Tumhari Pakhi 31st January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 31st January 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 31st January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pakhi saying my son Ayaan did not do anything. She says he has not locked Piyush in bathroom. The management says you are saying this, he went against you. Pakhi says Ayaan can’t do this. He can’t hurt anyone, he is so small, he does not know about jail. He plays pranks, he did not know what he did with me. I trust my son. Ayaan hears this and thinks how he has send Pakhi to jail. Ayaan thinks Pakhi trusts him. The management argues with Pakhi. Pakhi says a mum knows about her son, his limits and his goodness. I m sure that Ayaan did not do this, how can you point on him without any proof.

She asks for the proof. She says you can punish him if you have any proof. She talks to the principal and says is this the way you deal with kids. Ayaan says

I did not do anything, trust me Sir. He tells Anshuman that he did not do anything, he is not lying. Pakhi says I know you can’t do this, nothing will happen to you, you won’t be punished. Anshuman thinks Ayaan can be on Pakhi’s side and goes against Pakhi. Lavanya takes Pakhi with her and scolds her saying you don’t know Ayaan.

She says I did his upbringing, I know he can do this, I know he can be dangerous in jealousy. Lavanya says yo are spoiling Ayaan’s future. Pakhi says I m not trying to hide his mistakes, I have stopped him from doing mistakes, I understand Ayaan. He did not do this. She says I have observed him, Ayaan was so good with Piyush. She says Ayaan saved Naina, can he do this with Piyush. Lavanya asks Pakhi to stay out of this matter. She says please go Pakhi, let us live in peace.

Lavanya comes and apologizes on Ayaan’s behalf. Anshuman too apologizes and says eve we can’t handle him, we have decided to send him to hostel. Ayaan is upset. Pakhi says I can’t let injustice happen with Ayaan, how can I prove this. She thinks what to do. She sees Piyush’s drawing on the notice board as winner drawing. Ayaan says I won’t say sorry. Lavanya insists. Ayaan says I did not do anything. Anshuman slaps Ayaan. Pakhi comes and holds Ayaan.

Pakhi asks who is Arjun Sharma. She asks Piyush whose drawing is this. He says its mine. Ayaan says its Piyush’s drawing. Pakhi proves its Piyush’s drawing. She says you might have known now who has locked Piyush in bathroom. Ayaan smiles. Tanya is getting ready for her engagement. Mr. Rana wishes the engagement happens soon. Tanya says Pakhi is going, do you have an doubt. He says Pakhi is different. Tanya praises Pakhi and says everything is under control, don’t worry.

Arjun lies that its his drawing. The teacher scolds him and asks for the truth. Arjun says its Piyush’s drawing and admits that he has locked him in bathroom. The teacher and the principal says sorry to Ayaan. Pakhi tells Ayaan see I told you no one will punish you. Ayaan holds her hand and Anshuman gets worried. Ayaan says I m sorry. Pakhi hugs Ayaan. Anshuman asks Lavanya to take Ayaan with her.

Pakhi tells Anshuman that I don’t regret that I lost because I tried. She says lets go. Anshuman looks at her and says what you did for Ayaan and this house, no one can do that, I feel it that Ayaan will miss you, take care. Ayaan asks Lavanya to wait for him as he needs to go to bathroom. Anshuman holds Pakhi’s hand. Pakhi gets upset and talks to Anshuman. He says you are very nice Pakhi, take care. Pakhi asks Anshuman to hug her before leaving. Anshuman smiles and says language of touch. She runs and hugs him crying. Ayaan comes to Pakhi.

Anshuman looks on and asks what are you doing here. Ayaan gives Pakhi her ticket. She thanks him. She asks him to stay well without mischief. Anshuman says Pakhi, lets go. Anshuman calls Lavanya and says Ayaan is with us. Ayaan calls mom to Pakhi. Anshuman and Pakhi are shocked. Pakhi hugs him and smiles. Ayaan apologizes to Pakhi. Pakhi cries with happiness. She asks Ayaan to call her mom once again. He says mom and hugs her. Anshuman says Ayaan is playing a prank with you Pakhi and scolds Ayaan. Ayaan says no one trusts me except mom.

She says I know you are saying the truth. Ayaan says you are very nice mom, don’t ever leave me. She says I will not go anywhere leaving you. She promises him. Ayaan gifts her a drawing to her and Ayaan. Pakhi applies sindoor to the drawing and hugs Ayaan. Anshuman looks on shocked. Lavanya comes and sees this. She takes Anshuman with her and asks did Ayaan call her mum. Anshuman looks at them. Lavanya asks what will happen now. Tanya and Mr. Rana are waiting for you for you engagement. Ayaan says lets go home. Ayaan tells Lavanya that she is my mom. Pakhi smiles. Pakhi says lets go home Anshuman.

Lavanya asks Anshuman what will you do now, its going to be big problem. She asks him to cancel the function. He says I won’t call Tanya, whats her mistake in this. He praises Tanya. Tanya is happy talking to Mr. Rana about Pakhi. She says I know Anshuman will always compare me with Pakhi. She says she will always be nice to Anshuman after marriage. She says Anshuman is a nice man. Lavanya says shall I talk to Tanya. Anshuman says I will have to talk to her face to face. Lavanya is worried.

Ayaan asks Pakhi to make Halwa for him. Pakhi says I will make your fav food. Pakhi asks Ayaan to call him Maa. Ayaan calls her Maa. They have a talk with Ayaan. Ayaan says I love Maa, we will be together like a happy family. Pakhi smiles. Anshuman’s car does not start. Anshuman thinks what to do. He says there is a problem in the car, I will bring the mechanic, wait in the school. He leaves. Mr. Rana and Tanya are happy thinking about the engagement.

Girish and Lavanya come to talk to Mr. Rana and Tanya. Lavanya asks Girish to stay in limits and not act much. Tanya gifts money to the servants. Tanya asks Lavanya where is Anshuman. Anshuman comes home and as he reaches the door, he hears Pakhi’s voice. He stops at the door and thinks how did she come here. He thinks he has to stop Pakhi from going inside..

Pakhi asks you are here? When did you come home? He says I have come here to send the driver. He asks how did you come so soon. She says we came by taxi. Lets go inside. Anshuman stops her but she does not listen to him. Anshuman says you can’t go inside. She asks why and opens the door. Anshuman gets tensed. Ayaan asks Anshuman to come with him. Pakhi and Anshuman are shocked to see inside. Anshuman looks at Pakhi.

Tanya tells Pakhi about her engagement with Anshuman. Mr. Rana gets angry on Anshuman. Pakhi is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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