Tumse hi… kaira & keesh Ff – Episode 1

A small mansion is shown is shown.. its quote simple but yet creative.. Inside the mansion we can see a white coloured wall were some family pics are kept…..

In the dinning area three people are shown sitting having there breakfast.. it was noneother than Naira, Naksh & Naitik..

Naksh : Naira.. try these cheese bread its quite good..

Naira : Thanks bhai..

Naksh : You should better eat … don’t just stare at it..

Naitika : Naksh.. How about these boy he is good.. and his family background is also good..

Naksh : But he stays in abroad.. i don’t think you should be able to stay away from your princess papa…

Naitik : That’s true.. so what about this..

Naksh : Naira ..  I am sure papa will get you married as soon as possible..

Naitik : Ots not that easy.. he should be from a good family at the same time … from same area.. because neither me nor my princess can stay away from each other…

Naira : Papa.. i..I lo..

Naksh : When did you start stammering..

Naira(in one go) : Papa.. i love someone..

Naitik : Naira … look at me.. I never thought that you will keep secrets from me.. i thought you used to share everything with me…

Naira : I am so.. sorry papa…but..

Naitika : Its okay.. just tell us who he is we will send a …..

Naira : No need papa… Karthik will talk to his parents..

Naksh : kartik… What is his full name.. Naira

Naira : Karthik goenka..

Naksh : Where did you met him..

Naira : At college …

Another mansion is shown with a name board written Goenka’s on it …

Inside the mansion a side of it were arranged with their family photos..

Shubham was continuously looking at the family photo (1st one)

Keerthi : Why are you staring at this picture..??

Shubham : Can’t you see di.. i am missing init.

Suwarna : How told you to go abroad for stidies..

Shubham : Lets click anotherone naa.. which includes me also..

Keerthi : Umm.. we will think about that little brother..

Shubham : I am not little..

Manish : Kids.. come and have your breakfast

Shubham & keerthi also comes and dines with them..

Shubham : Morning bhai..

Kartik : Morning shubham..

Kartik : Dad.. please call mom.. actually i have to tell you guys something important

Suwarna also comes .. they all sits looking to kartik who was just smiling..

Manish : Kartik … we are waiting..

Kartik : Dad.. i am in love.

Suwarna : What..

Shubham : When..

Keerthi : Who is she..

Manish : Explain kartik..

Kartik : Her name is Naira … singhania..

Suwarna : How could you just decide it like this … after all these happening..

Kartik : Cool guys.. Don’t worry she is from the same caste and she is also from our native palce..

Manish : Its not that.. its about keerthi.. its been just two months after her divorce..

Keerthi : Dad.. please.. ots kartik’s life don’t put my problems into his life.. I said that i need time..

Suwarna : I don’t how will Maaji react..

Shubham : Bye how did you meet her first time..

Kartik : We were colleagues..

Manish : So what happened that you suddenly informes us..

Kartik : Actually her parents looking for a good relation for her. so we thought its better we sgould inform you guys as in future we don’t have to face problems..

Precap :    Seperation..

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