Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi- Family episode 11

Hi guys. I am sorry for not uploading. My internet was down and then tellyupdate said we would be able to submit fanfictions on Wednesday. This might be short so sorry in advance. I want to once again thank silent readers and commenters.

Scene 1:
Vinthi and Shreay come to breakfast and not feeling well.
Sanjana- Are you guys ok?
Shreay- I feel like vomiting
Vinthi- Me too
Mishri comes and has a big smile same as Sanjana
Mishri and Sanjana- You guys are pregnant!!! Congrats!!!!
They tell everyone
Everyone is happy

Scene 2:
Time to leave
Ajay and Sanjana is one car with Mishri and Anju
Everyone else in a bus
They leave
Sanjana- I am happy for them
Mishri- Me too but watch how their husbands will complain about the things they need to do
Sanjana- You are right
They turn on the radio (listening to whatever song you feel like should be playing)

Scene 3:
Everyone returns home
Everyone goes to their room
Ajay and Sanjana room

Ajay- Sanjana please wear this
Sanjana- No
Ajay- Please (making puppy face)
Sanjana- Fine
Sanjana comes out wearing a baby pink and gold net saree
The light are out and the room is dark
Ajay comes from behind and hugs her
He starts kissing her and turns her around
Without letting her talk kisses her
They intimate

Next- Leap and romance

  1. Very nice.
    Update soon

    1. Thanks. I will try to update soon. Thanks for reading

  2. nice one but short
    happy that ur update has all family members and are happy and positive

    1. Thanks. I know it short but everytime I try to submit a long one the page keeps saying I can’t so that’s why. I hate negativity so that why I made them all positive. Thanks for reading.

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