Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi- Family episode 9

Hi guys. I don’t think I got to say thanks to all the silent readers and the people that comment so thank you. I asked for songs but didn’t get songs by the time I am writing this so sorry if your song is not included.

Scene 1:
Everyone reaches the hotel
A problem

Receptionist- We don’t have three room available for the three husband and wife
Ajay, Anju, and Bhushan- What! but we book everyone a room
Receptionist- We only have two rooms
Sanjana, Mishri, and Shreya- Ok fine. In one room the girls will sleep and the other the boys will sleep
Boys(in their minds)- What that’s not fair
Dadi- Ok
Boys- Dadi it’s going to take them forever to get ready
Girls- Ok fine so that means we will not go anywhere with you guys
Boys- We didn’t mean that
Girls- Forget them lets go
Boys- Dadi
Dadi- I can’t do anything
Everyone goes to their room

Scene 2:

Dadi- I want a grandson or granddaughter
Shreya- I think Sanjana will give you one soon
Sanjana- No because the older one gives the first grandson or granddaughter and you are elder, right Mishri?
Mishri- Right
Shreya- No it can be anyone
Sanjana- No older first
Mishri- Yeah bhabhi you first
Shreya- I don’t want to sit here. I am going
Sanjana Mishri sing “Sorry” from ABCD
Sanjana and Mishri (whisper)- You might get lucky today. There is one room available now.
Shreya- Oh really. You wait and watch
Shreya chases them
Throwing pillows
Shreya- Dadi,you see how they are teasing me
Dadi- What did they say
Sanjana and Mishri behind Bhushan
They start singing “Wah Wah Ramji” and giving her eye looks
Shreya- I am going to kill the both of you
Bhushan and Dadi- Why?
Sanjana and Mishri- Dadi we will tell you
They tell Dadi what they whispered to Shreya
Dadi starts laughing
Shreya- I am leaving
Dadi- Ok stop teasing her. Lets play a game
They start passing a pillow the music stops it lands on Shreay
Sanjana- Bhushan bhai stand up
Bhushan- Why
Sanjana- Just stand up
Bhushan- Fine
Sanjana- Now you have to dance with bhabhi closely on the song “Saans”
Sanjana and Mishri high-five each other
They finish dancing (imagine a romantic dance)
The game starts again. The only two are ajay and Sanjana
Sanjana winks at Ajay and Ajay losses.
Ajay- She cheated
Dadi- She would never do that
Ajay- Dadi
Dadi- Fine lets change the game. You have to sing but only romantic songs.
The pillow lands on Bhushan
Bhushan sings “Tum Hi Ho”
The pillow lands on the Sanjana
Shreya- Sing a song for Ajay
Ajay similes
Sanjana- Ok and she sings “Maiyya Yashoda”
Shreya- Why that song
Sanjana- He is irritating but loves his family
Ajay- I am irritating
Sanjana- Yes
Ajay- I am not talking to you
Sanjana- Ok
Dadi- You are not going to persuade him
Sanjana- No because when he need something he will talk to me
Shreya- At least sing a song for her
Ajay- Fine and sings ” Ye Tune Kya Kiya”
Dadi- It’s late lets go to sleep
Everyone leaves for their rooms

Scene 3:
Ajay pulls Sanjana to the side
Ajay- My kiss
Sanjana- No
Ajay pulls her close and kisses her
Ajay- Finally we have a room
They enter the room
Ajay hugs her from the back
He pulls the blouse string and kisses her neck and shoulder
He turns her and kisses her hard
They go to sleep.

Scene 4:
Anju and Mishri room
Anju- Mishri say you love me
Mishri- I love you
Anju pulles her close and kisses her
Anju- Wear this
Mishri comes out wearing a short blue and silver color dress
Anju pins her to the wall and they kiss
He lifts her and puts her on the bed. They consummate their marriage.

Scene 5:
Shreya and Bhushan room
They walk in
Bhushan pulles her close and kisses her
She tries to get away but Bhushan catches her
He pulls her blouse knot and kisses her neck
They consummate their marriage.

Next- More confusion and more teasing

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