Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 2nd October 2015 Written Episode Update

Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 2nd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Dadi says such good proposal walked in our house itself. Kirlok says we wanna ask Mishri’s decision. Ajay says do you like that guy Mishri? sanjana says you know we will accept whatever you say. Elaichi says tell us what you want. Mishri says I accept the proposal. Everyone is glad. Mishri says I have a condition. Tell him all the truth that i can never be a mom. Sanjana says i think she is right. We should never start off a relationship with lies. Kirlok says yes base of every relation is truth.

The guy and his family come next day. Kirlok tell them about mishri’s accident. Elaichi says mishri wanted you people to know the truth. Arnch says i want to talk to my parents for two minutes. They go out to discuss, after a while they come in. Manohar says when your son told me about your daughter i was shocked that she has inspired him so much in one meet up. And what we talked here about makes us think that we should not be late in fixing this wedding. Everyone is happy. Manohar hugs kirlok. He says our friendship is now a relation. He is leaving next week, so we have to get them wed this week. I want them to go together. Dadi says yes everything will be done. Shaina comes in. Manohar asks who is she? Kirlok says her brother is murdered. She is looking for him. Manohar says i hope you find them soon. She says thank you uncle.

Mishri is sitting in tears. She says I did all this. Sanjana comes and says you did that to save me. You are about to start a new chapter, forget the past and move on in life. the guy is quite handsome too. you go to london and live your life. Don’t forget us. she says why would i. I cant leave you and ajay alone in all this. sanjana hugs her.
Ajay is in his room. Shaina comes in. She says i heard about mishri. Congratulations. she shakes hands. She says i really miss ajju. He says now go i have some work. Sanjana comes in and sees her holding ajay’s hand. Sanjana says what was that? Ajay says she was congratulating me. she says who congratulates this way? She says are you jealous? She says you wont talk to her and other girls anymore. Ajay holds her and says why would i when my wife is so beautiful.

Sanjana and vinati are going to shop. Vinati says this has brought so much happiness in the house. Ajju is there trying to start his bike. Sanjana and vinati are in jewelry shop. Vinati takes a selfie. Ajju comes in same shop to sell a ring. Ajju says my debit card is blocked so i want to sell it urgently. Keeper says write your personal details here.
Sanjana sees ajju’s back in mirror. Sanjana is shocked, she drops the mirror. sanjna goes out to look for him but he is nowhere. sanjana asks the keeper the man who came here. Did he tell you his name? He says yes written here. sanjana reads the name and is shocked.

Ajju is on his bike he says i am leaving from here. I will be there in some time.
Shaina comes to shreya and tells her that mishri is so weak and feared. We can force her to say the truth herself. shreya gives him a packet and says make mishri drink it. Then you just have to ask her questions. Ajay and sanjana will take the blame and will be out. Then i will rule this house. Bhushan comes in and says who will rule? shreya i shocked.

Precap-Shaina says congrats to mishri. She mixes something in mishri’s drink. Ajay drinks it instead of mishri.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. omg till updating ah

  2. Nice episode ,but short episode

  3. arach aka saral makes me remember manmarzian so much and how much I misd it

  4. Good episode. but it’s so short and it’s not clear that sanjina is sure that ajju is alive .

  5. I don’t believe this guy who wanna marry mishri

  6. His the guy who hit misiri in the car accident I guess so

  7. the episode waz owesome…bt too short

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