Tumhari Pakhi 30th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 30th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Riya lying to Pakhi that Lavanya is her role model and she wants to be like her, so she dressed like her and want to look like her. Pakhi smiles and says yes, its good you follow her as role model, but you should keep yourself unique. She asks her to create her own self. Ayaan and Veer come with gifts. Ayaan says Veer has given them the gifts. Riya says she does not want. Ayaan asks her to take it. She takes it. Ayaan says check it, he gave by love. Riya sees the tablet and looks at Veer. Ayaan gets the same old one, which Anshuman gifted him. He is thankful to Veer.

He says Maa told me that you are getting this repaired, my dad gave me this, it means you love me a lot, even I love you. Ayaan hugs him. Pakhi smiles. Riya says she does not want this. Pakhi says keep it, your dad got it by love. Ayaan says keep it, else we will fight again, you will check hairstyles and I will see projects. Veer says take it for your work, you will need it. Pakhi says yes, you got many orders and you got money, you have to return. Riya says ok and leaves. Ayaan says he can’t give money. Veer asks what does he want, he will get everything.

Ayaan says he wants a kiss. Pakhi says Ayaan…. Ayaan says I need from both. Veer and Pakhi kiss him and he moves back, just like he did with Anshuman and Pakhi. Veer and Pakhi look at each other. She thinks about Anshuman. Saiyyan……………….plays……………….. Its night, Girish comes to Lavanya. He asks why did he give Nanny’s ad. She says she took a big assignment, and he can’t see the kids. He says but why are you increasing work. She says to show her friends, she wants all retailers work. He says so you took after the exhibition result, why are you compromising with family and kids’s time. She says NAny will give attention to kids, it will settle.

Girish gets angry. She says she has decided and he has to decide will he support her or not. He says he won’t do. She says you know big homes kids grow with Nanny, just like Ayaan. He says yes, but before Pakhi came, see the difference after she came. She says she will keep Nanny, she is not Pakhi. She leaves. He says you can’t be like Pakhi. Ayaan asks Riya not to keep legs on dining table. She asks him to finish his food. Pakhi smiles. Ayaan says he does not like Palak dish. Pakhi says its good for heakth. Riya takes it and Ayaan thanks her. Anuja is angry seeing kids happy.

Ayaan runs saying he won’t have more Palak. Veer asks for water. Ashok gives him. Veer says keep it back and asks Pakhi to give water. The servants leave. She gives him water. Veer starts arguing and signs her about the fight idea. Pakhi says this water is for me, you can take water yourself. They start fighting infront of Riya and Anuja. They do good acting and want to make Riya react. Pakhi asks Veer to become chef in any hotel if he wants to become a cook. Riya looks on. Veer smiles and Pakhi beats him.

Pakhi says I make good food, ask anyone. She says if you have problem, go and make food. He says yes, I will my fav food. There is no option. Riya does not react and they fight more. Veer says he won’t talk now. Pakhi says yes, go, let me have food peacefully. He leaves. Pakhi sees Riya and acts like crying. She says he shows he cares for us, and now showed his true colors. Anuja looks on puzzled. Pakhi asks Riya is this right, he scolded me just for water, did I deserve this, I make food for everyone, take care of everyone. Riya says he did not do right with anyone, don’t have any expectations. She smiles and says she said something. She smiles and messages Veer that this fight reacted Riya. Veer smiles reading message.

Anuja brings Riya to kitchen and gives her the top to reach a man’s heart is through his stomach. She says she will help her in cooking. Riya asks why is she doing this, what are her intentions. Anuja says what, I just want to make two lovers unite. Riya says Nah, you think I m characterless, then I m your enemy. Anuja says no, they are your enemy, we should be friends. I got angry on you, but then I knew you came to help us, our motive is same, if you feel you won’t need my help, then its fine. Riya says all this won’t work, I try hard but fail.

Anuja says you said he loves his wife. She says when a girl loves a married man, its problem, but if he has kids, then no problem. She says when kids are there, husband and wife love them, you said his wife does not care for his kids, so tell him that she does not care for kids and you will care, then he will come to you. Riya smiles. Anuja says Pakhi should not know this, she is old fashioned. Riya says you see daily soaps. Anuja says no, life’s experience. Riya says she will need her. Anuja says she will be there for her even if she runs with that man. Anuja thinks she is doing this to win the case of Ayaan’s custody. She leaves. Riya says she feels she is smart and using me, when she knows she is getting used, she will regret.

Riya tells Pakhi why she hates Veer. Her parents used to fight because of his love letters, which he wrote to her mum, and her parents died too because of him. She says she can never forgive him. Pakhi cries. Veer hears this standing far and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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