Tumhari Pakhi 4th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 4th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Anshuman reading the letter not knowing that Pakhi has sent it. He then gets his mum’s letter and hugs it. Lavanya and Anshuman cry happily. It’s a very old letter. He holds it and reads it. Anshuman and Lavanya read her meaningful and instructive words. She writes give your love to your dad, always respect and love him, don’t know whether I can come to meet you, but forgive me and give place in your memories with love. Anshuman and Lavanya cry. Girish says few people get to rectify their mistakes, go and get her, is there any address. Anshuman checks the letters and reads it again.

He reads the number and smiles. Anuja scolds Pakhi and says I will show I m acting or not, I m leaving right now. She says its enough. She starts packing her bag in anger. Pakhi and Deepika look on. Pakhi says you won’t go anywhere, why are you running, you can scold me, but don’t leave this house. Pakhi says you love your children, but don’t want to admit anything. Pakhi thinks about the ad given in newspapers and sees it’s the same that Anuja has.

Anuja says I always gave Agnipariksha, not anymore. She says I m afraid, if they don’ reply, if they still hate me. She says I can bear anything but not hatred by them. Pakhi looks at her and signs Deepika. Anuja says I m afraid that this fake world I m living in, can go. Pakhi sits by her side and says if I tell you your fears will go away, your children also love you, then what. She says that you children are also finding you, want to meet you then, I can proof this. Deepika brings the paper ad and Pakhi shows it to her.

Anuja is shocked seeing the ad in the paper. Anuja smiles reading the ad. Pakhi says they are your kids and are finding you, they love you a lot, eager to meet their mum. Anuja says are they finding me. Pakhi nods yes. Anuja shows the pic and says this is my Lori, they are my kids. She hugs Pakhi happily. Deepika and Pakhi smile. Anuja leaves. Pakhi asks Deepika not to stop her as she has to feel that her children are waiting for her.

Lavanya tries calling on the number. She talks to Deepika and Pakhi asks them to call them tomorrow to Delhi. Pakhi and Deepika are happy, and Anshuman and Lavanya are excited too. Anshuman says we will take morning flight. Girish asks how will you go in this state, you can’t go. Anshuman says yes, I will go alone, I will bring her. Anshuman says start celebrating.

Anuja cooks halwa for everyone as she is very happy. She says my son loves halwa a lot. Pakhi tells her that her children are coming to meet her. Anuja asks what. Pakhi says your letter reached them, they are coming tomorrow. Anuja hugs her happily.

Anshuman and Anuja are closeby.

Update Credit to: Amena

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