Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 19th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 19th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Shreya says i am going to buy coconut you should pick the call. She goes and sees ajay with sanjina. They are looking for brownie. She slips, Ajay holds her. Shreya watches them.
Shreya says i have to expose ajay. He was with the girl papa doesn’t like. Bhushan calls everyone. bhushan says we always give gifts together this time, amar is giving gift alone to mummy papa. Avni says this is not fair. Mishri says would you give it to them alone? Amar says yes i will give them this alone. Bhushan says why are you doing this? you are already their favorite. Amar says all gifts are not measured in terms of their cost. somethings are emtionally costly. amar says i am planning to make a video of their special moments together. Bhushan says wow this is so good. I wish i could come up with such idea. You deserve to be their favorite.

Vinati comes with ajay’s clothes. The laundary man checks the pockets and gives a paper to shreya from ajay’s pocket. Shreya takes the paper, she is shocked. Sanjina and ajay come and see people throwing out sanjina’s stuff. she says this is my house and i paid all the rent. The owner says we are sick and my tenants are annoyed because of you. sanjina says how can you throw out a married woman. He says married woman? I doubt that. He says you leave her alone? You dont even live with her. Tell me are you married or not? Ajay says where will we go? he says if you wanna live give me your marriage certificate. Ajay says it is submitted for passport. The man says then call a family member or relative. Shreya comes and says i am their family. Ajay and shreya are dazed. Shreya says i am his bhabhi and i give you assurity that they are married. The man says why he never lives with her? Shreya says in a few days she will move from here as well. My father in law is not happy with this wedding. Now keep the stuff in. The man says please ask her to keep this dog away from here.
Ajay says bhabhi.. Shreya says i understand but you could trust me or bhushan maybe we could help you. You siblings never conceal anything from each other. Ajay says its not like that. shreya says relax i will talk to papa. ajay says i need time please don’t and i will have to talk myself. Shreya says you are right, i know what you are going through, you did love marriage you have to take the risk. why is sanjina not living with her parents? sanjina says my family is against it as well. shreya says give me your number i am just a call away, call me whenever you need me. Sanjina gives the number, ajay says please dont tell bhushan. Shreya says yes i wont. She says i have to go now, I am late. Ajay says i am coming with you. Shreya says no you are her husband help her in taking the stuff in.

Amar is with kirlok, a car comes and it throws mud on kirlok. Amar gets mad he says get your car going. its sanjina’s dad agarwal. Agarwal says talk to me properly. Amar says mamma ji talked to you properlu.
Shreya calls her mom and says note down this number. kirlok takes amar with him.

Shreya calls her mom and says i wanna tell you something, note down a number. her mom says whose number is it? She says its sanjina’s number you have to find out landline number registered against this number. This is a big game now, this will be the happiest anniversary of mummy papa.

Precap- Everyone is dancing and shreya comes in quite vulgar clothes. Elaichi says what is it? Shreya says rules are for girls only? you son ajay has married someone.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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