Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 12th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 12th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Sanjana says i have killed ajju not mishri. Shreya says i was drying to listen this. Ajay says what are you saying? Sanjana says i killed ajju its not mishri’s mistake. Inspector says how can we trust you. We have proofs against her. Sanjana says you can check the weapon i killed him with, it has my finger prints on it. Sanjana shows them the pot. Vinati says neither of them has killed him. Ajay says what are you saying and you are doing this deliberately. Sanjana recalls that she cleaned the vase and put her finger prints on it. Inspector says according to these proofs sanjana is the murderer.
Elaichi slaps sanjana and says why you did this? We were all with you. Ajju was like our son. Inspector says arrest her. Sanjana says i am ready to go, please let this wedding wrap up. After that you can take me, i have surrendered and given you all the proofs. I beg you. As soon as the wedding is done i will come with you. He says okay we permit you. Bhushan says please wait in guest room. They all leave.

Sanjana hugs ajay. She says you will forget everything. You have to stay strong. We have done this for our mishri. They go out. Sanjana is holding ajay’s hand. Shreya says now you will know how it feels like when whole family hates you.

The wedding is on going. Anuj fills her hairline. Anuj says to pandit ji please hurry up i am bored. Mishri says in heart whats wrong with him. Sanjana and ajay look at each other in tears.
Mishri’s bidaai happens. Everyone is in tears.

Shaina says to kirlok you promised me that you will hand over the murderer to cops yourself. Its time to give sanjanaa to police. Before that i wanna give a prize to murderer of my brother. Shaina is about to slap sanjana, ajay holds her and says dont you dare. Cops arrest sanjana. Ajay tries to stop them an says you dont know the complete truth. Bhushan says we are going to police station ajay dont worry.Bhushan hugs ajay.

Mishri enters her new house. Anju says i am tired and goes to his room. Mishri wonders why his voice sounds different.
Police is stuck in traffic. Sanjana says i saved mishri’s wedding. i know everything will be fine. Its a religious festival. They take sanjana out of the car too. Sanjana sees ajay there. She is dazed. sanjana says i wanna go there please. The lady cop go with her. Ajju tries to run sanjana looks for him. Cops takes sanjana back to the jeep. Ajju runs on his bike. sanjana sees him and says ajju you are alive.

Precap-Mishri says who is behind this happiness of my life. Ajju says sanjana bhabhi. She is scared. Its ajju not anuj in her room. He says for everyone else you are mrs anuj inside you are mrs. ajju. Sanjana tells ajay that ajju is alive.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. What shit writers please get a life…..it seems you are sad and lonely……l

  2. What’s going on? How can she be ajju’s wife

  3. Such a disappointing show.It was supposed to be about family values and now it’s about how even God can’t save you even if someone sets their mind to destroy you. The only saving grace is ajay and sanjana.It started off so well.only reading updates bout once a week now.

  4. What a mess I regreted I read this episode

  5. All d writters are mad.,pls u writters keep ur madness for urselves, stop making mockery of relationships.

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