Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 29th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 29th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Shaina is stealing gold and money from locker. Shreya comes in and says what are you stealing from my room. Don’t try to act smart with me. shaina says i will tell everyone. Shreya says this was my plan i brought you here. Shreya says you cant earn this much in whole life. I wont take a moment to expose. I made you shaina from a normal thief. So do as i ask. Shaina says leave my hand, don’t forget this was your plan and you are behind it. shreya says yes because i have brain. I brought you in this house. The money I am giving you is enough for you. If you try to do this again i will tell everyone that you are a theif not ajju’s sister. Shaina says you need eyes to see proofs as well. I will expose you sa well. Shreya says you can never reach bottom level of my thinking capacity. if i can burn my hand to clear sanjana’s doubts then I can burn half of my body. But I have a lot of money i can get treatments. If i kick you out of here you wont be even abe to beg. Don’t try to act smart with me. Now you will do as I ask. Now give it back to me. Shaina returns the gold. Shreya says wait for my next orders. Shreya leaves. Shaina says in heart this time i have to be careful.

Sanjana sees mishri and is worried. she turns on lights of her room. she says look mishri i brought you such amazing food. Will you watch dance india dance? She shows her the ad. Ajay is seeing them. Sanjana says none of them can compete you. Ajay says sometimes you talk sense. Shreya says i always do. Ajay says Mishri forget what has happened lets start a new life. Sanjana says you entertain everyone in the house. Now eat this. Mishri says i dont wanna eat nor do i want to go out. Ajay says why are you worried we are with you. Mishri says i dont wanna talk to anyone. Sanjana says okay just eat please. Mishri shoves it away and says I dont want to eat. Mishri says why did this happen to me. Sanjana says you did that to save me. Its not your fault. Sanjana says believe me i will do whatever i can do save you. Mishri says would that change the truth? Sanjana says we can fight it. Mishri says okay i promise i will fight all my fears and dance as well. Sanjana says that my sister. Now go tell ajay where you wanna go, what college you wanna join.

Elaichi says to sanjana mishri looks worried these days. sanjana says she i my sister i will take care of her. Everyone sits down for tea. Kirlok asks bhushan did you bring papers? Bhushan says yes. Shaina calls someone and says that girl has left do as i asked you. she makes done sign to shreya. There is a parcel for shaina on the door. She receives it. Bhushan and kirlok are about to leave. Lights turn off. Kirlok says what happened. Shaina says i turned them off. What i have to show you, its important to turn lights off. kirlok says don’t forget that you here because of ajju. You will stay here till post mortem reports. Till then don’t do anything that forces us to kick you out of here. He says lets go ajay and bhushan.

Mishri comes to college in rickshaw. She drops something from her purse. Someone comes and picks it up. Its her ID card.

Precap-Ajay says where is it? Mishri says i feel like someone is following me. Ajay saysits nothign like that. That man is ajju and he enters the college.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Omg omg omg…. Ajju is alive… Interesting very interesting…

  2. So knew tat Shreya brought tat woman in2 the house, only she can do something so dirty!!!!!! Ther hav been so many times wen they cud hav caught Shreya an yet they ar not allowing her to b caught, RUBBISH, hope tat Bushan realy throw her out of the house this time, tat girl deserves to b locked up this time……. Yes an that Ajju is alive is a definite , also Shreya’s doing!!!!!!!!!

  3. This was one of my favourite serial. But now I think theres nothing interesting.. Its the same old story happening again.. It took like so long just to expose shreya of her wrong doings in front of the family and yet again she is back with a new plan.. I mean like seriously.. Is she that smart or other family members are dumb that they don’t realise it.. I only read the updates these days bcoz its not worth wasting 30 mins..P S: Please show the unity and love amongst the family members and not the shreya drama.. Enough of it..

  4. Same old stories…….boring . The writers should bring something new

  5. I knew it shaina is pawn of shreya

  6. I like this new twist… its sickening how the viewers wish to see love scenes all the time. If u want to see romance badly…go…go and see a love story…a serail ahud be like this for me…..full of twists…way to go

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