Tumhari Pakhi 3rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 3rd April 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 3rd April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Lavanya hugging Girish and saying sorry. Vikram is arrested by the police. Girish forgives her and says it was not your mistake. He tells Pakhi about his mistake but he told Lavanya everything as he loved Lavanya a lot. He says I m responsible for all this, if anything happened to Lavanya, he would have not forgiven himself. He thanks Pakhi. Pakhi says we will forget this day. Pakhi says everyone does mistakes but if anyone regrets it by heart, then Lord also forgives them. She says husband and wife has to support each other. She says your relation is more strong now, as it joined after a break up.

Lavanya thanks Pakhi and apologizes to her for doing so bad for her. Pakhi says no, stop all this and hugs heer. Lavanya says I m sorry. Pakhi says no. Lavanya says anything could have happened today, thanks. Girish smiles. Maa ji shows her watch to Tanya and she sees the camera in it. Maa ji says Ayaan gifted me this. Tanya gets angry and sees Ayaan.

Tanya runs after Ayaan and scolds him. Ayaan says yes I did this, I don’t like you, leave from my house. She is about to slap him and Pakhi comes. Tanya stops seeing her. Pakhi gets angry. Ayaan runs and hugs Pakhi. Ayaan says Tanya was going to slap me, she scolded me a lot. Tanya taunts Pakhi. Maa ji asks Tanya to see Anshuman. Tanya is shocked to see Anshuman.

Tanya speaks against Pakhi and Ayaan infront of Anshuman and tells what Ayaan did. Ayaan also tells everything what Tanya did. Ayaan asks Anshuman to take a fair decision seeing the mistakes Tanya did. Tanya says look at him, he is so small and Pakhi is teaching him. She is spoiling her son. Tanya says yes, take a fair decision, look at this watch, it has camera. Anshuman leaves without saying anything.

Pakhi asks Ayaan to go to his room. Ayaan leaves. Tanya and Pakhi have an argument. Pakhi says if you scold Ayaan again, then I will not leave you, I will break your hand. Maa ji hides and hears all this. Pakhi and Tanya challenge each other. Anshuman says I can’t trust myself now, the decision is between Tanya and Pakhi and my life is at stake. He says calm down, its till tomorrow, everything will be fine. Pakhi’s Bhabhisa calls Anshuman and asks how are you all. Anshuman says we are fine.

Bhabhisa says I want to talk to you, the thing is we have puja here and Pakhi knows all this. A wife does this puja for her husband’s long life. She says Pakhi did this puja every year since childhood, she wished she does the puja with you. She requests him to sit with Pakhi in the puja. Anshuman agrees. She ends the call. Anshuman says Pakhi is leaving tomorrow, then whats the need for the puja. Pakhi calms down Ayaan and tells him a story of the sage and a crab.

She asks Ayaan to perform best in his football match and be a good boy. Ayaan says you also have to win tomorrow. Pakhi says we don’t know what will happen, but truth will win. Ayaan says will you go back to Mamisa as she called today. Pakhi says yes, I will talk to her. Pakhi calls Bhabhisa. She reminds her of the puja. Bhabhisa says I spoke to Anshuman about this. Pakhi is surprised and ends the call.

Pakhi thinks why will Anshuman sit in the puja as their relation is ending now. She comes to Anshuman and asks what are you doing here. He says I wanted to give you surprise about the puja. He says you will celebrate this year also with all of us in this house. She says I got everything and shows her. Pakhi is happy. Saiyyan…………….plays………………. Pakhi says don’t do all this by force. Anshuman says no, I m doing this by my wish, I m under your favors, its less if I do anything, what you did with Lavanya, thanks.

He says I have only my sister who supported me after my parents died. He is grateful to her. Pakhi says is she not my sister. He says yes, she is, and this is your house, you can ask anything. Pakhi says this is not good, when I ask you anything, its like you don’t want to give. Bairi jiya tumpe piya………………plays……………. He says ask me and see. He says if I ask you then?

Bol dil se ………………… plays……………… Anshuman says ask me once. She says I want you to love Ayaan a lot, after I go, you should him mum and dad’s love. He says you always asked this. She says I don’t want anything else. He says you did not ask anything for you. She says I want peace and I will get that if you and Ayaan love each other. Anshuman says no one does this for strangers, I was wrong, we have a relation between us. They have an eyelock. He hugs her. Jitna mai bandhun khudko…………….plays……………. Pakhi cries hugging him. Its Pakhi’s imagination. Anshuman says good night and leaves. Pakhi says thanks Anshuman and smiles.

Tanya tells the servants not to do any mistake. Pakhi tells her about the puja. Pakhi gets ready and Anshuman looks at her shocked. He says you are looking beautiful. Pakhi and Anshuman do the puja. Tanya is angry and says you have to leave this house.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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