Tumhari Pakhi 9th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 9th December 2013 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 9th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anshuman tearing a page from the form and hiding it from Pakhi. He asks Pakhi to fill the form and submit it as its necessary for participation. He asks Pakhi to keep practicing, as he wants ti win like always with her. Pakhi comes to the kitchen and does some work. Maa ji and the servants look at her. They think what happened to Pakhi. They discuss about Pakhi. Maa ji and the servants are shocked to hear some noise from Pakhi’s room. Maa ji says she is beating the clothes and washing, what does this mean. Maa ji says I know she does everything by some reason. Maa ji thinks of informing Lavanya.

Lavanya talks to Anshuman and tells what Maa ji told, that Pakhi has gone mad and doing silly things. Anshuman says she is doing this as she can’t balance.

Anshuman and Lavanya come home and see Pakhi playing tennis with Girish. They are shocked to see Pakhi playing well. Lavanya asks Girish when did you come here. Pakhi says I asked him to come over as the competition is tomorrow. Anshuman says thats really nice, play with me. Girish wishes good luck. Anshuman starts playing and Pakhi thinks of concentrating on the game rather than Anshuman.

Anshuman stops and says you serve. Pakhi says fine and serves the ball. Lavanya looks on. Anshuman is unable to hit the ball. Girish says come on Pakhi, yes, doing great. Pakhi plays really well and the ball strikes Anshuman’s head. Everyone rush to Anshuman. Anshuman is shocked to see Pakhi play so well. Pakhi laughs saying you said right about life and game being similar. She says sorry to him and thanks Girish. Girish says you have talent in you, from where did you learn to play tennis. Pakhi says she used to play since childhood and says I wish we win tomorrow.

She says she has learnt this from household work. Anshuman could not believe this. Anshuman says good, I m proud of you, it looks you are very serious about the game. Girish thinks what did Anshuman plan against Pakhi this time. Lavanya talks to Anshuman about Pakhi and says she is being more confident now. Anshuman says she will fail in my game, she will lose everything, trust me. He says I have removed the pages from the form, which has rules and regulations which she did not read. Lavanya smiles.

Its night, Pakhi talks to Anshuman about her family. She says I m thinking to call my Bhaisa, but its late now. She says the form you gave me, it does not have a page. Anshuman is tensed. Pakhi says the third page is missing. Anshuman says I will see it. Anshuman thinks what to do, else Pakhi will be after him. He plays Temple run on his phone and says I m reading an important email that came from office. A spoon falls and they bend to take it, their heads strike and they say sorry to each other. Pakhi laughs and says I have to talk something important. He says I have to make important call adn leaves.

He hides seeing Pakhi and thinks he should be away from her till 10. Pakhi sees him and says what are you finding. He says my lighter. She says we will find it together. She says I m trying to talk to you about….. He leaves making an excuse. He says I can’t show you the third page Pakhi. Pakhi says what happened to him, he is behaving strange. Pakhi comes to the room and Anshuman pretends to be sleeping. She catches him and says you are hiding from me, why so.

She says I m trying to talk to you and you are avoiding me. He says no, I m not. He says I will sleep now. He says its 5mins to 10 now. She says listen to me. He gets up and says tell me. She says …… and goes closer to him. He says what are you doing. She strikes her head to him again saying its bad luck after on strike, so had to do another. She says now you sleep, good night. Anshuman says I was hiding from her and she was saying about this.

He says I forgot to talk about missing page. She says maybe it is not necessary. Anshuman says you are right, it was not necessary for me but it was necessary for you. He says this time you will lose. Its morning, everyone are ready for the tournament. Anshuman comes with Pakhi. Girish asks Pakhi about her practice. Pakhi says I m nervous. Anshuman shows the winning trophy to Pakhi and says we will get it, will we win. Pakhi says I m playing for you, your smile is the trophy for me.

Girish thinks what might Anshuman plan. Dipti’s mum comes and taunts Anshuman. She says so Mrs. Rathore came along, does she know this is professional tennis tournament. Pakhi replies her well. She says come to our village once, you will know how much the village has advanced. Dipti’s mum says we will know it after the tournament. She leaves.

The announcement begins and the participants are asked to change the dress. Lavanya asks Pakhi to go and change. Pakhi says clothes? Anshuman says you will get them in the changing room. Pakhi says fine and goes with Anshuman. Anshuman smiles. Pakhi goes and sees the dress. She is shocked to see its a top and a short skirt. Pakhi says I can’t wear this. Girish understands what Anshuman and Lavanya planned. He thinks so this was the plan. Pakhi comes to know that the rules were written in the form, she has to wear this else she can’e play. Pakhi says please help me, I did not wear such clothes till now. Pakhi is tensed.

Pakhi tells Anshuman that she can’t wear the dress. Anshuman says you have to wear it, it was written on the form.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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