Tumhari Pakhi 6th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 6th December 2013 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 6th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pakhi telling Anshuman that she is hungry. Anshuman says we will be reaching home, have food then. She says no, I want corn. She buys corn on the roadside and Pakhi and Anshuman stand outside the car. Mr. Rana sees them and leaves. Pakhi asks Anshuman that do you feel someone’s shoes tell about his personality. Anshuman says ofcourse, shoes are very important, the personality is known by clothes and shoes. Pakhi is upset. He thinks I know you got hurt in the party. he gets a call and its Mr. Rana. Mr. Rana asks him to meet him. Anshuman says I will come.

Its night, Anshuman meets Mr. Rana somewhere. He asks why did you call me suddenly, is everything alright. Mr. Rana asks him to tell. Anshuman says yes, everything is fine. Mr. Rana is angry and says

if you have changed your mind about Tanya, tell me, I won’t let anything bad happening with Tanya. He says I know this and now I feel you have changed and would like to be with Pakhi. Anshuman says tell me what do you want, to kick her out of the house, so that everyone thinks I had to marry Tanya so I kicked her out. He says I m doing this so that everyone supports me thinking I m right and she was wrong.

He explains Mr. Rana and says you are more experienced and you can understand. He says he had made some plan now and Pakhi will not win this time. He asks Mr. Rana not to doubt on him as it will weaken their relation. Mr. Rana says I trust you. Anshuman leaves. Girish talks to Lavanya and asks her whom are you messaging at night. He tickles her and she smells potty and sees potty marks on his clothes. He says yes, its Naina’s, I was changing her diaper as the maid went to her village. Lavanya is shocked to know about the maid.

Anshuman talks to Ayaan on phone. Pakhi says you did not let me talk to him. Anshuman says he does not know you. He says Ayaan is different, you won’t be able to tune with him. Pakhi says even you are different, its difficult to become your friend, but let sees when it happens. She smiles. Anshuman says lets sleep now. Lavanya calls the agency for getting a maid to take care of Naina. Girish is taking care of Naina. Lavanya points to Bua. Bua says I don’t think we should go from here. Girish says Naina won’t go anywhere, she will be with us. Bua says its not good to love her so much, how long will she stay here.

Girish says Naina will be here with us, I got habituated to her, I love to take care of her. Lavanya says good news, we got a maid, now you won’t need to take care of her. Maa ji talks to the servants. They see Pakhi coming and go to do their work. Pakhi sees the trophies which Anshuman won in sports. The servants show her the different trophies. They say that Anshuman left playing. Maa ji says its mixed doubles, he used to play with his wife, she used to play very good but now she is not there. They say we have only memories now. Pakhi sees Anshuman and his wife’s photo. Maa ji says you can do this. Anshuman hears all this and smiles.

Pakhi says I know tennis but this is about competition. Anshuman asks Pakhi will you play with me. Pakhi says you…. He says its fine if you don’t want to play. She says its not that. He says its simple I will teach you, will you play with me. Pakhi looks at him and he says I won’t force you. Pakhi says ok. Anshuman says wow, its awesome, I will get the forms, I want to win this tournament, we will start practicing from today. He says I will be playing because of you and holds her hand thanking her. Pakhi smiles. He takes her for practice.

They come outside the house and he holds her. She smiles seeing him. They start playing. He says its very simple, I will play from this side and you from that side. Anshuman plans something and smiles. Pakhi says one minute and tucks her saree. He looks at her and music plays……. Pakhi says I can do anything for you happiness. Anshuman says now see Pakhi, how I will wipe your smile from your face. Pakhi is unable to play and Anshuman laughs on her. He says come on Pakhi, concentrate. The servants says she cooked, but could not win in this. They comment on her.

Anshuman smiles seeing Pakhi not able to play. Pakhi falls and he says you ok and runs to her. He holds her feet and she looks at him. Music plays……… He gives her his hand to make her stand. She holds his hand and Bairi jiya…. Tumpe piya machle…….. plays……. He says see Pakhi, you have to concentrate, its simple. He ties her hair and Bol dil se……….. plays……. Pakhi gets happy and looks at him. Her saree falls on him and he looks at her. He holds her flying saree and corrects it.

Anshuman tells Lavanya about his plan. He talks to Pakhi about the tennis tournament. He plans against her and fools her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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