Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi- Family episode 10 Promo

Hi guys. I am sorry for not uploading. I need to thank the silent readers and the people comment. This promo will be with ideas that I get. I will not say their name because I didn’t ask them if I can use their name. So on with the promo

At breakfast new entries come
Dadi thinks the new entry and Shreya is pregnant
Dadi tells Sanjana and Mishri that
Sanjana and Mishri know that the new entry and Shreya are not pregnant but want to tease them.
They agree to help Dadi
Shreya and new entry get very irritated and certain things happen
More romance in between the story
Sanjana and Mishri try hard to avoid the boys
Ajay and Anju make a plan
Dadi upset with the boys
Boys try to convince Dadi.

Who are the new entries?
What is the plan that Dadi and the girls came up with?
Who is going to be romancing?
Will the boys be able to convince Dadi?

Guys also I was thinking about ending this fanfiction after episode 15. Tell me what you think. If you guys think I am ending this fanfiction after 15 is because I don’t have comments then you guys are wrong. I am thinking of ending it because I don’t know if I will have time to update in a week so please tell me what you guys think. I write for myself and not comments so I am not asking for comments I just need to know if I should continue after episode 15. Thanks again for all the silent readers and commenters.

  1. promo is quite exiting…
    i really like ur fan fiction
    plz don’t end so early
    i daily open this for ur fanfiction an i enjoy it totally
    even though late plz continue it…

    1. Thanks for your opinion. I will not end it. I have put in a new episode but will take a will to upload.

  2. Nice promo…
    Please don’t end it so soon. I really like your story and there is no other story on AjNa so please continue and give us some more ajay sanjana moments to cherish.

    1. Thanks for your opinion. I will not end it so soon. Also I have put in a new episode but will take time to upload.

  3. Please don’t end it. Your fanfiction is awesome

    1. Thanks for your opinion. I will not end it so soon. And thanks for the comments

  4. Guys sorry for not updating but its a maha episode so it will take a little bit more time to update

  5. waiting for ur episode

    1. I know but the episode is really long so I am thinking if I should parts or upload the full episode

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