Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 28th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 28th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Avni and shekhar are on the roof top. He says nice view. he asks how are you? she says good. He says i like working and making something out of life. I play tennis, go to gym and i have a band to i do the vocals and guitar. I go to club on weekends. She smiles. He says i have completed my MBA. i keep in doing courses. she says you are really talented. He says i love nature. She says you are an all rounder. He says tell me about you? what have you studied. She says i have done B.Sc. She says i love cooking i did bakery classes. he says thats all? nothing else? He says how you spend your day? She says i wake up with arti, then i wake up my brothers, i get kids ready for school.Then i get mamma ji and amarr lunch ready. i spend time with mishri. I stay with mami ji in kitchen, Bhushan asks me for massage. Ajay and uppal spend some time with me as well. this is our small and happy family. He says in mid of all this will you get time for me?

They come downstairs. dadi says sit here. the lady says lets ask the guy first, Mamma ji says we ask the the girl first. We asked our daughter in laws first as well. elaichi says avni say it, she smiles. Mamma ji says i know what she wants to say. she is ready for it. If she is ready then we are too. dadi says shekhar what is it? He says papa i am sorry but i cant marry her. Everyone is shocked and taken aback. His dad says what is it? he says i can’t marry here. Bhushan comes in and says what? Avni stands up, Dadi holds her hand. bhushan says what is wrong with her? she is a topper in college, she used to be in all extra curricular activities. She lacks nothing. Mamma ji says stop it bhushan. Bhushan says ask him why he said no. He says let me explain avni is so nice, she is pretty but she is not my type. his mom says how can you do this? we have given them our word. He says this girl is not fit for me. Bhushan says how can you say that about her. He says we are different from each other,you know you should always choose lif partner of your time. she has all her interest in home, she doesn’t wanna do something in life. i am sorry but she can’t be my wife. they leave. Avni goes crying to her room. Sherya goes as well.

Kirlok says how can someone reject our girl. Dadi says we told everyone we didn’t think that they need to like or dislike each other. Elaichi says we were hasty. kirlok says her self respect is hurt. dadi says no one say something that will down her confidence. this times of times come. we can make her feel better.

Everyone gets to the normal routine. Mishri and vinati are in kitchen. Vinati says mishri ask avni she is so perfect she would know how to cook it. Avni says i am not that perfect. dadi says elaichi will make pakory today and avniwill help her out.
Avni says mammi ji lets warm the oil. they cook the pakory together. Avni says we cant put water in oil. Elaichi says oil and water are both good but we they can’t stay together. Amae that guy is good and so are you but you can’t live with him. bhsuhan says avni would disappear if she goes for hiking and all.

Bhushna comes to room, sherya is so mad. He says sorry if thats possible. He holds her hand.
Avni says its my mistake i should apologize sherya bhabhi. sherya says you lied to me, you said you had a bruise. he says look at me at least. He says how could i not come. he says you could bring me here by force, you acted like you fell. You know how scared i was? Avni overhears it all and leaves.

Precap-ajay is with sanjina on bike, sanjina’s dad asks where were you? she says there were extra classes. he says how did you come?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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