Tumhari Pakhi 8th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 8th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with everyone seeing Anshuman making the jalebis. Nathu kaka says he is not ill so Anshuman is making it himself fir his wife. Everyone praise Anshuman and says he is very loving. Pakhi looks at him. Nathu kaka says you made jalebis for her with love, make her eat with love. Bhabhisa says we will go as he has made it for Pakhi. They leave. Saiyyan…………….plays……………..Anshuman brings the jalebis for Pakhi saying do you remember how many jalebis in holi. She thinks about it. He says only you and I were there and our love, forgive me, I will never hurt your heart again, I promise. He says this jelabi is my heart dipped in sugar syrup. Music plays………………

She looks at him and thinks how he called her characterless. She leaves without eating it. Anshuman gets upset. Saiyyan………………plays………………..The doctor gives the diet chart to Lavanya. Lavanya asks its my late pregnancy, so will there be any complications. She says it can be, but don’t worry, it will be fine. Girish says I will take care of her. He shows her the books on pregnancy. Lavanya says you are not serious. He says I m, I started reading these books. She says I know you won’t help me. He says I will, don’t worry, breathe in, breathe out.

The doctor says you really have a loving husband, God bless you. Anshuman thanks Nathu Kaka and gets a call from Lavanya. Lavanya asks whats going on. Anshuman says I m trying but she is not agreeing, Pakhi is not melting, I made her heart a stone. Lavanya says every love has to go through test. She talks about her and Girish as an example. She asks him to try. She tells him about her pregnancy. Anshuman is happy for her. He says what, congrats, I m so happy.

She says tell Pakhi that someone special is waiting for her. He says I will tell her, I failed but have hope, I promise I will bring her, take care, I love you. She ends the call. Anshuman brings jalebis at home. Everyone have it and praise Anshuman having a laugh. Bhabhisa asks Pakhi to eat it. Tausa asks did she have. He asks Pakhi to have it. Pakhi says I will eat in some time. Tausa says eat now, he made it for you with love. Anshuman brings the jalebis for Pakhi. She eats it.

Everyone look at them. Anshuman makes her eat with love. Taisa says Pakhi is shy, close your eyes everyone. Everyone see them hiding. Anshuman asks Pakhi did she like it, he will give all tests for her, forgive him once. He says now I can’t bear this annoyance, please forgive me. Naina barson se mere teri raah taake……………………..plays……………….She hugs him. Bol dil se………………….plays………….

Its all Anshuman’s imagination. Everyone ask Anshuman to make her eat. Everyone laugh. Bhaisa says if someone makes sweet in inlaws house, we have to give him Nek. Bhaisa gives shagun nek to him. Anshuman says nek is good, thanks. Tau sa says we should celebrate. Bhaisa says lets have a game which we enjoy but Tausa should only see. They think what to play. Bhaisa shows Anshuman the game’s rules and guides him. Anshuman says that’s easy. Bhabhisa says we will play men versus women. Pakhi says I won’t play.

Tausa asks Pakhi to play. Bhaisa says Anshuman is our team captain. Bhabhisa says our team captain is Pakhi. Anshuman takes Chutki in his team. Bhaisa asks Pakhi to keep her hand on Anshuman’s. She keeps and Saiyyan…………..plays………….They play and Anshuman tells Pakhi I came here to save our relation and I will do it.

Anshuman makes Pakhi win the game. Bhabhisa says you guys lost and now have to dance on Rajasthani song. Anshuman dances on the song Aaja dhola…………. He tells Pakhi he will take care of her and will change for her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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