Tumhari Pakhi 4th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 4th April 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 4th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Tanya asking the servants not to do any mistake today. Pakhi comes and tells her about the puja at home and that they will make traditional food in the house. She says she will do the puja with Anshuman. The cook agrees that he will make the food. Pakhi taunts Tanya. Lavanya tells Girish that they have to go in the puja at Anshuman’s house as Pakhi invited them. Girish tells her about their divorce. Lavanya says we will go there and marry again. Girish jokes.

Pakhi gets dressed in the traditional dress and looks stunning. Ayaan and Anshuman are speechless. They say Pakhi that she is looking very beautiful. Ayaan says I will watch you do the puja and I will pray that you always stay with us. Maa ji talks to Tanya about low budget and is worried. Tanya is happy and gives money to Maa ji. She says dad is coming back and sending me money. Maa ji says if Pakhi comes to know then. Tanya says she won’t know this time. She says no one can stop me, I will win the challenge. Sukhi comes crying and says my kid fell from terrace and I have to go to hospital.

Tanya scolds him and asks who will cook. She says you have to make traditional food and then go. He says I have one son and he is in hospital. Tanya says did he die? Maa ji is shocked seeing Tanya’s arrogance. Sukhi says if Pakhi knows this, she won’t let me stay here and come with me to the hospital. She scolds him. He says I won’t work. I will go to my son now. He says I pray that Pakhi wins the challenge. He leaves.

Lavanya comes wearing a saree and asks Tanya where is Pakhi, she may help me. Lavanya goes to meet Pakhi. Tanya scolds Maa ji as she does not get any cook. Maa ji says how to make food now. Tanya says Anshuman will find a solution as my victory is Anshuman’s, he will help me win this challenge. Pakhi makes Lavanya perfect in the saree. Lavanya smiles happily. Lavanya praises Pakhi and hugs her. Anshuman asks Girish to see Lavanya. Girish looks at Lavanya and is happy seeing her in saree. Girish says you are looking beautiful. Lavanya says thanks.

Anshuman says you look good in saree, you should wear more sarees. Tanya comes and says sorry, we can’t make traditional food but the cook left as his son fell from the terrace. She says who will make it, I don’t know. Anshuman says we will ask any chef. Tanya says thanks and tells Maa ji that Anshuman will have a solution. Pakhi says it’s a big festival, I will make it in few time. Pakhi says it should be made in our house. Tanya says fine, let her make, she is an expert in all this things. Anshuman says but you have to sit in the puja.

Girish asks Tanya to cook as Pakhi has once made Thai food for the guests. Girish says Pakhi is busy in kitchen. Anshuman says Pakhi will make it, Tanya does not know. Girish praises Tanya and says its simple for Tanya. Lavanya says Girish wants to say that Tanya does everything better than Pakhi. Girish says exactly. Tanya agrees. Anshuman says how will you make. Girish says internet will teach her. Anshuman says I m feeling bad you are doing this. She says I m doing this for you, go for the puja. Everyone go to do the puja.

Anshuman and Pakhi do the puja. Saiyyan……………plays………… as Ayaan asks Anshuman to hold Pakhi’s hand. Anshuman holds her hand and smiles looking at her. Tanya is unable to cook. Maa ji helps her. Pakhi prays for Ayaan and Anshuman’s happiness. Ayaan prays that Pakhi should always be with them as he loves his mum a lot. Anshuman looks at Pakhi and Ayaan praying and smiles. Anshuman and Pakhi hold the diya and Saiyyan…………….plays……………………

Lavanya asks Pakhi is there anything else. Pakhi says yes, husband and wife makes rounds holding hands. Lavanya and Girish do that happily. Ayaan claps seeing them. Anshuman sees Pakhi smiling and gives his hand saying trust me, I will never leave your hand and not make you fall. Pakhi holds his hand and he says come. They play and Saiyyan……………..plays………………… Tanya looks at them and gets angry. Anshuman is happy with Pakhi. Tanya says Anshuman will follow the one who win this challenge, I will win him. You can’t win this challenge as I will not lose.

Tanya gets money and says now I will win this challenge. Ayaan asks Pakhi to win the challenge. Tanya gets angry on him. Anshuman says I made my decision.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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