Tumhari Pakhi 31st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 31st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Kumu is making rangoli, Riya is helping her, Ayan says kumu you have done well, Riya ask about her, Ayan says you didn’t do anything, you were just holding color plate, Riya runs behind him, Ayan ask why we celebrate Diwali? pakhi comes there and says we do ganesh and lakshmi pooja today, today raam won over ravan so this day is symbolic for truth winning over evil, Ayan says our Raam have come, Veer comes there with turban on his head, all looks at him including pakhi, Riay says he is looking so royal, Riya brings veer infront of Pakhi, Pakhi looks at him then looks down, she leaves from there, Riya smiles, kumu and ayan smirks too, veer ask what? Riya says should we say that you are looking like prince charming but our princess is not less, Veer looks at pakhi and is mesmerized, he sees that Pakhi’s hairs are about to get burned with diya, he holds pakhi and make her away rom it, pakhi sees diya and understands, veer looks at her and then goes from there, Ayan ask why lavany and girish didn’t come here, veer says they have gone to dehli, girish had some work so he took his family too. Nandini comes there too and Veer to do the pooja of shastra, Ayan ask what is it? pakhi says it is pooja of weapons and tools. Veer goes to his room to bring out his gun for pooja.

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Scene 2
Veer brings gun for pooja, jiji comes there and says lets do the pooja. Veer and Pakhi do the pooja of ganesh and Lakshmi ji and also for gun.
After pooja, all family members come in garden to burn fire crackers, Pakhi is standing beside veer, Riya pushes veer and he falls on Pakhi, Pakhi then goes one step back. veer, Ayan and Riya lits fire crackers, Veer protects Ayan from crackers and make him lit them too, Pakhi sees veer helping ayan and also worrying for him, she smiles.
the mysterious with black gloves on his hands comes in home and takes Veer’s gun from mandir, he destroys rangoli.
servant brings fire cracker of 2000 small crackers placed in it, Ayan and veer both are afraid to lit it, all cheers for Veer, veer very fearfully gives fire to it and runs from there, the crackers burst, all ask where is veer, they see him hiding, all laughs. Veer gets a call and goes in house to attend it. he finds gun missing from mandir and destroyed rangoli, he is shocked. he thinks where the gun is gone, the mysterious man is behind him with gun, Veer thinks did I forgot about where I have placed the gun, he gets head ache, mysterious man puts gun on table and goes from there, Veer finds gun on table and says when did I put it here.
in garden, nandini and Charu comes there too, jiji ask where were you both, they say we went to drink water, jiji ask pakhi to bring veer outside. Pakhi goes in house and finds gun missing, nandini and jiji comes there too, nandini says where did pistol go from here, we don’t take gun from mandir till one day after pooja, did veer take it from here, he has gone to his room with gun, I am afraid what he is upto. Pakhi goes to see veer in room.
Veer sees 7 bullets in his locker, he says there were 8 bullets, where is one, he takes of magazine of gun and finds one bullet in it, he is shocked, he says what did I do, if ayan would have taken the gun then, Pakhi comes there and finds veer with gun, veer takes out bullet from magazine, Pakhi sees it.

PRECAP- Pakhi says to veer that what drama is this, you are showing to all that because of heart break, you are on verge of taking your life, you are trying blackmail me. Veer says to pakhi that come here otherwise I will shoot myself, pakhi says do you think that I will come in this drama, veer puts gun on his head.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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