Tune Mujhe Jeena Sikhaya Chapter 10

Chappy 10 

She woke up to see herself tangled in his arms without waking him she freed herself from his grip ..and went to shower after shower she came out to see him awake sitting in the bed.. “Are you going Somewhere”she heard him ask “Office” She replied sternly..”Gauri..I..” He was cut off “Don’t you dare to stop me going to office ..i am independent just because your are my so called husband you cannot keep on ordering… sam..” he shut her mouth with his hands ..”Kitni bolthi tum .. ” he said irritated.. “I was about to tell you i’ll drop you to the office and i’ll pick you up in the evening”…she pushed his hand away ..”You could have told it right .. without making a big fuss over it..’she replied angrily..”What the.. did you let me…” he rolled his eyes telling “nothing will happen of you ..” he said moving to the washroom … he stopped mid way “Gauri remember because of your stupid assumptions you might lose something precious one day…”he teased and left leaving Gauri in thoughts..

He came out of the washroom after the shower to see her lost in thoughts front of the dressing table .. he hugged her from behind burying his nose in the crook of her neck .. “What’s bothering you baby ?” he whispered… Gauri got lost in his touch … she wanted him to stop at the same time she wanted him to continue … “Can you stop taking to much liberty” she whispered , Immediately he looked up to see her flushed placing his chin on her shoulders smiling he spoke looking at their mirror image “Gauri i know that it is too sudden for you to accept me and this marriage but .. remember you are mine just mine and i will not stop showing my affection on you as a husband but i will not cross the line until you are ready “, she looked awed looking at her expression he continue “Waise , yesterday you were the one to start… ” he ended with a wink making her blush …kissing her on her cheek .. “Getting Ready soon it is already late to Office” he said leaving her .

This became a routine they went to sleep in the night cuddling each other and in the morning he would wake her up with a good morning kiss after sometime Gauri gave up as she was not in a mood to protest even if she did he is not gonna stop it and the other reason she loved it being in his embrace she felt safe love and cared …and he would drop her to the office and pick her up in the evening … it was almost a month since there wedding she had got more comfortable towards him although she never did any duties as a wife..

Gauri and Om were in the room resting when they heard Daadi shouting “Omkara..” ..both ran down to see the elder Oberoi’s were back.. Daaadi Jhanvi were fuming in anger .. One look at them Om knew that they got to know about his marriage ..”Omkara Did you marry Gauri ” Daadi asked sternly ..”Daadi I ..Gauri ..” he was nervous what he is gonna tell them ..”Yes or No Omkara”,”Daadi i married her ” he said looking at the floor .. Daadi and Jhanvi moved forward to give a bone crushing hug to Gauri “Gauri you know what we knew that he will marry you one day ” Jhanvi spoke happily “but what was the need Om to marry her soon ..” Jhanvi asked glaring at him .. then turning to Gauri “Gauri How could you do this to your aunty you both hid the fact you both are madly and deeply in love for two years that you both could not wait any longer to marry ..”

“What” Om and Gauri shrieked … “Maaji you are getting us wrong..”Gauri started to speak but stopped midway seeing Om eyeing her to not to tell anything he did not want his Daadi and Jhanvi to know how their marriage happened.. “What Gauri Rudy told me anyways i am not lucky enough to see my pote’s wedding” she faked her tears.. making Om glare at Rudy ..”Maa Stop your natak if you want we can get married again in front of the family haina Gauri “..Gauri gasped she has not accepted the marriage yet and him as her husband here he wants to remarry her ..”Then the decision is made you both are going to marry again within this week ” Daadi announced proudly making Gauri’s eyes wider ..Noticing Gauri’s reaction Om knew That Gauri is not ready ..hugging Daadi sideways “Daadi we just got married … so give us some time together …and further i have more projects lined to complete in the Office so it would take time.. after i am free of my hectic schedule will think about that okay ” ..Daadi pouted making Om chuckle ..

Gauri got a call so she excused herself and went out to speak and she came back to inform the family she has to got out urgently without waiting for their response she left grabbing her bag leaving everyone worried..”Om yek kya hai ..she looks worried..”Daadi Spoke.. The atmosphere turned silence.. Om spoke”Daadi might be an office work you don’t worry she will be back.. Go and have some rest ” ..everyone left leaving Om in thoughts ..

Everyone settled for dinner still Gauri wasn’t back .. Om was just playing with the food Since the day they married he never had his dinner without her sitting beside him ..She came in slow strides lost in another world seeing her, Om ran to her and gave her bone crushing hug she did not hug him back .. she was numb ..he broke the hug and looked at her ..she did not have any emotions her eyes were red and puffy .. she had cried cried a lot..”Gauri where did you go ? i was hell worried why didn’t you answer the phone , you just sent a message that everything is okay will be back in a hour but you are late ‘ ..

“Om i went to meet my friend she was in a problem now everything is fine …i am tired i am going to rest ” she excused herself and went to their room leaving Om dumbstrucked he knew that she was lying as she did not have any friends here except Ishana ,infact Ishana was the only Friend she had ..he knew her since six years .. but he could not understand why was she lying … he decided not to ask her if she wants she will tell him..” he too excused everyone and left to the room.

she had already slept he laid down on the other side of the bed putting his arms around her waist he pulled her closed she rested her head in his chest …and wrapped her arms around his waist ..”You are awake “Om asked surprised..”Was waiting for you”she replied… ..She started drawing patterns in his chest ..”Gauri do you want to talk “…By know he knows her well if she started drawing pattern she wanted to talk at first it had started on the day of her parent’s wedding anniversary ,she had been sobbing on his chest drawing patterns that’s when he asked the matter she had shared her sorrows with him .. how she missed her parents.. and so from that day onward they would talk until late nights …it did not matter whether it was a serious or a hilarious conversation he was happy that she was making him a part of his life…

“Om..How do you know Kali “She asked calmly .. he looked down at her shocked this wasn’t the first time she had asked him she had asked him indirectly many times without mentioning “Kali’s name” but now the question is directed .. “I know him because of you ” he replied looking at her face .. she kept a poker face ..”You sure right ” he nodded ..she replied back “okay ” with a smile.. and soon she dozed off to sleep but for Om sleep was away …

Early in the morning he woke up to the empty bed “Seems like she woke up early ..” he murmured sitting up .. the scene in front of her left him dumbstruck ..

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