Tumhari Pakhi 3rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 3rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Riya and Ayaan talking to Pakhi. Riya sees her room. Ayaan asks her to see the room, as its best one in the home. He shows the family album and sees Girish. She asks about Anshuman. Veer gets coffee for them and gives milk to Riya. Ayaan and Riya run after each other. Pakhi and Veer smile. Riya teases Ayaan saying Golu. Veer takes Ayaan to change his clothes. Riya sits to see the album. Pakhi says today’s generation does not believe in marriage and true love. Riya says I don’t know, but I believe in true love. Pakhi asks so you really believe? Now you are grown up, we can talk on this matter. Tell me what type of guy you like. Riya says looks are secondary, but he should be sensible, mature, loving, caring, all together he should have deepness for relations. Pakhi says right. She thinks Riya has good thoughts, I m sure she is meeting a good man, and maybe will become a good life partner.

Girish gives I m sorry dear wife card to Lavanya. He apologizes to her and says I should have not shouted you about baby feed. She asks Asha to bring her green tea. He gives her green tea and says sorry, I should do anything for you as you gave me my daughter, I can do anything for you. She smiles and says then give statement against Pakhi and Veer in Ayaan’s custody case. He says what, you should not make me do anything wrong, they are right and I can’t say anything against them. She says you don’t have anything expect your great words, put an end to this please.

Riya talks to someone in anger and Pakhi comes there. Riya sees Pakhi is glass vase and starts acting, saying she can’t say hindi dialogues. Pakhi hears about college festival play and goes. Veer does not get sleep and sees Pakhi sleeping. He sees a lizard and says why does it get my room always in this big house. He tries to shoo away the lizard. Pakhi wakes up and sees him. She laughs and comes to him. The lizard goes and he smiles. He shouts seeing her. She laughs and says it means you are so scared of lizards, no one becomes Veer if the name is Veer. He says its Dinosaur’s version, think if it came on you then. She says oh, you did for me, fine I will sleep now.

He asks are you sleeping now. She says I m getting sleep. He says he is not getting sleep, what happened today is going on in his mind, can we talk. She says we will talk Riya also, we three will chat and play a game too. He says brilliant idea, go and call her. Pakhi goes to Riya’s room and sees her. She sees Riya learning to treat babies. Riya says no one can say I can’t take care of baby. Pakhi thinks why is she doing this. Riya says I made myself suitable for you, I can’t wait for tomorrow when in confess my love to you. Pakhi thinks does Riya love a married man with kids, I should talk to her, but if I m wrong. Riya is shocked seeing Pakhi as she is holding the baby toy.

Pakhi asks whats going on. Riya says nothing. Pakhi confronts her as all this a part of play. Riya says no, I was playing with the doll. Pakhi says you said no one will say Riya can’t manage kids. Pakhi holds her hand and asks her to share anything in her heart, she is like her friend. Riya thinks of Anuja’s words not to tell Pakhi. She says she wants to become Nanny. Pakhi says what. Riya says she has to sleep and goes.

Pakhi comes back to the room. Veer asks did Riya not come. She says Riya… he says she might have slept. He plans a family holiday, and says lets go to Rajasthan, kids should know their roots, we will invite others too. She says and…… he says you did not meet them, sorry, it would be a great time, they will know the family, especially for Riya, she stayed alone always, she did not see family till now, she saw just hatred, she should know family bonding. He says he is very happy, I waited 10 years for this, lets go soon, you decide who to do. Pakhi thinks Veer is happy for Riya, how to take his happiness saying this, I will not tell him, but I have to find out about Riya.

Riya gets ready to meet Girish and messages him asking him to come to the restaurant as her friend is his big fan. Pakhi comes to talk to her and thinks maybe Riya will talk openly today. The phone gets the message and Pakhi thinks to check whether its from the one she is going to meet, but its not good to see her phone, butt maybe its good for her. She takes the phone in her hand. Anuja comes and stops her asking what is she doing with her phone. Pakhi is stunned.

Riya tells Veer that Pakhi is spying on me. Pakhi says she did not wish to say this matter, but tells Veer that Riya loves a married man who has kids. Veer is shocked. Riya gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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