Tumse hi… kaira & keesh Ff – Episode 4

Naksh was shown walking inside a resort.. He was continuously talking in his phone with someone..

Naksh : Naira.. just give me five minutes.. i will be there..

Naira : Kya bhai.. why can’t you come early..

Naksh : I had a meetinv at krishna..

Naira : Mishti apke sath hai na..

Naksh :Ha.. mishti hai..

He turns and gets shocked as mishti was no where to be seen..

He sreaches her and finds her..

Naksh : You scared me..

Mishti : Bhaiyuu.  seriously.. you are the one who didn’t take care of me..

Naksh : Sorry baba.. come lets go..

Mishti : First a chocolate..

She points towards the near by shop..

Naksh takes Mishti there.. He and mishti sits at the table.. there was also a girl.. Naksh puts his phone near the girls phone..

The girl after finishing her  drink and she tajes naksh’s phone and goes..(as both looks same)..  The girl’s phone beeps and naksh looks at it..

Naksh : Yeh.. toh mera nahi hai..

Mishti : I think it was taken by the lady next to you

Naksh : Then why didn’t you tell me..

Mishti : I was busy..

Naksh thinks that it may be taken by the girl.. He goes in search of her with mishti..

He sees the girl trying to unlock his phone..

Mishti : Bhai.. there she is..

He goes near the girl..

(It was keerti)

Naksh : Excuse me..

Keerti looked at him..

Naksh : That’s my phone.. actually you repalced it at the shop..

Keerti looks at him confusingly..

Naksh : Its mine..( He puts his tumb on the home butyon and the phone gets unlocked) .See..

Keerti : Oh.. i am really sorry.. i didn’t..

Mishti : No.. its okay di..

Keerti : Sorry..

Mishti : You are beautifull..

Keerti : Thanks…

Mishti : Are you married or not??

Keerti and naksh looks at Mishti..

Naksh : I am sorry too.. actually my sister talks a lot.. sorry..

He takes mishti from there..

Naksh : What was that Mishti..??

Mishti : I was asking for you..

They walked towards the cafeteria.. and saw Naira and gayu there..

Naksh : Done with the shopping..

Naira : We are done.. but..

Naksh : Now what naira..

Gayu : Madam has invited kartik..

Naksh : When..

Gayu : He is also in this mall.. and she said that they will meet here..

Mishti :So do we need to hide..

Naira nods..

Gayu : How did you guess that …

Mishti : For that.. you have to watch movies..

Naira : Oh.. no he is here..

Naksh takes gayu & mishti to a corner where they can’t see..

Kartik comes and hugs Naira.. she feels akward..

Naira : What are you doing kartik..

Kartik : You are behaving as we are having a typical arrange marriage..

Naira : What did your family say.. after meeting us..

Kartik : Mom and Dad are too happy.. Dadi is a little disturbed as for our fight ..

Naira gets gloomy …

Kartik : Don’t worry..

Naira : You are hiding something from me.. What is it..

kartik : Nahi..  nahi.. its nothing naira.. why will i…

Naira : KARTIK!!!

Kartik : I am here with my siblings and they are hiding there…

Naira : Then.. why did you told me that you are alone..

Kartik : because…I wanted to meet.. you..

Naira smiles…

Kartik : You haven’t meet keerti right   i will call them..

Kartik signals them to come..

Naira meets keerti , shubham and luv-kush

Shubham : I bhabhi.. i your devar..

Naira : I shubham..

Shubham :You know my name..??

Luv : Kartik bhai have told her na..

Keerti : Kaise ho Naira..??

Naira : I am fine.. aur aap.??

Keerti : Bahut kush..

keerti and Naira hugged eachother…

Naira : I am sorry too kartik..

Karthik : Why  ???

Naira : My.. siblings are also here..

Kartik : What??

Keerti : What a coincidence..

Shubham : Then call them..

Naira signals them.. but none sees because..

Gayu;Mishti;Naksh were having a fun time..

Kush :Bhabhi i think they are busy with eachother..

Naira goes to them..

Naira : Bhai..

Naksh(without looking at her)  : If you are done with your talking have a pizza …

Kartik : Hi naksh..

All getsup hearing kartik’s sound..

Naksh :Oh.. hi kartik.. and naira.. ..when did you came …

Kartik :As far as i know you all came together..

Mishti : Nahi.. Me and bhaiyu came late .  Gayu di and Naira di was here..

Gayu holds mishti’s mouth..

Shubham : Its good that we meet here.. now we will get to know eachother…

Kartik introduces.. Luv-kush , Shubham and keerti..

Naksh :I know her..

All : Huh..???

Mishti : She took bhaiyu’s phone from the chocolate shop..

Naira :What???

Mishti : I will exolain later.. first you introduce us to them..

Naira introduces her family ..

Naira : You have a lot more people to meet..

Kartik :Whom..

Naira : Yash bhai., Rose bhabhi ; Ananya di , jiju, Anmol , Nannu..

Keerti : You are having a big family..

Gayu :Not a big family..

Mishti :Big happy family…

Naksh’s phone rings.. He excuses himself and attends it..

Naira :Bhai.. toh gaya..

They chats .. and talks..

After a few minutes..

Kartik : So let us take leave..

Naksh : Sorry… that was an urgent call..

kartik : Its okay . .. Bye see you another day..

Naira : Bye  …

Gayu & Naira smiles..



K-Dadi : Suwarna tum paditji se baat ki..

Suwarna : Ji.. he said me too send their kundli’s after that he will suggest date..

K-Dadi :Its good..Surekha have you made the list of people whom we should invite..

Surekha : Ji..

K-Dadi : Add aditya’s name to it..

Suwarna : Maa ji.. yeh..

Surekha : What are you saying..

K-Dadi : Now no need of telling this to anyone.. not to even Manish and Akhilesh.. i want you to promise me.. And don’t forget suwarna girl’s are good at their in-law’s..

Surekha : But Maaji they got divoreced   na..

K-Dadi : Aditya still loves keerti and he is ready to give her a second chance.



Bua dadi : What are you guys saying… how could you finalise Naira’s wedding withiut informing me..

Rukhmini :I am also saying the same.. after all gayu is elder than Naira.. If you people really want this boy to be our jamai.. then get him married to gayu..

Gayu ,Naira , Mishti and Naksh comes hearing this..

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