Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 29th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 29th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Samar says chachi get me ready. Vinati says i will dress you, Samar says no she knows it better. Shreya says mummy said she will you get you ready. Everyone is dazed. Shreya says samar mummy is always right, if your mom allows me to dress you then i will. Vinati says he is too stubborn. Shreya says lets go samar i will get you ready.
Shreya’s mom calls her. Shreya says i am really tired, i haven’t even slept. Her mom says get that CD first, Shreya says i can’t i am really tired just stop it. Samar goes to change, shreya goes to sanjana’s room to look for CD, servant comes in.

Sanjana wakes up in the morning and sees ajay sleeping on the floor. She covers him with sheet and says i should take a bath and make something for ajay and baba. Sanjana goes out, Agarwal’s thugs are there.

Maid asks shreya you needed something? shreya says no room is messed up i came to clean it. Maid says no i will do it, shreya says i will help you. Elaichi says what are you doing here? Shreya says i thought sanjana and ajay would come up tired so i should clean this room. Elaichi says angoori will do it. Shreya says i am going to check samar then. Sanjana goes to temple. Ajay goes out, the thugs catch him and start hitting him.
Samar comes in her dress, Elaichi is quite. Dadi says what are you thinking? Elaichi says samar’s voice reminded me of ajay. Dadi says he will be fine. Vinati asks Shreya are you ready? Shreya says there is a lot of work in the house. Vinati says you worked so hard on him. Shreya says what samar wants? samar says lets go. Shreya says okay then lets go.
The thugs are hitting ajay and want to stab him. Ajay throws a pot on one’s face. Sanjana says i dont want anything for myself, Ajay and his family are so nice. I hope he never faces any problem. The thug stabs ajay. He falls down. Baba comes there to save ajay, he and ajay beat all the thugs down. One of them runs. Sanjana comes and says what is happeneing baba? Who were they? baba says take him from here, these thugs want to kill him. Take him from here. Sanjana is crying she picks ajay up.
Samar shows shreya another student who has same costume. Shreya says you will win summer. Shreya comes with a sheet and says we can make samar’s hat, they make wear it. The other boy’s mom does the same. Dadi says this is so wrong. Shreya says to the woman why are you copying us? The woman says i am not doing anything, i made the cap everyone can. Shreya says to ma’am you have to write his name in the list, our son prepared all night. Dadi says to vinati shreya is doing all this like elaichi.

Sanjana says ajay please dont give up, She tries to take him down and stop a car but no one listens. Sanjana sees the same jeep with kids, they stop it and make them sit.
Kirlok says shreya’s idea was amazing. Elaichi says samar is sweet like a chocolate. Ayush gets a call and says yes sanjana? What? He says hospital. Kirlok asks what happened? Ayush says ajay is injured and in hospital.

Precap-Agarwal comes to hospital and takes ajay’s ventilator off, he says i wont leave you, you married my daughter.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Gosh why can’t agarwal see his daughter happy and leave her alone

  2. I just wonder if this Agarwal will get away with this. In these shows, evil wins, always. Well, if he continues like this, it must bring Ajay & Sanjana close.

  3. so sad for ajay…

  4. I cannot understand why these stories should portray close family members with murderous attitude. In all dramas a close relative always want another killed. What is India coming to?. Will any Indian want to be related to a family with such a person?. No. Then why are these dramas like this. TV dramas are family entertainment, unlike movies.

  5. Pls ab is serial Ko Phir se Acha kar do Bht ho Gaya hai ab serya Aur awagral ka drama .

  6. Ek mushibad kya kam tha jo aaab dushri parkat ho gayae serial makers plz b practical….

  7. I do not understand why the people in the shows keep mum and everything goes on wrong. Koi bhi sach kyon nahi batata. If ajay and sanjana would have told the real thing about ajju. No family member would have behaved like this and ajay would not be in problems. Show toh chalana hai.

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