Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 17th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 17th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shreya says to her mom go from here i dont wanna talk to you. Thank God i have lost my vision. In don’t have to see your face. Shreya says you made me part of this game. Mom makes thier childern’s life peaceful and you took everything from me. Just go from here.
Vinati helps shreya lying down. Bhushan says in heart sorry shreya i feel so bad but I can’t forget what you have done to my family.
They bring shreya home. Kirlok says bhushan take stuff out from your room. Bhushan says shreya and I will live in different rooms. Ajay says she needs you. Shreya says no i deserve this after what I have done. Elaichi says shreya forget what has happened. You are repenting. Bhushan has loved you, everything will be okay. Lets go out and let her rest. sanjana says take care. Shreya says i am sorry sanjana.
Shreya says bhushan are you here?

Sanjana says i never thought this would happen to her. Ajay says and bhushan is still mad at her. Ajju comes in and says bhushan is not wrong ajay. Your gloom wont change anything.

Bhushan says i dont love you but I am helping you because I have some humanity left in me. Don’t expect anything from me.

Ajay says to sanjana ajju is back you should be with him. Sanjana says he is not for me. I am married to you. Just go tell him everything. Ajju comes in clapping. He says betrayal. Ajay says its not like that sanjana. Sanjana says it is. Ajju says i was setting our future there and you did this. Sanjana says where were you when i was dying to contact to you. Do you even know how lonely i was. You were never here ajay was. You have no right to come back. Ajju says i have right on you and i know what to do.
Ajju grabs her hand and takes her in lounge. He shoves her. Ajay picks her up and says you dont know how to behave with her. Ajju says now you will teach me manners? You took my gf from me. Just looks at what you have done. You lived in one room. Didn’t you do something. Kirlok says you are forgetting there are elders here. Ajju says they crossed their limits and i should feel ashamed to say it. Your son took my wife to be from me and I should be quite. Dadi says its not what you think like. Ajju says sanjan has to give a test. Dadi says what test? Ajju says to sanjana are you ready for the test, i will check if you have done something with him. Sanjana slaps him. She says you got your answer. I dont have to give any test. I have lost all respect for you. Ajay says she wont go anywhere. she wont give this test. Ajay says you cant take her. she is my wife she was your gf. she will stay here with her family. I love her. Ajju shoves him. He takes sanjana’s hand and drags her out. Sanjana says ajay save me.

Ajju says this wedding was a drama. Please take off this wedding locket. Sanjana shoves him and says this is my love’s proof. He comes to her again. Ajay shoves him and says stay away from her. People taunt on pethywala family. Elaichi says lets go sanjana. Ajju says how long will you stay with her. I will you guys. He screams at people.

Kirlok says you are such a nice girl, ajay couldn’t find a better life partner than you. Bhushan says he is right. This ajju can’t do anything. Your brothers are here for you. Amar says yes he is right. Elaichi says we all vow that we will do our part to unite our family. They all take the vow on her hand.

Precap-Ajju comes in sanjana’s room. He ropes her and throws her on bed. Mishri comes and hits him on head.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. can someone tell,whats d relation of ajju with ajay’s family?
    wr d hell had he been all d while??

  2. Ajju is ajay’s best friend

  3. I think this is the best series in tv than any other coz it’s is like happening in real life than comparing to Qubool hai and sasural simar ka etcetc

  4. How ridiculous this ajju is…

  5. Nice episode, thank you for updating..

  6. Ajju u need to get a life man
    Just love anjana…:-*

  7. But Ajju so hilarious though!!! Why interfere with a man with 3 brothers, especially the ignorant Bhushan and the boxer. lmao. Ajju too damn crazy!!!!! You leave the girl and ignore for months, and then say you planning a future? Dude, rock so eh!!!! Especially that you left her penniless and IN DANGER! Because her dad was still hunting to hurt them!!! He went his merry way and now come back making demands? Shoo eh!! Ajju was such a push over before, can’t control his bad behaviour gf, now that she acting like peoples you demanding….look Ajju jave me more annoyed by Shreya….ok I’m done venting! lololol

  8. And Bhushan damn right!!!! Keep your distance. hmph

  9. Shreya is surely a drama queen werna wo starting me Bhushan ke haath hatane pe bed se kyu takrati. She was standing there with all others normally, the moment Bhushan take off his hand, she walked.

  10. and I hope Ajju is doing drama too, so that Ajay don’t feel guilty about anything. He used to skip meeting Sanjana/celebrating her b’day earlier too because of his frndship with Ajay.

  11. Wow Super fantastic episode ?????????

  12. Cassandra priyanka

    Shreya and ajju is so dramatic..why cant he leabe sanjana with ajay..all this while went overseas and left her alone now wanna come all of sudden and takes her away ftom ajay…she has feelings for ajay..

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