Tumhe Apna Banane Ka Junoon-Promo 1

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Hi guys…it’s shivanya i was very happy to see so much comments i m glad u like it…thanks to all those who commented sorry but i couldn’t reply most comments individually but thanks a lot your comments meant a lot… So with out wasting any time let’s get started!!!


We see a girl walking alone in a corridor carrying some books in her hand. She is wearing light pink skirt till ger knees with matching sleeveless top,matching pumps and accessories,plump lips and a winged eyeliner. She is looking damn.cute and gorgeous! There was a boy continuously following her.She felt his presence she look behind her and saw a piece of paper.She ignore it and start walking. Just then she heard soneone singing: Tumhe apna banane ka junoon sar pe ha kab se ha.
She recognizes his voice and the song and gets scared and starts to sweat she looks here and there and find none.Now she was hell scared she starts to run as fast as she could. She reaches the washroom and hurriedly gets inside it.She locks the door opens the tap wets her hand and pats cheeks and removes the sweat.Then the lights goes off. And again she hears someone singing: Tumhe apna banane ka junoon sar pe ha kab se ha. She gets hwll scared.Just then she found someone’s grip on her.It was the same boy. The boy takes her to side and pin against the wall. Tears starts to form in her eyes. Then the boy starts to kiss her passionately then he takes handkerchief from his pocket which already has some chloroform on it and puts it on her mouth she tried to protest but in vain.After a while she got unconscious.He takes her in hid arms. Unlocks the door and start singing:tumhe apna banane ka junoon sar pr ha kab se ha.
Promo Ends…
And one more thing voting lines are still open?
Keep voting for your fav pair
Raglak or Ragsan!

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  1. Astra

    raglak raglak raglak… 100 times…
    plz..plz.. raglak…

  2. IQRA222

    Intersting pls make it raglakraglak??

  3. Awesome…
    Plzz make it Raglak…..

  4. raglak

  5. Why do you want to make it Ragsa???Raglak is the real pair.Please make it RagLak.

    1. ShivanyaSharma

      it’s nothing like that i was just confused because i love both the pairs equally so i thought to continue the poll sorry if i made you angry

  6. Sindhura

    Any one from these two looks good with ragoo

  7. Ragsan

  8. Ragini it’s enough for me raglak or ragsan author wish is final looking forward for the ff

  9. Raglak

  10. defo raglak
    loved promo

  11. please make it raglak dear

  12. Asra

    awesome promo dear…

  13. I want raglak

  14. Please make Raglak as pair

  15. Want raglak di

  16. Keerthu

    Ragsan drr

  17. Please ragsan

  18. A.xx

    amazing and i prefer ragsan xx

  19. Asw

    Both couples have superb chemistry is this ff is like obsessed love story? Keep going

  20. AMkideewani

    Awesome, RagSan ????or I will not read the story, cause I don’t like RagLak???

  21. Samairaseth

    Ragsan ragsan ragsan plssssss

  22. plzzzzz raglak now give new part please

  23. RAGSAN?????

  24. Jazzy

    amazinggg and raglak

  25. Very interesting

  26. Want raglak couple plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dr

    1. Ragsan


  28. RAGLAK pls …..n amazing intro

  29. Ragzeeee_____♡

    Raglak….I love Temish

  30. Raglak Raglak Raglak
    Only raglak

  31. Superb nd raglak plz

  32. I’m also want only raglak nice promo

  33. amazing nd I prefer raglak bcuz I love Raglak

  34. ShivanyaSharma

    thanks to all those who comment your comments meant a lot for me and in the next epi i will reveal the pairs after counting the votes and the next epi will be posted tomorrow or Sunday

  35. Ragz_teju


  36. Ragsan plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  37. Hemalattha

    Nice and interesting.

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