Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi- Family episode 8

Hi guys so sorry I was really busy and sick. This is going to be short. Please give me some hindi songs. I know hindi songs but want to know you opinion (any hindi song not just romantic but if you want it only to be romantic then it’s ok). Thank you so much for reading my Fanfiction Hope you like it.

Scene 1:
Sanjana and Ajay bedroom

Sanjana wakes up and tries to wake up ajay

Sanjana- Ajay wake up, you have to go to work
Ajay- No few more minutes
Sanjana (hits him with a pillow)- Wake up
Ajay (mad)- I’m up
Sanjana- Get ready
Ajay- First a kiss
Sanjana- No
Ajay pulls hers and kisses her on the lips
Sanjana blushing
Ajay- Now I will get ready and you look cute blushing
Sanjana blushes more

Scene 2:
Dadi calls everyone

Dadi- We are going on a family picnic for one week
Everyone (all the characters even shreay)- Ok
Ajay (in mind)- More time to spend with Sanjana
Everyone go to their room

Scene 3:
Ajay and Sanjana room

Sanjana- Ajay help me pack
Ajay- Ok
Ajay hugs her from the back
Sanjana- Leave me. I said help me pack not romance
Ajay- I will help but first a kiss
Sanjana- You had one in the morning
Ajay- I want one or eles I will get one
Sanjana- No
Ajay turns her around pulls her and kisses her.
Ajay lifts her and puts her on the bed and they go to sleep.

Next- Family vacation starts and confusion

  1. short but nice waiting for vacation episode eagerly….

    1. Thank you. I will update soon.

  2. Very nice… what type of song you want? Romantic , sad, party type?
    Update soon..

    1. Any actually they are going to be playing a game so I need songs but mostly party, romantic, and happpy.

  3. songs from Phata Poster Nikhla Hero are fun and romantic

    1. Thanks for the songs but I already posted episode 9 before you wrote your songs. So sorry I will try to use it on other episodes

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