Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 26th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 26th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Ajay says why you do this every time? why you played that song? now you wont have an answer. Do you know how bad it is to interrupt mamma ji. She says i swear i didn’t play it. i dont know how it played, ajay says yes some ghost played it. sanjina says i dont know how it played. he says give it to me, he takes he it. Sanjina says ajay is about to call he says you wont have it, he throws it away.

Vinati says i am so happy i have got 2 likes on my post. avni says we are making a video for ayush’ match, so we can show him after he wins. Kirlok says we are sure he would win. dadi says he is like his grandad. They ask elaichi what are you making? sanjina watches them. elaichi says i am making sweet/ she says i wont tell, you will buy it form outside. They ask bhushan. bhushan says you have to win. you whole family is with you. sanjina watches them and smiles. ajay takes her to the room. he gives her the phone. she says what is it? he says i broke your phone. She says really? but how you become so nice? she says thank you. he says keep your buttering to yourself. i have given this to you so you dont complain your dad. she says why dont you trust me i never called him. he says i can’t trust you ever. Dont try to be my friend, that is not possible.

Shreya calls, boxing association, she says this is my responisibilty to tell you something. ayush will be taking drugs before the match, i will email you the details and images. avni and uppal come in. shreya is shocked. Avni says how can you do this? shreya is scared. they laugh and say what happened to you? why are you so nervous? Shreya smiles. she tells ayush that everyone is making the video for him. he says let me pack the bag, then i will check them. Shreya says i will pack the bag. He says okay. Shreya sees the packet and places it in his bag.
Everyone makes the video, ajay comes and says ayush best of luck, ayush ignores him and sits with amar. they all ignore ajay. Elaichi is in the kitchen, sanjina comes there. she pretends on call i know how to make these basin sweets. Let the oil warm. Dont put anything before that. now put in ghee just two spoons. she tells the whole recipe and elaichi follows it. Elaichi makes it, sanjina says in heart you will have to pardon ajay mammi ji. he is your family.
Vinati says i wont taste the sweets what if they break my teeth. Uppal says they are made for ayush. elaichi comes and says good luck sweet is ready. they all taste it. ayush says they are really tasty, i can’t believe it. Everyone is dazed. Avni says what is the recipe. Vinati says anything made with love has to be tasty. Ayush is mammi’s favorite. Uppal says no ajay, everyone is quite for a while.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. atiba,write d precap cz it gona b shown daily.got it

    1. U like a rude b*t*h like ragani from ikmp

  2. Sanjana is sweet…..I hope shreya change ho jaaye

  3. Attitude se

  4. Why they are making heroine vampire? First they showed only about Bhushan and Shreya na. I thought she is heroine but now she turned into vampire ?

    1. EXACTLY!!!! Since when the main character is the negative role!?!??! Madness. I have stopped watching this show totally because of this!

    2. From what I remember at the beginning, they said no one is a hero/ heroine. The show is about the entire family. I guess they concentrated on Bhushan and Shreya so they can get to this point of her being bad.

  5. Ajay and sanju super jodi……y sheraya doing lyk this and her make up..look alike a vampire…

    1. Her make up is getting worse by the day.

  6. Recap:shreyas phone ring..sanjana answer it but before she can spk anythng shreyas mother started saying and sanjana came to know bout shreyas plan of keeping money in ayushs bag

  7. Awww…I just love Ajay sooo much +his scenes with sanjana are sooo hilarious…. and I’m sure their marriage wouldn’t break because by the time his friend Ajju is back he would have fallen in love with Sanjana.

  8. They can make more sanjana n ajay scenes

    1. I think this will be beginning of romance between the them. It will be nice.

  9. I like ajay and sanjana…..the look very nice with each other…..

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