Tumhari Pakhi 2nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 2nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Riya telling Pakhi that Veer has given just money, can he give me my childhood back. She hugs Pakhi. Pakhi cries. Riya says Veer is self centered and did not come to meet her, if he loved her, he would have taken her, he did not come to her, he waited for them to die. She says he does not love me, he killed my mum and want to see my die every day. Veer cries hearing them.Ayaan asks Veer why is she standing here. Riya and Pakhi see him. Riya looks at Veer. Riya leaves. Ayaan asks what happened to Riya, did you tell her anything. Ayaan asks him to come and help him in speech on truth and nonviolence. Pakhi asks Ayaan to come, Veer has some work.

Ayaan insists Veer to come. Veer says I will come. Pakhi asks are you sure. He says ya and takes Ayaan. Veer teaches Ayaan. He says what Gandhi ji used to say, never to get angry on anyone even if he makes mistakes, and repentance. He gives an example. Ayaan says if he makes mistake, he will say sorry and try not to do mistake again. Ayaan asks why was Riya crying. Veer says just like that. Ayaan says its easy to make her smile, tickle her and she will smile, we became friends like this. Veer asks him to work on his speech. Ayaan leaves. Pakhi comes to him and says truth and non violence has solution for everything.

She asks him to be true and hatred won’t come, and then no violence. He says I think time has come that Riya knows all the truth, so that she can decide after knowing everything. He goes to talk to Riya. Pakhi prays that Veer and Riya unite. She says what was Riya doing in men’s perfume section and thinks. She says she was not taking for Veer, maybe someone special. She is growing up, so maybe she has special friend, I just wish that man is good.

Anuja comes to Girish and asks for Lavanya. He says she went for meeting. She says fine, I will go. He says but kids are here,meet them. The maid brings the muffins which Riya gave to Girish. Anuja smiles seeing Girish and Lavanya’s pic. She blesses them. The muffins fall on the ground. Girish says fine, bring something else. He gives the baby to her and says Naina is sleeping. Veer tells Riya that he loved Kirti a lot, and then he did not wish to love anyone, he did not have courage. He says I did not wish to make a relation going against anyone, when your parents married, I lost.

I felt when we stay away, we will find happiness somewhere, and trust me, I did not get Kirti’s letter, maybe she did not post me. He says that’s why your father got them, if I knew she is not fine with him, I would have come to take her, but we gave this sacrifice not to live a ruined life, we did not wish that Kirti die and I become helpless to live. I know you hate me and you have a reason. After hearing you, I hate myself, if I turned back and fond out how is she, I would have saved her maybe she was alive. He says I got her death news by her accident. He says then I saw you, your innocent face for the first time.

He says I felt Kirti is shouting me to let her get a last chance in my life, I took you to complete my relation, your eyes are exactly like Kirti, when I hugged you, I felt my and Kirti’s relation will get completed. Riya cries. She says I m sorry. Veer is shocked and looks at her. She says I never tried to know the truth and always blamed you for my parents death, I was so wrong. You loved mum a lot and is keeping it till today and I scolded you, you wasted your life on me and I kept saying I hate you, I m so bad. He hugs her and cries.

Pakhi and Ayaan see this and are happy. The servants smile. Pakhi says its not good to come between father and daughter, but we should get a party. He says he will cook as he makes food better. She says you are better than me in every way, the way you love Riya and manage everything. He says yes, life treated us same but I always fought, but you have made other’s life beautiful. He says he always loved Riya, I got her because of you, I have to thank you for that. Maha ji says Veer is right, he got 30 days time and Riya accepted Veer in 20 days. This all happened because of Pakhi, I m sure Ayaan’s custody will come to us.

Veer asks what will you have. Ayaan says ask Riya, Veer says I know what she likes and goes to cook. Pakhi hugs Riya. Riya thinks she did as Devki/Anuja told her, fraud to fraud people. Riya messages Anuja how she has fooled Veer and Pakhi, after they have fooled her. Anuja smiles and thinks how Pakhi made the plan and she heard everything. Anuja has then told everything about Pakhi’s plan to Riya. Anuja asked them to play a game with them and make Veer support her later on, to get married to that married man. Anuja thinks she won.

Pakhi hears Riya saying she learnt baby keeping, she can’t wait to admit her love to him. Pakhi thinks did Riya love some married man, who has kids. She worries for Riya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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