Tumse hi… kaira & keesh Ff – Episode 3

It was evening Badidadi , Dadi and krishma were waiting for the brides family..

Just them goenka family comes there except keerthi..

Sighania’s invites them to the livingroom at they starts chating.. ( Nor Naksh & naitik and karthik meet before so they don’t recoginise eachother..)

They talks for sometimes..

[Guys K Dadi refers to kartik’s Dadi]

K Dadi : Ladkhi ko bula loo..

Badi Dadi : Karishmaa.. get her..

Karthik was showing no intrest..as he was always thinking about Naira..

Karishma goes and hold Naira … Naira was laughing at Gayu.. She gets shocked at looks at karishma chachi.. She takes Naira with her..Naksh & Naitika are also shocked to see karishma bringing Naira..

Naira was in tear.. but was also helpless.. as she didn’t wanted to destroy her family’s respect..

K Dadi : Kittu.. I have choosen her for you..

Kartik looks at her and gets shocked..

Kartik : Naira…

Naira also gets shocked hearing kartik’s sound she also looks..

Naira : Tum..

She gets angry .

Naira : Was it your plan or were you really willing to get married to another women Mr. Goenka.. I loved you and you..

Karthik : So what was you doing Ms.Sherni.. you are also ready to get married to someone else..

Naira was about say something..

Karthik : Now.. dont tell me.. you were not intrested in this..

Naira : No.. i didn’t..

Kartik : Then this.. new dress.. ao much makeup..

Naira : I haven’t put make up..

All gets shocked and looks at them..

K Dadi : Kittu yeh kya ho raha hai??

Kartik : Dadi.  yeh Naira.. hai..

Naira : Papa.. ye hi hai kartik..

Choti Dadi : Duggu yeh sab kya ho raha hai..

Naksh : Choti dadi.. actually Naira loves someone.. abd you have brought the same man’s relation..

All gets happy..

K Dadi : Toh.. meri kittu aur meri pasand same hai..

Shubham : That means irs fixed right..

Surekha holds him..

Surekha : Let the elders decide..

K Dadi : So its time for is to leave.. ( All looks at her..) We will see a good muhurat to get them engaged.

Naira was so happy..

K-Dadi goes to Naira ..

K-Dadi : Be ready to be our kittu’s bride..

Naira : Ji Dadi..

K-Dadi : Toh.. chaliey .. phir milte hai..

They leaves..



Kartik keerti and shubham was in luv-kush’s room . And luv-kush were sleeping..

Shubham explains everything that happend in Singhania sadan..

Keerti : That mean  you will have  a love + arranged marriage.. That is awesome..

Kartik : Kya awesome.. didn’t you see dadi’s face she was in anger and we also didn’t realise.. we started to fight like old days..


Dadi’s room…

Surekha : Kya hua maaji you look tensed..

K -Dadi : Ofcourse i am.. Didn’t you see how naira behaved.. she was fighting woth kittu like a kid.. i don’t think she can hadle this family..

Surekha : Then why did you agree…

K-Dadi : Because i gave them a word.. keerthi is staying here making my word a joke.. and i don’t want to repate it again..



Dadaji : We are so angry at you Naira.. you should have told us.. that you love..

Naira : Dadaji.. i have informed Papa and Naksh bhai.. about it.. and at the moment when you said that.. there is a good relation.. and i thought it was for gayu di..

Gayu :For me… Oh.. that’s why you kept congragulating me.. and …

Naira : Yes.. di..

Naitik : Just leave all this.. be happy that naira is geting engaged to boy of his choice..

Naksh : And he was a lot preparation to do..

Rukhmini enters..

Rukhmini : kya.. shaddhi.. None didn’t inform me..

Choti Dadi : We thought we will inform you when things gets at a right place..

Rukhmini : Congragulations.. Gayu..

Gayu : Shadhi meri nahi.. Naira ki hai..

Rukhmini : What..Badi behen se phele choti ki shaadhi.. I thought you guys didn’t make differences with Gayu and Naira..

All gets sad..

Gayu : Rukhmini dadi.. i am still studing.. and marriage and all i am not ready for such things.. and I know.. everyone here loves me as equal as they love Naira..

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