Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 20th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 20th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
They all prepare the road for bhushan and sherya’s wedding. Ayush comes and knocks a door, a girl opens the door and is shocked to see its the boxing star. He says since i am here you can take the autograph. but before that i need a little help. Aju and ajay come running with sticks to build the marriage hall. Ayush collects utensils from all the ladies but giving them autograph. Amar decorate the road. Mishri and avni cook the food. They sing typical song. Everything is almost ready. They bring bhushan and say you will see what you have never see in dreams as well. He opens his eyes and says sherya will be so glad to see this arrangement, but how will she come here?

Sherya’s mom says all the roads are empty. She is sitting upset. her dad says there is nothing outside. She is in tears. All the pethaywala family is worried. ajay says we will bring her. Lets go ajju we dont have time. They both leave. Sherya gets a call from ajju. He says come downstairs with your parents we are standing there. Sherya says what are you both doing here? ajju says bhushan couldn’t wait. COme trust us. They sit in the pick up, sherya says thank you. They reach the venue. Bhsuhan says couldn’t they come. Ajay says sorry bhaiya. He says she has brother in laws like us how couldn’t she come. Sherya comes out of the lorry. Bhushan is so happy to see her. amar says will you take a look at our decoration sherya or will you keep staring at bhushan? sherya says its wonderful Its like a dream. Sherya’s mom says you did a miracle.

They make sherya sit in the doli of sflowers they made. Amar gives turban to bhushan. Some pick sherya and some pick bhushan. Sherya’s dad says where is pandit ji? amar syas to mamma ji pandit ji is not coming. Bhushan says how will we get married without pandit ji? Dadi says i will become pandit. Dont be so dazed. I have seen so many weddings i know all the rituals. Mishri says our dadi is rockstar. Bhushan says i love you dadi. dadi says sherya make bhushan wear wedding garland. Avni says we have made this garlan with all our love. They pick up Bhushan, she jumps and maker him wear. Avni and mishri take her aside. Bhsuhan makes her wear it finally. They sit. dadi sings the mantra. He fills her hairline with sindur.
They stand up for the rounds. The take the rounds around fire. They clap when they are one. dadi says are you happy? shrya says i am so glad this is like a dream, thank you so much, dadi says thank the family. Amar comes and hugs sherya. All brothers come and hug him. Sherya meets her parents and hugs them. She says take care of yourself and papa. Elaici says i know no one can be like a mom but she ahs held hadn of bhushan he will never leave her alone.

Precap-Vianti says bhushan you have a surprise. Its a honeymoon package. One honeymoon package has been sent by sherya’s mom dad as well. bhushan asks sherya to cancel that one.

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