her index finger …”hmmm my Firecracker ..you started it jaan “…Jaan that was enough to cool her down …

They were silent for sometime and when Gauri spoke softly “Om “…He had almost dozed of in her lap it felt heaven almost it was like a soft mattress and her hands ruffling his hairs it  felt magic all his weariness flied away..”Hmm ” he hummed with opening his eyes “What type of a Girl Did you want to marry ?” she asked nervously …He smiled still his eyes closed “I wanted a wife who is like my second mother”…”hmmm”So?” she replied softly..he lazily opened her eyes to see her anxious ..”So what Gauri?” he asked innocently “..Ommm..Did you get one ?” she asked stammering “hmmm Mrs.Oberoi Who is My Wife ?” …”Me” She said confusing ..”Then Why were you asking Gauri ?”…”Om i asked you …that …whether i fit into that ..” she replied meekly making him smile ..”Gauri you are perfect …You are just like my mother and not to forget biwi at the same time..” he chuckled ..”But how Om?’…”Gauri First This …”..”What Om?”…”You made me sleep on your lap why?” he asked making her baffled “I don’t know Om” She replied honestly during that moment she just wanted to provide him with some love and care which he had longed..”Because Gauri you wanted to create a moment which i had longed the way you were combing my hair ..just like a mother does to her child Gauri ..and you would to stay up at nights until i return so that you can feed me with your hands and the way you use to scold me when i do something wrong …the way you stayed up whole night looking after me when i was sick ..the way you assure me everything would be perfect one day …the way you trust me..have confidence…Care concern and love Gauri ..these things i expected from my mother Gauri when i was young when i fall sick Daadi or my brothers use to stay but i always longed for my mother to look after me Gauri ..when i win a medal in school i use to run to my mother to show but she does not even look at it as always she will not in be her senses..but Gauri after you came i feel i am receiving the mother’s love from you …” When he finished Gauri Pulled him up from Her Lap hugging him tearing up ..”How…Om…” she was soaking his  shirt with her tears …”Gauri look at me “…He tried pulling apart but instead she hugged him tighter..”Gauri my knees paining jaan “He tried to reason but yet she did not lose the grip …after awhile she parted …Om cupped her face and kissed her forehead whispering “I hate this cranky baby..i need my firecracker “…she let out a smile wiping her tears …

He sat beside her hugging her sideways ..”So?…”…”What So?”..”So it’s my turn Jaan what type of a Husband did you expect to marry ?”…She stared at him “I never had time in my life to think about it Om..” She whispered …”hmmm but atleast Once Gauri haven’t you thought ?”He asked hopefully ..”I never wanted to Marry a Person with Long hair ?” ..”Kya..”He almost Shouted ..”Gauri Jaan whatever it is we are married “he replied fazed ..She tried hard to hide her smile “Cut it “She ordered ..”Nooo ..Nooo i am not gonna to that it took me years to have this hair ..i have invested almost half of my life on it “…He spoke in one breath bewildered “but Om sometime before you told anything you want everything you want i come with it it’s a package deal”She threw back his words stopping herself from bursting out laughing..He pulled her in front of him holding her arms “Baby…Jaan i will do anything but not this ..i would give my life for you but not my hair” he spoke hopefully making her laugh ..”Omkara Do you know how cute you look with that horrified face ..Aww my poor baby ..” she pulled his cheeks making him frown …”Aww My Nandi looks cute with that long hair so why will tell you to take it off?”..Eww Om frowned when she called him cute isn’t cute used for only girls but her next words made him lighten up but it went down “Take it off Gauri it is my real hair not a wig “he rolled his hairs making her chuckle…

“So where are we ..aah ..So what type of husband Did you want ?”…”Hmmm Om ..Once i read it somewhere the acrostic of a Husband .. I wanted One like that …but before that firstly mainly i wanted someone who will sleep beside me cuddling whole night “..She said dreamily …he was curious “Why? Cuddling mainly “..”She said with a sad smile “That gives me an assurance that someone would be there by my side ..in the morning i have a reason to wake up to it ..He would be there to protect me whatever happens when he holds me tightly ..” …The next second Om was stretched Down pulling her down with him cuddling her …:Om…Ka..ra ” She said angrily ..”Why ?” he asked confused..”Stop pulling me always i was about to sprain my leg ” She glared at him …making him smile sheepishly “So continue ..”…”So where were we?”…”Gauri cuddling…”…”Ahh Got it And Can you remember our first night?” ..Om almost gasped”Gauri when did we have a first night as for my memory we did not have one”..She almost blushed …”Not that idiot” she replied smiling “Then ?” he whispered huskily in her eyes making her crimson red She pushed him a bit away”The First night of Wedding when you cuddled me …i loved it..Om i never told you it was the first night after years i have slept peacefully free of nightmares and with the feeling that you would protect me no matter what “..She said with a teary smile ..”Feelings are mutual Gauri even me …” ..he bend down to place a kiss on her forehead as she looked into his eyes…”Say it” she whispered in a voice almost audible to her ..but she did not know what she wanted to hear from him…”So Biwi continue your acrostic “..”Should i tell it?..” “Yes Gauri then i would know whether i could fit into that “…”HUSBAND” She whispered their faces inches apart as she continued slowly …    


H : He lifts me up when i am down “…”You have Done that So many times Om not once twice many more times …“U:Understands Me like None other” ..”Om i do not need to spell it out you figure it out easily ..even the baby ..”She choked as he soothed her arms to continue”You understood why i need one ..even other things ..even my small wishes …”She smiled looked at him as he pulled her more closer to himself wounding his arms around her …“S: Supports My Every Dream”..”But Gauri Dream ..You never told me you have one” Om said before she could elaborate ..”Maybe in future i might have one and i am sure would support standing proudly by my side “…“A:Accepts me Flawless and all”…”Do i need to explain ?”Gauri asked chuckling making him smile  “You are bearing an overgrown child ” She laughed at herself…He nodded accepting it she is one hell of stubborn cranky angry child …“N:Nurtures My heart and Soul “  …She whispered “Thank you “…The thank you held so many things which she would not be able to voice out ..“D:Darn Near Perfect “ …”You have changed So much …You are not the person who i met when i came with Ishana Arrogant Rude..You have become my sweet darling …”She smiled as She nuzzled his nose with his making him smile wholeheartedly …”Hmm i Should give my sweet wife something in return ..”He mused raising his brows making Gauri excited “Om i want..” she was cut off when she felt him take her lips in his nibbling coaxing her for entrance pulling her more closer to himself as they got lost in a pool of love passion and desire  …




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