Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi- Family episode 10 (Maha Episode)

Hi guys. I am sorry for not uploading. I was confused if I should do parts or upload full. It is a Maha episode. Thank you such positive response.

Scene 1:
Vinthi and Amar come
Everyone gets happy and are eating breakfast
Dadi- Sanjana and Mishri I need to talk to you
Mishri and Sanjana- What Dadi
Dadi- I think Shreay and Vinthi are pregnant
Mishri and Sanjana- Really but why do you want to tell us that
Dadi- I need your help to find out if they are really pregnant
Mishri and Sanjana (whisper)- Let’s help and we get to tease them
(They know that they are not pregnant)
Dadi- Will you help
Mishri and Sanjana- Yes
Anju and Ajay come there
Ajay- What do you need help with?
Dadi- Nothing but you won’t get your wife till late night
Ajay and Anju- What!!!!
Girls laughing
Dadi laughing with them
Dadi- The girls and me are done so we are leaving

Scene 2:
Shreay and Vinthi with their husband are about to go to the beach
Sanjana stops them
Sanjana- Where are you guys going
Shreay- Beach
Mishri- Ok then make sure you get a rental car because your back would pain a lot during this time
Shreay- What are you saying
Mishri- Sanjana bhabhi they are acting like they do not know
Dadi- They know but they are shy of telling it to us
Sanjana- I know but it’s ok I want to find out more so that I am prepared when they decide to take rest.
Mishri- Why
Sanjana- They take rest but it’s crying then how they rest so I have to be prepared you also be prepared.
Ajay- For what
Sanjana- Umm…….. nothing. Let’s go Mishri
Anju- Where are you going
Sanjana- She has work with me

Scene 3:
Ajay and Anju confused about their wifes
They come up with a plan
Ajay and Anju are walking when all of a sudden they slip and fall and twist their legs
Sanjana and Mishri come there running and slip on the water and fall on top of their husbands
They share an intense eyelock
The girls come in their senses and help the boys up
The boys try to walk but end up taking support of their wife’s shoulder
Sanjana and Mishri manage to get them in the room

Scene 4:
Sanjana and Ajay room
Sanjana- Wait let me get the first aid box
Ajay gets up from the bed and pulls her by the waist
Sanjana- Wait so you faked it
Ajay- You had important work and not time for me so I had a plan to get time with you.
Sanjana- Leave me I have work
Ajay- No
Ajay pulled her closer and turns her around and without thinking about her kissed her hard
Sanjana tries to leave but he pulled her by her pulla and kissed her neck and shoulder
Ajay- Why do you have to look very hot
Sanjana blushes and they get intimate

Scene 5:
Anju and Mishri room
Mishri- Are you ok? Let me get first aid
Anju walks towards her with a rose in his hand
Pulled her by the waist and gave the rose
Mishri got angry and started to shout at him
Mishri- You fake all of this. What is this. Did you not think about me and how I would feel? You idiot, fool, stupid, monkey, I hate you. What do you think of yourself
Anju pulled her and kissed her to make her quiet
She started to leave but he pulled her and they got intimate

Scene 6:
Shreay and Vinthi are coming back from beach
Shreay- What do you think they were talking about that was related to us.
Vinthi- I don’t know but tell me what happened when I was not here
Shreay tells her
Shreay- What about you living in USA.

Amar and Vinthi left for USA because of Amar work.
Flashback ends

Precap: Good news and more romance

  1. The best thing about your fan-fiction is that there is no negativity and a lot of romance and bond between the members of Pethawala family

    1. Thanks. I hate negativity. Thank you again for reading my fan-fiction.

  2. Wow it was so good.
    Looking forward to more Ajna…

    1. Thanks. Their will will be more romance for each pair. Thank you again for reading my fan-fiction.

  3. superub episode
    romance and teasing b/w pairs was too gud
    eagerly waiting for good news…
    all characters are written so nicely

    1. Thanks. I am glad to know that you love the pairs, romance and teasing and waiting for the good news. Thank you again for reading my fan-fiction.

  4. Plz update it soon

    1. Yeah sure

  5. When will they have children Ajay and Sanjana

    1. Their will be a leap and after that. It’s coming just wait. I also have school so it’s hard to update daily

  6. waiting for ur episode

    1. I know but my internet was down and now its telling me I can’t submit my other episodes so I have been so confused

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